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Food pantries in Plymouth County Massachusetts.

If you are in need of food assistance in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, there are a number of resources available to help. Visit the Plymouth County website for a list of food pantries, soup kitchens, and other food assistance programs in the area. There are many places where families and individuals in need can go to for help. These places include food pantries and banks. These organizations often have resources available to those in need, such as food or financial assistance. Emergency assistance to feed a family and applications to long term USDA programs are both provided.

List of food pantries: 1. Food Pantry 1 2. Food Pantry 2 3. Food Pantry 3 4. Food Pantry 4 5. Food Pantry 5 There are also human service agencies that are affiliated with the government. If you are in need of food, reach out to a food bank in your area. Many food banks offer free or low cost groceries to families in need. If you need to choose between paying bills, rent, and providing food, these centers help many Plymouth residents through a difficult period.

Many food pantries also have on-site thrift stores or clothing closets where people in need can shop for free or reduced-price items. Those centers may offer free household products, personal hygiene items, or new or used clothing. If you are in need of food, please call your local Plymouth County Massachusetts food pantry for assistance.

The St. Vincent DePaul / Blessed Food Pantry provides food, groceries, and meals for those in need, including the low income, working poor, and anyone else who needs assistance. The pantry is located at 126 South Meadow Road in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and can be reached at (508) 746-4926.

The Brockton Assembly of God Church is located at 199 Warren Avenue in Brockton, MA. The church can be reached by dialing (508) 583-7222.

The Brockton Seventh Day Adventist Church provides meals, counseling, and emergency food boxes to those in need. The church is located at 28 Warren Avenue in Brockton, Massachusetts, and can be reached by phone at (508) 588-8436.

The Care Works Food Pantry provides food for people in need in the Kingston, Massachusetts area. They can be contacted at (781) 585-6897.

The Carver Council on Aging Food Pantry is a place where senior citizens and disabled people in Plymouth County can go to get food. The resources available through Meals on Wheels include things like access to health care programs and low cost congregate meals, as well as basic needs like adult diapers.

Catholic Charities has three locations in Brockton and Plymouth, MA. The main Brockton location is at 686 North Main Street, and the phone number is (508) 587-0815. The second Brockton location is at 157 Centre Street, and the third is located at 377 Court Street in Cordage Park, Plymouth. The Plymouth phone number is (508) 746-613.

No matter what your religion is, you can get help. The organization provides social services, food assistance programs, clothing, and limited financial help. Staff members may also assist families who are living in poverty to apply for SNAP food stamps, or help students to enroll in free school lunch or breakfast programs.

The Central Baptist Church is located at 3 Nickerson Avenue in Middleboro, MA. The church’s main phone number is (508) 947-8340. The church also has a soup kitchen on site. The charity provides Christmas meals and other services to the homeless.

Central Congregational Church is located at 2 Webster Street in Middleboro, MA. The church’s food pantry phone number is (508) 947-1256.

The Main address for the Charity Guild, Inc. is 501 Main Street in Brockton, Massachusetts. The phone number for the organization is (508) 583-5280. Call for hours or appointment.

The Christ Church Food Pantry is a charity that provides Boxed or Canned Juices, baby formula for low income single moms, clothing, fresh fruits, and more.

This food bank provides holiday meals and groceries during limited hours.

Father Bills and Mainspring helps women and children in need by providing them with resources such as food and shelter. They also help women and children apply for the WIC program, which provides them with additional resources such as nutrition education and supplemental foods.

The Full Gospel Tabernacle Church has a food pantry where people can get free or low cost food, baby formula, diapers, clothing, and other aid. The address is 441 Main Street Brockton, Massachusetts, 02301 and the phone number is (508) 587-6785.

The Gethsemane Seventh Day Adventist Church is located at 34 Nilsson Street in Brockton, Massachusetts. The church’s phone number is (508) 587-4343.

The Halifax Congregational Church is located at 503 Plymouth Street in Halifax, Massachusetts. The church is open to the public during specific hours, which can be found by calling (781) 293-6393.

The Hanover Emergency Food Pantry provides canned groceries and perishable goods to local families facing imminent hunger. The food bank is located at 580 Webster Street in Hanover, MA, and can be reached by phone at (781) 878-0707. Some other clients who visit the food pantry are children who are looking for a snack during the summer, or elderly people.

The Hanson Food Pantry is a food bank located at 214 Main Street in Hanson, Massachusetts. The pantry provides food assistance to residents of the town who are in need. The pantry is open Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00am to 11:30am.

The Hingham Interfaith Food Pantry provides food assistance to residents of the South Shore area of Massachusetts and Plymouth County. Call (781) 740-8180 for more information. There may also be a lunch program for seniors where they can get free food, or applications to Commodity Supplemental Food Program.

The House of Prayer is located at 848 Main Street Rear Door in Brockton, Massachusetts. The phone number is (508) 584-9199.

The Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services provides free food, meals, Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts and meals, and other assistance to military personnel and veterans in Plymouth County.

The Messiah Baptist Church Food Pantry provides food for people in need. It is located at 80 Legion Parkway in Brockton, MA and can be contacted at (508) 584-1963.

The Norwell Food Pantry in Norwell, Massachusetts provides groceries, perishable food, and a soup kitchen for those in need. They also help people apply for food stamps.

The Pembroke Council on Aging is a community organization that helps senior citizens and other low-income older residents in the town of Pembroke, MA. They provide various services and programs to help these residents live healthy and independent lives. Some of their services include transportation, meals, housing, and social activities.

The Plymouth Area Coalition for the Homeless also provides information about other resources in the community, such as job training and government benefits. The Plymouth Area Coalition for the Homeless is a organization that helps homeless people and people who are about to be homeless. They give them shelter, food, and help them find resources like job training and government benefits.

The Rockland Food Pantry is located at 12 Church Street in the basement. It is open on Thursdays from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

The Saint Thomas Aquinas Church is located at 103 Center Street. The church has a pantry where people can donate food and other items. Please call (508) 697-9528 for information.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Saint Bridget’s Church runs a food pantry that is staffed by volunteers. The food pantry is located at 455 Plymouth Street in Abington, MA, and the food pantry’s phone number is (781) 878-1194. Counselors can also direct the working poor and families to other social service programs and/or government resources. The charity organization provides confidential services for its clients.

The Salvation Army is a religious organization that helps people in need. They have two locations in Massachusetts, one in Brockton and one in Plymouth. Some of the services they offer include a thrift store, food pantry, housing and rental assistance, Toys for Tots, Christmas and Holiday meals, diapers, baby formula, and much more.

The Scituate Food Pantry is located at the Masonic Temple on 344 Country Way in Scituate, Massachusetts. Call (781) 545-4143 for more information.

The South Shore Community Action Council, Inc. is a non-profit community action agency located in Plymouth County, Massachusetts. They want to make sure people can take care of themselves and survive tough times. To achieve that goal, we provide short-term assistance like free food, and longer-term services like career counseling.

The St. Vincent De Paul Food Pantry is a place where people in need can go to get food. The address is 71 East Main Street, Brockton, MA, 02301. The phone number to call the office is (508) 586-6491.

The church provides low-income individuals with access to food and other resources like housing.

The Union Congregational Church Food Pantry provides food assistance to residents of East Bridgewater, MA. The pantry is located at 105 Pleasant Street, and the phone number is (508) 378-2874.

The Wellspring Multi-Service Center helps low income families in Plymouth County with housing, government programs like food assistance from the USDA, and much more. Their main phone number is (781) 925-3211.

The Whitman Food Pantry and St. Vincent DePaul Society at Holy Ghost Parish provides food assistance to those in need. For more information, call the food bank at (781) 447-4421.

The East Bridgewater Emergency Pantry is a food bank that helps families in need. It is located at 105 Pleasant Street in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and families in a crisis can dial (508) 378-2874 for help.

People in need can go to the First Congregational Church at 1981 Ocean Street in Marshfield, Massachusetts to get emergency groceries, meals, baby formula, paper goods, and more. The church’s phone number is (781) 837-0359.

There are other programs that can help feed the less fortunate people in Plymouth County. To learn about the Summer Food Service Program, WIC vouchers, local soup pantries, and more, call 617.427.5200.

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