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Free clinics in Collin County.

If you live in Collin County or Plano, Texas and don’t have health insurance or don’t make much money, you can go to a free clinic or health center. The non-profits will provide basic medical or dental care, as well as more specialized care. They offer services to various groups of people, including adults, children, immigrants and those without insurance. Collin County residents can get free or low-cost medical care and dental care from a number of programs. There may be various forms of assistance available for those who are low-income and/or lack insurance coverage, such as access to medication, eye examinations, check-ups, dental cleanings, and free behavioral health counseling.

The community clinics in Collin County will offer different services to qualified patients, who will need to meet certain conditions to receive free care. This means that the patient will need to talk to a financial counselor to figure out what their options are and how to pay for treatment.

However, some of the services offered may include a number of low-income services, such as an indigent health care program, pediatric clinics and WIC services. There are some places that can help Collin County patients with things like medical care, counseling, support groups, internal medicine, diabetes, case management, and transportation.

The Collin County Adult Clinic offers programs that focus on senior citizens, adults, and ailments as well as medical conditions that older individuals may experience. There is care for heart conditions, diabetes, arthritis, and more.

They have many services and help with things like family planning and breast and cervical cancer screenings. The address is 825 N. McDonald in McKinney, Texas and the phone number is (972) 424-1460. It is therefore required to offer qualified individuals free or low cost medical and dental care, including medications and checkups. They also offer free eye exams and vision tests.

1000, Plano, TX 75074 The address for Health Services of North Texas – Collin Company is 2540 Avenue K, Ste. 1000, Plano, TX 75074. The contact information for this location is (800)339-2437 or (972)424-1480. The clinic does not offer free care, but there is a sliding fee scale that allows the clinic to help patients at a lower cost. The center also provides Medical Care to those who have major medical insurance, Medicaid and Medicare.

The clinic is located on 14th street and the primary phone number for the clinic is (972)801-9689. Find out how the company can help with your medical and health care needs. Affordable healthcare for low income earners and those without health insurance.

The Primary Care Clinic of North Texas is a health center located at 3900 American in Plano, Texas. The main phone number for the clinic is (972) 596-6005.

4th Ave. The Presbyterian Community Medical Center is a health center located at 900 E. 4th Ave. This clinic is located on Park Boulevard in Suite 100 in Plano, Texas. The phone number for this clinic is (972) 509-4554. This clinic specializes in complicated medical issues and refers patients to local Collin County hospitals for treatment. Some care is available, but it is limited. Find financial assistance for hospital bills.

Aspen Ave The Wellness Center for Older Adults is located at 401 W. Aspen Ave. in the county. The center offers a variety of services and programs for older adults, including health and wellness screenings, fitness and recreation programs, educational classes, and social events. The address is 16th Street Suite 600 Plano, TX 75075 and the phone number is (972)941-7335.

Medical City Behavioral Health McKinney is open to new patients and offers appointments during the week. This means that there are lower prices for those who need it and a sliding fee depending on how much someone needs.

15th St. Plano, TX 75093 West Side Clinic is funded by Collin County Adult Clinic. The clinic is located at 4100 W. 15th St. in Plano, TX. 402 The address is 15th Street, Suite 402. These services are available through a variety of government and non-profit organizations. Some of the services available include: medical screenings, dental care, prescription assistance, vision care, and senior citizen services. There are a variety of free or low cost medical assistance programs available for low income elderly, disabled, and senior citizens in Plano Texas and Collin County. These services are available through government and non-profit organizations and can include medical screenings, dental care, prescription assistance, vision care, and senior citizen services.

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