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Total Action for Progress financial assistance programs.

Total Action for Progress helps low income families, the unemployed, and the homeless. The non-profit community action agency can help with things like finding a job or paying for rent or utility bills.

There are programs that can help you in Virginia if you need assistance. The agency provides money and help with organization to Clifton Forge, Covington, Buena Vista, Roanoke, Lexington, Salem, Alleghany, Craig, Botetourt, and Rockbridge. Every year, thousands of families who are struggling financially receive help.

Information on housing, rent, and mortgage programs

The working poor, low-income individuals and families who are at risk of eviction or becoming homeless can get help from the Homeless Prevention Program. This resource can help with rent and security deposits statewide. Any money that is given to help with housing costs is only available for a set amount of time and comes with extra help from a housing counselor.

The program may also provide limited financial assistance in the forms of a grant or short term loan. This means that the program may give you money to help you pay for your education or other expenses related to your program. The money can be used to pay for things like rent, a security deposit, utility bills, moving costs, help with a mortgage, or application fees for people who qualify. This company operates in multiple regions in Virginia. These regions include Roanoke, Salem, Rockbridge, Alleghany, and Craig.

The Transitional Living Center is a place where homeless people can go to get food and a place to sleep. It is only for a short time, though, and is only available in certain areas. This program has also provided a wide range of services and long-term housing support. Case managers work with staff on helping residents establish more stable, self-sufficient lifestyles.

Other services that may be offered at Total Action for Progress include help with finding a job, managing case files, assessment and referral services. Get help with reducing debt, budgeting, housing needs, and other life-skills training.

The Housing Counseling program offers various services to help first-home buyers or current homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. The community action First Time Homebuyers Education Workshop and Pre-Purchase Counseling programs help potential homeowners understand and navigate the process of buying a home. This is done slowly and methodically, one step at a time. The Homebuyers Club helps people who want to buy a home but have trouble with income, credit, or savings. It gives them long-term assistance so they can overcome these problems and buy a home.

This assistance helps people who are struggling to keep up with their mortgage or property tax payments, and who are at risk of losing their home. A counselor from the HUD approved agency helps clients communicate with banks and mortgage companies to get lower interest rates. Different ways to repay mortgage debts are looked into, like putting delinquent payments at the end of the mortgage term or making new repayment plans.

The Supportive Housing Program offers rental properties or apartments at a very low cost to people who are currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Households that are eligible for this program must have at least one member who has a disability that has been verified by a medical professional.

The Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program provides grants to private non-profit organizations and consumer cooperatives who can provide supportive services to very low-income veteran families residing in or transitioning to permanent housing. The TAP program helps veterans improve their ability to find and keep housing, and achieve their goals. The program provides money to pay for things like rent and utilities, as well as case management services.

The Emergency Home Repair and Rehabilitation for Homeowners program helps low-income families, unemployed and disabled or elderly persons by providing emergency home repairs. This agency often uses loans.

The goal is to improve living conditions by making homes more accessible and livable, so that residents can live safely and healthily. If these issues are not fixed, the home will be unusable, unsafe, or unhealthy.

The Total Action for Progress Indoor Plumbing Rehabilitation Program provides improvements to existing plumbing systems that are not working or installs systems where there is a lack. Virginia’s Weatherization Program helps low-income residents reduce their heating and cooling costs. The program provides weatherization services, such as insulation and sealing air leaks, to eligible homes. This service is available for homes in certain counties, such as Covington, Buena Vista, Roanoke, Salem, Clifton Forge, and Alleghany. Making appliances more energy efficient will save money and make homes safer to live in during extreme weather conditions.

Counseling and other resources from Total Action for Progress

The Individual Development Accounts (IDA) helps low-income adults by giving them financial education and support. This helps them manage their money better, save money, and keep their savings. Clients are helped to open and develop special savings accounts so they can start a small business, buy a home, or further their education.

This means that accounts from IDA are set up so that Total Action for Progress owns the account, and the person receiving help from the program is the beneficiary. If you meet all the terms and requirements, IDA will match the amount you deposited, three times over.

The Virginia CASH Campaign and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have partnered to provide free TAP Tax Assistance. The event occurs annually at a clinic. Low to moderate income people in Roanoke, Virginia and the surrounding areas receive assistance with accessing valuable tax credits, such as the Earned Income Tax Credit. This assistance helps these individuals and families reduce their overall tax burden and receive the maximum benefits to which they are entitled.

The Tax Assistance Program (TAP) also provides in-person case management services to veterans who have been displaced. This includes finding a job, learning new skills, getting advice about your career, and more.

Veterans who are unemployed and meet certain qualifications can receive training in employment skills and a stipend to work at a local business. Total Action for Progress helps clients find employment when they are ready. Other services that can help veterans become more independent are available, such as help finding housing and transportation, and referrals to medical centers.

The Southwestern Virginia Regional Employment Coalition Program helps people in the community by finding them jobs at non-profit agencies. They will work at positions that enable them to gain job skills that will help in obtaining and keeping a job.

Participants in the TAP program also receive instruction in a variety of different activities. This will include completing a job application, communicating in the workplace, creating a resume and managing time as needed.

The Total Action for Progress and the Virginia Community Action Re-entry System (CARES) provides programming that helps returning ex-offenders to the community and society. Clients receive training to help them be ready for a job, as well as help with their career development, finding a job, transportation, getting identification, and applying for restoration of rights.

If you are experiencing domestic violence, another option is to reach out to the Domestic Violence Service Center. The Domestic Violence Service Center can provide you with resources and support. This service provides assistance to adult victims of domestic violence, both men and women, in establishing and maintaining a healthier, more positive home life for themselves and their children. Some of the things that are talked about in this meeting include case management, crisis intervention, legal assistance, outreach counseling, and financial assistance for victims of crisis.

Fathers First is a program that gives men the opportunity to interact in the classroom or in a group setting. This is done with the purpose of helping families improve their relationships, communication skills, and parenting responsibilities.

TAP provides unemployed and underemployed parents with the opportunity to meet with an employment specialist. This can help with finding and keeping a job so that child support payments can be made and other family needs can be met.

The Head Start and Early Head Start educational programs help young children prepare for school and life in general. Instructors encourage student development in various skills, such as thinking, movement, speaking, socializing, and emotion regulation. The curriculum is designed to be appropriate for each child’s individual needs and level of development. Services for people with behavioral health issues and disabilities are also available if needed.

Head Start also provides opportunities for parents or guardians to home-school their children, with the parents serving as the children’s primary teachers. Every week, Head Start representatives go to parents’ homes to help them with providing support and encouragement in preparing children for Kindergarten.

The Total Action for Progress Early Head Start Program is available to pregnant women and children from birth to age three. This program provides comprehensive services to participating families, including health, education, nutrition, and social services. This program offers women and families that can enroll prenatal education, family development services, and full-day child care. The parents must have a job, be in job training, or be enrolled in school.

This means that there are extra services available to help parents with things like housing, employment, transportation, and parenting skills.

Total Action for Progress is located at 302 2nd Street SW in Roanoke, Virginia. Please call 540-777-HOPE for help.

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