Find how to review books for some cash.

You can get paid to read books and to either review or discuss them. There are a few websites that offer to pay you in exchange for writing book reviews. They will also provide you with free books to read and review. You can make money by reading and reviewing books from home.

How much you get paid for completing surveys on a website varies from website to website. Some will give you cash, which you can use to pay bills, save money, or do anything else you want. Some book review sites provide other forms of compensation, such as free gift certificates to use at companies such as Amazon, or other store gift cards.

How much you get paid for reading books will depend on how much the book pays and the terms of payment. For more information, please see the attached document. Please see the attached document for more information. This means that although you may not earn a lot of money per book, over time the total amount you earn could be significant. There are more benefits to reading than just the money it can save. The money is good for people who need a little extra help with their rent, taking a trip, or paying for something unexpected.

Websites that will pay for book reviews

If you like writing book reviews, the following websites will pay you for your opinion. You can spend the money however you like, on things like bills or fun activities for your family.

This website provides you with free books to read, and new independent authors will pay you to discuss their books. The amount of money you can earn for writing a review varies from $5-$60. For every 30 reviews, participants will receive a $30 Amazon gift card, which can be used for anything that the retailer sells, including groceries for a family. offers giveaways where two participants can win a $20 Amazon gift card each day.

This means that you will not like all books equally. Some you will like more than others. New Pages provides a platform for writers to share their work with a wider audience. They will give you money for a book you like. If the novel wasn’t particularly good, New Pages might not want the review.

The Chicago Book Review will send you free books if you can’t afford to buy a novel to review. If you want to work for this company, you need to send them your resume and examples of other reviews you’ve done.

To be able to write for the U.S. Review of Books, there are some restrictions and guidelines that you must follow. For example, they may ask for samples of your previous work. When applying to work with this company, professional resumes are required. Once you are accepted you can start getting paid to write reviews. The reviews should be around 250-300 words and you will have three weeks to complete them. You will receive your payment on the 5th of every month. The consistent payment date makes it easier for a family to plan and pay their bills.

Kirkus Media is looking for applicants who are experienced in writing reviews in English and Spanish. Books from new, self-published authors come in a wide variety of genres. The book review should be a summary of your thoughts and feelings about the book. It should be around 350 words and submitted two weeks after the date it was assigned. Your hard work might be featured in the company’s magazine, “Kirkus Reviews,” if you’re lucky.

The American Library Association started Booklist. This website is used a lot by librarians in the United States. The purpose of the magazine is to provide book reviews that are used to help librarians with book selections. They pay per review, and typically advise readers on whether or not a book is worth reading. The company hires freelancers to produce approximately 8,000 professional book reviews each year. The pay rate for accepted reviews is $15, and for rejected reviews is $5. This service is different from most because you can still earn money even if your review isn’t good. Also, you have a chance to read the latest book for free.

There are also jobs for reviewing books that are freelance. There are many websites where you can find book review jobs. Some of these websites include UpWork and Some companies are willing to pay money for high-quality book reviews. The library will also give the reader the books for free.

The Wellesley Centers for Women at Wellesley College created the Women’s Review of Books. This company only publishes reviews that are written by and about women, which is a limited option. The pay rate for writing a review is $100, which can be helpful in paying for expenses. If you want to start writing for them, send them an email with your pitches.

If you have a blog, you can also make money by publishing book reviews on your site. These companies offer both free copies of books and some money for reviewers to write about them. The amount you are paid for blogging will depend on the traffic your blog gets, but it can be another source of income.

Some websites and blogs will pay cash or gift cards for book reviews. You can sign up for multiple reviews at different sites. You can make more money to help pay your bills by reading and reviewing books on a monthly basis.

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