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The Voluntary Legal Services Program of Northern California provides direct aid and referrals to low income families. The pro-bono firm is the leading organization for Sacramento, and it also provides assistance for the counties of San Joaquin, Placer, Yolo, and El Dorado. This means that if you are eligible, you can get a lawyer to help you with your civil legal problems.

You may be able to get help with your eviction case, and other housing problems. This means that if you are facing eviction, your attorney may not be able to give you as much help as you need. The Voluntary Legal Services Program will provide assistance to low-income and working poor clients who are facing eviction. This will help them to stay in their homes or apartments when they are being treated unfairly. Some other common disputes that arise between landlords and tenants include disagreements over security deposits or if the housing provided is unsafe.

In some cases, the VLSP will take care of the problem, but in many other cases, they will give you a referral to another agency that can help you. Each professional wants to stop homelessness and help those facing eviction. They also work to make sure that all families, seniors, and disabled people have a safe place to live.

The workplace and employment are dealt with in clinics and workshops. If you think you were fired or discriminated against illegally, you can get free advice from Legal Services of Northern California. If you need help in claiming unemployment benefits, that may be provided too. This means that people in the community also often look for help with things like not getting paid enough at work, or being treated badly at work.

Most of these programs are administered by the Employment Clinic in Sacramento. We have law students, paralegals, and experienced attorneys who can all help you. The goal is to provide clients with high quality legal advice and support.

The clinic provides informational and self-help packets to encourage clients to help themselves. This means that VLSP does not have enough resources or staff to help everyone who needs it and some people will not be able to get the help they need. The self-help information is also very crucial. For more information on how to get free legal assistance with employment issues, call (916) 551-2102.

More general Family Law matters can be supported. This is not a priority. This means that if you need help with anything related to visitation, divorce, establishing paternity, setting child and spousal support, or any similar issues, you can get referrals or support from us. They do not deal with issues relating to the protection of children.

If your benefits have ended, the lawyers or staff from the Voluntary Legal Services Program of Northern California may be able to assist you. The government will not help people with their applications for public assistance. If the government stops your SSI or Cal Fresh food stamps for a questionable reason, you may be able to get free assistance. The company relies on partnerships with companies in San Joaquin, Yolo, and Sacramento to help with this, so they may offer referrals.

Bankruptcy law and debt collection are both important topics. This refers to issues that consumers may have with products or services. The VLSP helps low income individuals by giving them a way to consolidate medical or credit card bills, and by addressing illegal debt collection practices. If you are fighting predatory lenders, then you should get an attorney on your side. They can correct your credit scores, help with insurance claims, and provide legal help with car repossessions. Many more things are available as well.

All clients must attend a Bankruptcy Clinic or Debt Collection workshop before proceeding. This will include a review of their financial situation, income and expenses, and more. If you need help with this issue, the company may have referrals or information about who can help you. In addition to national agencies, there may also be local non-profit credit counselors available in the area. Call (916) 551-2102.

The Estate Planning services can be beneficial for seniors. This will include creating documents such as a Living Trust or Will, Powers of Attorney for Health Care, and similar items. The bereavement support team can help with any problems or questions that may arise after a death, and they are always willing to help elderly people in any way they can. Call (916) 551-2102 for more information.

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The volunteers, students, and experienced attorneys work together to make sure that everyone, no matter how much money they make, has access to good legal advice. The goal is to improve communication between people. The phone number for more information is (916) 551-2102.

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