Metrocrest Services.

The majority of the services offered by Metrocrest are geared towards assisting individuals in crisis situations, such as those who are at risk of eviction or who may have their utilities disconnected. The organization also wants clients to gain the skills they need to be independent. These types of programs can help with the goal of becoming self-sufficient.

The Metrocrest Services Food Pantry was designed to be like a grocery store. The center is allowing clients to choose their own food supplies. Metrocrest volunteers can help families with shopping and loading items into vehicles.

The amount of food available to families in Dallas County is based on the size of the family and what is available. The amount of vouchers a case manager provides to an individual will depend on that person’s need. Each voucher will allow the individual to visit the food pantry once.

The non-profit will also need donations to keep the Food Pantry running. It is important for the Dallas community to be supportive. The Salvation Army relies on the generosity of the community to help those in need. Stores, community gardens, and individuals donate regularly to help those who may not have access to food otherwise. Each person picks the items they want, in the amounts that they want, based on the size of their family and how much is available.

This means that the items in the pantry will not always stay the same. They will be different at different times. The food sources are different every week, so the stock changes. On a typical day at the Pantry, shoppers may find dried beans, canned vegetables, fruits and meats, seasonal fresh produce, helper-type mixes, and household cleaning supplies.

The Metrocrest Services Eat Smart, Live Strong Program is a nutrition and fitness program designed specifically for older adults. The program offers education on healthy eating habits and regular exercise, and provides participants with the support they need to make lasting changes to their lifestyle. The resource provides access to a food pantry for all senior citizens in Dallas who qualify for monthly People and Nutrition (PAN) commodity food boxes. This allows elderly people to go to the Pantry and choose fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, ensure, and other foods to supplement their diets. A major sponsor of this service is the Baylor Medical Center at Carrollton.

The Home Delivered Meals Program helps those who cannot leave their homes and those who are elderly. This service provides homebound seniors in Dallas with restaurant-prepared meals every Monday through Friday, either on a short or long-term basis.

Metrocrest Services volunteers not only deliver meals, but also provide a daily check-in service. If a senior does not respond when a volunteer arrives to deliver a meal, their emergency contact will be notified immediately. This helps make sure the client is safe and in good health.

Metrocrest’s Sack Summer Hunger for Kids service provides easy-to-prepare, kid-friendly meals and snacks every Saturday during the summer break from school. This is for students who live in designated areas, as well as other children whose families reside in those areas. The goal of this service is to help children who are eligible for free or reduced-price meals during the school year. When school is not in session, some children may not have access to regular, nutritious meals.

The food is distributed to the people by volunteers on Saturday mornings at different locations within the area. This program is possible because of the generosity of corporate sponsors, charities in Dallas, local church groups, and individual volunteers.

The possibility of being forced to leave one’s home or having one’s power cut off represents a major crisis. If you are struggling to live on your current salary, this may be a difficult task for you. This program is available to Metrocrest residents who have a disconnection notice or have already been disconnected. This program is available to Metrocrest residents who are in danger of being disconnected from their utilities, or who have already been disconnected. Depending on the applicant’s circumstances, Metrocrest Services may be able to help them stay in their home. A professional case manager works with a client individually to help them manage an immediate crisis and provides support as the client works to stabilize their finances.

Metrocrest works with Jewish Family Services of Dallas to provide resources for clients who are looking for jobs. They both manage the Employment Counseling Program. This organization provides counselors to assist people who are unemployed or underemployed, as well as those who need help finding new job opportunities.

Available services to help you find a job include reviewing your work history and identifying any obstacles to employment, providing training opportunities, helping you set goals, and critiquing your resume. There is also financial aid available for people who are looking for a job. This could include bus vouchers, gasoline cards, or money to pay for haircuts and work attire.

Metrocrest Services offers one-on-one case management sessions to help with financial education. This program will provide personalized financial literacy and training to help the client deal with the immediate crisis and gain long-term stability. This means creating a budget that you can stick to, and setting financial goals that are achievable.

People who get rent or utility bill help from any government program must do an online financial education course by themselves on a computer. The case manager keeps in contact with the individual after they have completed the program to make sure they are still doing well and help them achieve their goals.

Metrocrest Services is able to provide several free large-scale holiday distributions through the generosity of numerous donors, local churches, and individual community members. This is for people who have low incomes and seniors. N/A

There are Thanksgiving meals offered for people who need assistance. This is for children whose parents may not have access to school-provided services or may not be able to work because they do not have child care. This food distribution will ensure that families have enough nutritious food to last several days.

The Christmas program provides free toys, gifts, winter coats, and meals to those in need. This service provides families with gifts that are not wrapped, boxes of food, and new or gently used winter coats. Items are only available at the holiday site in Dallas County by appointment.

Metrocrest offers holiday baskets that can be delivered to your home. This is for seniors who place orders in advance. When making requests, elderly or disabled clients can specify which items they would prefer to receive.

The final service is for medical equipment. This service is available for 30-day loans to individuals of all ages who live or work in Farmers Branch, Addison, Coppell, Carrollton, or the city of Dallas in Denton County. • There are a variety of mobility aids available for purchase, including wheelchairs, bedside commodes, canes, shower/transfer benches, walkers, and Rollators.

If you need more information, you can call Metrocrest Services at 972-446-2100. 100, Farmers Branch, TX 75234 If you’re ever in the Farmers Branch area, be sure to stop by the Hutton Drive address for a visit! The address 150 Farmers Branch, Texas 75234 can be rewritten as follows: Farmers Branch, Texas 75234 This is the 150th house on the left in the Farmers Branch subdivision.

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