Assistance Program

Forsyth County water bill assistance.

If you cannot pay your water bill on time, Forsyth County may have some programs to help you. In order to qualify for benefits, applicants must meet certain income requirements, as well as other conditions. However, keep in mind that all resources are limited.

One of the main services that this company offers is the Payment Extension. The City of Winston Salem and Forsyth County Utilities Division offer assistance to customers who are facing a difficult situation or financial hardship. The water company understands that sometimes people have trouble affording their bill. Many people have a hard time paying their water and/or sewer bills. This extension will give them more time to get the money they need to pay their bill. It can also delay any disconnection for a short time.

There are certain situations where you may be unable to pay your bills or may need financial assistance. These include times when you have a reduced amount of work hours, have lost your job, or have high bills due to an undisclosed leak. If you find yourself in one of these situations, you may want to apply for financial aid or an extension. The relief will only be temporary, as the cost will still need to be paid over time. These resources can be used to ask the county for more time to pay your bill.

All applicants must meet the conditions set by the company. We will look at your past payments when considering if we can give you more time to pay. If you have a good history of paying your water or sewer bills on time, you’re more likely to be offered an extension if you’re ever in a tough spot. This means that if you have a good relationship with the company, they may be more willing to help you out than if you were not a good customer.

If you are able to enroll after the review process, Forsyth County will still charge a late fee on your account. This fee must be paid by the customer even if they have been given more time. This additional cost must also be paid before the extended date.

The account holder must sign any extension that is granted by the company and results in a form of payment arrangement. You must still pay all future water and sewer type bills on time, outside of the arrangement.

If you don’t pay your bill on time, you might still have to pay late fees because of the Forsyth County Payment Extension. If you don’t pay your bill on time, you will have to pay an extra 10%. You will receive a notice of termination within a week. It is very important that you call the number below and explore payment plans and extensions before you start to miss payments.

The customer will still have 14 days to make a payment after they are issued a termination notice before their service is shut off. This means that if you do not pay on time, you will be charged a late fee, and your service will be disconnected.

If your service is shut off, you may need to pay a reconnection deposit to turn it back on. It costs extra money for Winston Salem households if their service is cancelled because they didn’t pay. If you have any unpaid water or sewer bills, or if you need to pay a reconnection fee or deposit, you must pay these before your service is restored.

To learn more about these payment plans or financial assistance, call City Link at 727-8000. This number is available 24/7. Make sure to ask for help before your service is disconnected. Customers who anticipate missing a payment or who are scheduled for disconnection should call at least five working days in advance. If you are not eligible for any of these programs, please contact other non-profit organizations in Forsyth County.

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