Salvation Army social services in Sullivan County Tennessee.

The Salvation Army in Sullivan County, Tennessee provides financial assistance and social services to low-income and working-poor individuals and families. The charity is a Christian organization, but people of all ages, races, and religions may be able to get help. Only people who earn below a certain amount of money qualify for support, and the amount of aid given depends on how much money is available.

The two centers in the region are responsible for providing services to all communities in the area, including Blountville, Bristol, and Kingsport. The Salvation Army staff can help connect families to other local agencies, even if they are not in the service area of the center.

There is a basic level of support available, as well as additional support during certain times of the year. -There are a few programs that provide assistance with Christmas gifts or back to school supplies, but you need to apply during specific times of the year. For example, you can apply for Toys for Tots in October, or for back to school supplies in the summer.

The Social Service Office in Kingsport provides emergency financial assistance and food to those who need it. The Salvation Army case workers in Sullivan County will listen to what a client needs and give suggestions. This is done without criticizing or making any decisions about what is right or wrong.

The office may be able to provide a small emergency box of groceries if they are able to help. There may be a few dollars available as a form of financial aid. This money can help with rent payments, utilities, and other bills. If you need clothing for a job interview, we can help you out.

The Social Service office has limited funding and is only open for a certain number of hours. A meeting will need to be scheduled. The amount of money available for expenses such as rent or energy bills varies throughout the year. This means that if someone is not eligible for help from a certain organization, that organization may be able to refer that person to another organization that can help them.

An important goal of social services is to provide support to veterans. There are many programs that can help with housing expenses, including transportation and job interviews. HUD-VASH or Shelter Plus are two of these programs. Some other things you may find in a life skills class are furniture for a house, and more. This is paid for using money from the federal government that has been set aside for this specific purpose.

There is also a homeless shelter that is open all year. The phone number for Sullivan County Salvation Army services is (423) 390-4257. There is a check-in process at the location every day until the shelter is full. This product is designed to protect people who are sleeping in an unsafe environment. It is available for men, children, women, and others.

The center provides not only a bed for people to sleep in, but also access to other programs at the shelter that can help them. This provides a hot meal, free clothes, and most importantly, support in ending a cycle of homelessness. The Salvation Army will look at what other types of housing would be a good fit for the client.

The Salvation Army soup kitchen in Kingsport is also available for Sullivan County residents. There is no reason why anyone would not want to come to the lunch that is served every day of the week. The soup kitchen should not be the only source of food for someone, but it can provide a meal if needed. The people who volunteer and donate to the soup kitchen help keep it running. While at the food bank, people can also learn about other food programs offered by the USDA, receive counseling, and other forms of support.

There are two main Salvation Army centers in Sullivan County. Some of the things that they do are as follows. Each focuses on residents that live near it. This is the address and phone number of the Bristol, TN site. The shelter and financial aid is available from 1409 East Stone Dr., Kingsport, Tennessee 37660, and the intake line is 423.247.8154.

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