Help with phone bills in Utah.

There are two main programs that provide assistance with telephone bills for low income families and the working poor. If you have a problem with your cell or wireless service, the best agency to contact is the Public Service Commission or your telecommunications provider. The Utah Telephone Assistance Program (UTAP) provides monthly discounts on landlines for Utah residents.

The FCC created two resources to help families in the state communicate, especially those who are vulnerable, like seniors or people with disabilities. The Lifeline and other discounts are subsidized by monthly fees paid by all households. As a result, people accepted into these programs will receive a reduced rate on their bills.

In many cases, there will also be assistance provided in establishing a new telephone account, which can be referred to as Link-Up in Utah. Some customers will have lower fees or installation costs, and their accounts may be set up at a lower rate.

To be eligible for help, customers must have a low income. If you are receiving certain types of public benefits, you may be automatically enrolled in UTAP. For more information or questions about the state of Utah, contact your phone provider. The basic requirements to be eligible for something are usually listed below.

To qualify for UTAP assistance, your income must be slightly higher than the poverty guidelines set by the government. One member of the household may be receiving some type of government assistance, which can include things like food stamps or housing assistance. If a resident qualifies for any government benefits, they can enroll in the National Free School Lunch program. The Utah Telephone Assistance Program provides low-income households with a discount on their monthly telephone bill. To apply, call 1-800-948-7540.

Some deaf or hearing-impaired people may also be eligible for assistance. If someone has hearing loss and meets the disability guidelines, they may be offered a hearing aid or other assistive devices. Relay Utah is a service that helps people with hearing impairments communicate with hearing people. It is a free service, and it can be used by people with any type of hearing impairment. The number to call is (801) 526-9240.

The Lifeline program provides discounts on cellular telephone services to eligible low-income consumers. Discounts are provided by both telephone companies and the Public Service Commission. Many different cellphone companies participate in the government’s free or reduced-cost cellphone program, including Sprint, Access, Assurance Wireless, AT&T, Verizon, Safelink, and T Mobile. Almost every phone carrier is required to participate in the program, so you can call and request more information from them.

This means that you can only get a discount on one phone per household, regardless of which program you are applying for. A household in Utah is a group of people who live at the same address and share expenses, rent, and income. This includes children, senior citizens, and people who are not related to you. This means that a telecommunications company will only offer discounts on one landline or wireless phone.

The amount you save each month will depend on how much you spend and if you get any discounts, but it will typically be around $10 to $15. Some companies in Utah, like Safelink, will offer other benefits to customers like unlimited texts or similar services. Although providers in Utah are not required to provide these services, individuals should inquire about them.

To get an application or enroll, call your phone company and speak to a customer service representative. The Utah Public Service Commission has a phone number that people can call if they are interested in cell phones. The number is 801-530-6716.

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