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Free credit counseling agencies in Connecticut.

Non-profit credit counseling agencies in Connecticut can help individuals by improving their financial condition, reducing their unpaid debts, and getting them back on track financially. Many organizations offer free services and advice to consumers on programs such as debt consolidation, foreclosure counseling, budgeting, and pre-bankruptcy filing.

If you are located in Connecticut, you can contact one of the organizations below for help. You can set up an appointment to speak about and review your overall financial situation. The information you share with us will be kept private. There are a few ways to go about addressing challenges with unpaid credit card bills and debts, mortgage delinquency, and outstanding medical debts. One way is to try and work out a payment plan with the company or organization you owe the money to. Another way is to see if you can get a consolidation loan to pay off all the debts at once. Lastly, you could try and negotiate with your creditors to see if they’ll accept a lower amount of money than what you actually owe them. Many of the organizations in Connecticut that are non-profit are also certified by HUD to give foreclosure counseling.

If you need help, there are agencies in Connecticut that can provide counseling services. The counselors at these agencies are certified and highly trained professionals who can help you with your problem. They will go over your income, spending, and overall debt levels, and give suggestions accordingly. Many people can help you enter into repayment plans with your banks or creditors. The agencies have helped many people over the years by reducing or eliminating their obligations for things like credit cards, medical bills, and personal loans.

The Connecticut Association For Human Services provides financial support to the people of Fairfield County through the Financial Empowerment Center Of Greater Bridgeport. The agency provides resources and services to help people become financially stable and independent. The center can help you improve your financial situation by providing tools, knowledge, and support. Residents of Fairfield County can get help with their shopping needs. This is a partnership of organizations who are committed to helping families in Connecticut become economically successful. They provide services that help families get and keep good jobs, provide child care and advocacy, and connect families to resources they need to succeed. The United Way of Coastal Fairfield County is also a major partner of credit counseling assistance programs.

The non-profit center offers free coaching in the areas of debt reduction, budgeting, credit, savings, and planning for the future. Specialists can also help people apply for government and public assistance programs, such as health insurance or childcare assistance. They will help a family to save money by looking for ways to reduce their spending.

The state of Connecticut offers saving accounts from the Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) which help people with low incomes save money. This option helps income qualified residents jump-start their savings by matching 100% of their contributions, up to a certain limit.

The financial counselors of America are available to speak with you about your financial needs and help you find a way to improve your situation. You can reach them toll-free at (877) 475-4238 or by the next number (860) 986-7470.

They offer appointments to help with money management. The National Call Center provides service to make appointments with a location near the caller. The not for profit MMI provides free financial guidance, credit counseling, debt management assistance, community-wide educational programs, bankruptcy counseling, advice and education services to consumers. The center can help you with housing and mortgage questions and problems through the internet, meeting in person, or over the phone.

Money Management International is a federal government HUD-approved housing counseling agency that provides reverse mortgage and mortgage default counseling. Some services that are available include counseling for foreclosures and mortgage delinquencies, loss mitigation, converting equity into a home, and home buying education programs.

A second location for the business is located in Milford, CT. The (866) 336-0624 is a phone number. This office provides similar programs to the ones listed below.

The Connecticut Association For Human Services (CAHS) provides financial management workshops that cover topics such as budgeting, credit, and home buying. The organization is located at 110 Bartholomew Avenue Suite 4030 in Hartford, Connecticut.

The HERC office is located on 901 Wethersfield Avenue on the second floor in Hartford, Connecticut. The main telephone number for the office is (860) 296-4242. Many families need to deal with other issues, such as credit score repair, unpaid loans, and resolving debts, in order to save their homes.

The company provides services to help reduce debt, most of which are offered over the phone or remotely.

The Human Resources Agency of New Britain is a government agency that provides social services to residents of New Britain, Connecticut. They offer a Budget Coaching Program to help residents manage their finances and stay within their budget. This service can help low and moderate income working families and individuals by matching them with budget coaches who can help them understand their current income and expenses. The budgeting, spending, and financial planning services offered can help you make better money decisions and improve your financial health. This may include accessing credit repair workshops and debt settlement programs. This, and other things, can help with learning more about money.

The address for the Urban League of Southern Connecticut is 46 Atlantic Street in Stamford, Connecticut. For more information, call (203) 327-5810.

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