Assistance Program

Find assistance programs from Indianapolis Power and Light.

IPL offers several programs to help customers pay their bills, including extensions, the state and federally funded Energy Assistance Program, and a special winter program.

If a customer cannot pay their account balance by the due date, the company will allow them to extend their payment. This means that families who receive service from Indianapolis Power and Light will have more time to pay their bill, and hopefully be able to get back on track.

The exact amount of aid that the utility company will provide will depend on many different factors, but the company may be able to offer both short- and long-term payment plans for your account. The extensions are not offered for every situation, however IPL customers can receive this service when unforeseen situations happen such as a job loss, short term reduction in income or a medical emergency. The crisis should prevent people from paying their bill by the due date. To see if you qualify for a short-term or long-term payment plan, call your utility company.

To ask a question by phone, call the Indianapolis Power and Light automated phone system at 888.261.8222 or 317.261.8222. You can then select option 2 from the main menu. The company has automated a service that will require either your Social Security number or IPL account number. A confirmation number will be given to you when you have finished making the payment or have been approved for an extension. Be sure to keep that number so you have it for later.

Indianapolis Power and Light Negotiated assistance programs

If you have a problem that you can’t solve, you can talk to a customer service representative who might be able to help you. To ask for help with paying your IPL bill, call 888.261.8222. 21st Avenue in Phoenix. If customers want to speak to someone in person, they can go to the Customer Service Center at 2102 N. 21st Avenue in Phoenix. The street is open to traffic during regular business hours.

If you need more time to pay your bill, you can ask for an extension or a negotiated plan. IPL will look at each case separately. They will look at your claim of hardship, your history of bills and payments, and more. The goal is to see how the company can help its employees. Sometimes a company may suggest that a low income customer contact a local community agency for help, or direct them to apply for government aid like LIHEAP.

The Community Action of Greater Indianapolis, Inc. also offers another Energy Assistance Program. This agency provides the Energy Assistance Program (EAP), which is also known as LIHEAP, to people who need help paying their energy bills. The program is funded by the federal government. This service is available annually to help low-income customers pay their winter heating bills. Appointments are given to elderly, disabled, and customers in crisis who live in Indianapolis first.

Many IPL customers who sign up for the EAP program will also be eligible for discounts on energy conservation upgrades through weatherization. This is when a community action agency will help customers save money on their utility and heating bills by improving their home.

The Winter Assistance Fund is a program that provides financial assistance to people who need help paying for winter-related expenses. The fund is paid for by the United Way, and the organization also administers the program. This resource can provide financial assistance and cash grants to families who are in need of help with their energy bill. The Winter Assistance Fund provides help to customers of Indianapolis Power and Light who are in need. Those who need assistance can apply by going to their nearest township trustee, Salvation Army, or community center. Alternatively, people can call 317-923-1466 to find out the location of an application site.

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