Free clothes, back to school supplies and furniture in Columbia and Richland County.

Families who need assistance can go to free clothing closets and furniture banks in Richland County. They can get free items as well as help with getting materials they need. Based on our inventory, we will have a variety of supplies available, including clothes for general use, school supplies, furniture, uniforms, baby items, and diapers. The clothing closets help people who are low income, underemployed, or working poor in the Columbia area. All of the free donations.

Below are the main agencies to call and apply at. The list includes both places where you can get free furniture, and places where you can get free clothing. My clients are:

There are many organizations that provide free or affordable clothes, school supplies, shoes, backpacks, and other necessities to low income families.

If there are no clothes available, you may be given a voucher or referral. There is usually a local charity in Richland County that provides free items like clothing, toys, and school supplies to needy families. There may also be free programs for Christmas gifts or Easter baskets.

Daybreak Ministries provides support for new parents through a variety of resources, including educational materials, medical supplies, and counseling services. The organization is located at 1601 St. Julian Place in Columbia, South Carolina, and can be reached by phone at (803) 771-6634. The non-profit has diapers, free baby clothes, maternity clothes, formula, and more. This means that there are classes available for new mothers, and that WIC vouchers can be used to pay for baby formula.

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God’s Storehouse is a nonprofit organization that provides free food and other items to people in need. They are located at 1731 Risley RD in Columbia, South Carolina. The main number is (803) 691-1622. You can call them to apply for free items. This means that you can get help with things like clothes for work or school, baby supplies, cribs, and more. The furniture in a home or apartment, like a bed or couch, may be offered too. The sizes of clothes are based on the age of the person. There are sizes for adults, children, and people of all ages.

The Cooperative Ministry provides furniture for people in need, including beds, couches, tables, and more. There are also free cars, clothes, hygiene supplies, money, and budget classes. This Richland County charity provides a wide range of assistance programs.

The Birthright of Columbia is a clothing bank that provides free clothing, diapers, legal aid, pregnancy testing, and other supplies to people in need.

The Pressley House is a home in Columbia, SC that serves as a place for people to stay. It has a total of 843-755-4673 beds and is located at 3710 Humphrey Drive.

If you need help with diapers, this is the place to go. They will help you out no matter what your situation is.

Catholic Charities Churches of the Midlands runs a free clothing closet out of their main office on Laurel Street in Columbia, South Carolina. The closet is open on Tuesdays and can be accessed by calling the main office number. Clothing such as sneakers, jeans, belts, slacks, and more is offered. Churches in Columbia offer assistance programs to help those in need. These programs may include food assistance, financial assistance, or other forms of help.

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The Salvation Army in Columbia provides financial assistance, vouchers for the Family Store, food, free school supplies, and other items to low income families. They also offer case management services. School uniforms, backpacks, and other supplies are for kindergarten to high school students.

The Alston Wilkes Society helps ex-prisoners get back on their feet by providing them with professional clothing and job placement assistance.

The Compass Community Development Corporation provides assistance with employment opportunities. There are free clothes available for work, including dresses, suits, and belts. In addition to providing academic and career counseling, the center also offers students personal hygiene items, food, and household goods.

The charity provides financial aid, free prescription glasses, clothes, household supplies, and items for school age kids.

There is a free clothing closet and food pantry on site that give out free stuff. If you need furniture, they have a small free furniture bank with supplies like tables, beds for kids, and more.

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