Mercer County New Jersey homeless prevention programs.

The government provides assistance to low income individuals and the homeless to prevent them from being evicted from their homes, as well as enrolling them into rapid rehousing programs. There is a group of non-profits and government agencies that provide assistance with housing and other needs for people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They offer a number of different solutions to try to solve the housing shortage in Trenton and Mercer County.

There is a lot of financial help available for things like rental or utility arrears, security deposits, moving costs, legal aid, and more. Individuals from all walks of life who are in danger of becoming homeless can apply for homeless prevention services. This can include women or children fleeing domestic violence, the disabled, mentally ill, single moms, and others. By receiving these services, it may help to prevent them from becoming homeless. Some organizations, like SSVF, give out grants specifically to veterans.

Programs to stop eviction and homelessness

There are a few agencies that help tenants stay in their current home or apartment. There are several organizations that can help with homelessness in Mercer County, New Jersey. These include the Mercer County Board of Social Services, the Continuum of Care, HomeFront, and a free Homeless Hotline that can be reached at (609) 468-8296. Each company will provide different services as described below.

If someone is about to be evicted, they may be able to get emergency money to help pay any outstanding debts. The money will go straight to the landlord or energy company. There are many programs that offer assistance with utility bills, including water, winter heating, and electric bills. The money to pay for these services comes from the Emergency Solutions Program (ESG) and the United Way.

Applications will be served in the order they are received. When trying to get help with eviction, be ready to show how much money you make and why you are struggling. Other requirements for this program include enrolling in case management and being able to show that your family can sustain the housing on your own.

Rapid rehousing in Mercer County

Some solutions for homelessness include providing shelter, vouchers for motels, and assistance with finding a new permanent home. There is a lack of affordable housing in Trenton, which is a major challenge for the homeless as well as low income people in the city. The problem may be getting worse because monthly rent increases are often exceeding annual raises in income.

The Mercer County Alliance to End Homelessness is a non-profit organization that helps people who are homeless find a place to live. They work to help people bypass shelters and other places that people who are homeless often have to stay. However, for this to happen, the applicant needs to be relatively stable, with a job or on public benefits like section 8. This means that when the shelters are full, people may be able to get a hotel voucher to stay somewhere else.

Homefront is also a participant in organizing rehousing. This agency provides assistance with security deposits and utility bills. The staff from the non-profit work to end the cycle of poverty and homelessness. The case managers will work with the client to help them stabilize their life over the future. Even if the applicant has a barrier such as chronic unemployment or a mental illness, resources will be arranged for those needs as well.

Mediation and legal aid

There are many times when emergency solution grants are no longer available. The money from this fund is usually used to pay for people’s rental arrears, but it often runs out before the end of the year. So if you need financial help after that, your application may be denied. If you have a legal issue in Central New Jersey, you can call the Central New Jersey Legal Office in Trenton at (609) 695-6249.

The lawyers from the pro-bono firm will first try to find a solution by negotiating with the other party. This means that both tenants and landlords should discuss things like payment plans and how the tenant will eventually leave the rental property. This will give the family more time to find another stable place to live. If the first solution does not work, then a lawyer may provide help in the form of eviction defense.

The two main numbers to call for help with homelessness prevention in Mercer County are (insert numbers here). To reach the hotline, call (609) 468-8296. To reach the government’s Board of Social Services, dial (609) 989-4320. In addition to the contact information above, these numbers are also available.

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