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Free clinics in Las Vegas and Clark County area.

Low income and uninsured families in Las Vegas and Clark County can get free health or dental care from clinics. These health and dental centers offer free or low cost services, as well as financial aid, to anyone who needs medical care. The free clinics provide medical, hospital and prescription drug programs to help people save money. Where can I find free dental care, cancer screenings, medications, emergency care, immunizations and other support in Clark County, Nevada?

The medical and dental care provided at the affordable or free clinics in Clark County, Nevada are of excellent quality and reasonably priced. Many clinics offer a fee based on what the patient can afford to pay. This allows low-income patients to still receive needed care. If a family’s income is low enough, the services offered by the city of Las Vegas are free for everyone in the family, including immigrants, adults, and children. This means that you will have regular appointments with your doctor to check your health, free prescription drugs, primary care for your family, and dental cleanings.

If you want to learn more about the type and number of services that a community clinic near you in Las Vegas offers, you can call them for free. Residents in Clark County can also learn how to apply for financial assistance or charity health care at a center. Some centers may not charge a fee for their services.

Maryland Parkway The Huntridge Teen Clinic is a medical facility located at 2100 S. Maryland Parkway in Las Vegas, Nevada. The clinic provides medical care and services to adolescents and young adults. The clinic’s phone number is (702) 732-8776. The programs and care at this facility focus on children and teenagers. This clinic can provide free services and health care for low-income families.

Bonanza Rd. The Las Vegas Outreach Clinic is a medical clinic operated by the Salvation Army. It is located at 47 W. Bonanza Rd. in Las Vegas, Nevada. The clinic can be reached by phone at (702) 307-4635. The health center is located on Owens Ave. in Las Vegas, NV, 89030. Free medical services are provided to homeless patients in Clark County. This means that the fee will be based on how much the person can afford to pay. Continue providing financial assistance for bills and medical care.

The Bridger Health Center is located at 310 South 9th Street, Suite 110 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main phone number for the center is 702-220-9932.

To make an appointment or get center hours at the Cambridge Family Health Center, dial 702-307-5415. A sliding fee scale is a system where the price of a service is based on the customer’s ability to pay. This means that medical assistance can be offered for free or at reduced rates to low income patients and people without health insurance.

Central (at 4th Ave) The Central Neighborhood Family Services Center is located at 333 N. Central, at the corner of 4th Avenue. It is located at Rancho Drive in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are low income, there are many programs available to help you with your medical needs. These include STD testing, family planning, nutrition assistance, Chronic Disease Management, and diagnosis and treatment of common ailments. There are many ways to find low cost health insurance plans. You can talk to a specialist, or look online to find options that fit your budget.

9th Street The Downtown Outreach Clinic is located at 403 W. 9th Street. The Wilson Ave. address in Las Vegas, NV is being changed. Please call 702-380-8511 for the new address. People in poverty, or with low incomes, and people who have limited or no health insurance, receive the most assistance. This Las Vegas based community clinic provides dental cleanings, medical checks ups, prescription drugs, lab work, and family planning.

Archer Ave. The Eastern Family Medical and Dental Center is located at 2212 S. Archer Ave. Please call 702-735-9334 for further assistance. Our address is Eastern Ave Las Vegas Nevada 89104.

Bonanza Rd. The Las Vegas Outreach Clinic offers medical case worker services to help address the needs of the community. The clinic is located at 47 W. Bonanza Rd. will be closed from Santa Monica Blvd. to Wilshire Blvd. Owens Avenue will be closed from Santa Monica Boulevard to Wilshire Boulevard. The telephone number for Las Vegas, Nevada is 702-307-4635.

The Martin Luther King Family Health Center offers many health care services and can provide referrals to local hospitals or government programs if necessary.

12th St. Oakland, CA 94601 The H.O.P.E. community clinic is located at 3430 E. 12th St. in Oakland, CA. This is an address in Las Vegas, Nevada. The phone number is 702-952-9564.

Rancho Drive, Suite K The Rancho Family Health Center is located on 630 S. Rancho Drive, Suite K. You can call the clinic at 800-787-2568 to see if you qualify for any savings on medical bills or if they offer any free services, such as dental care or medications.

Flamingo Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89103 Red Rock Medical Group is a healthcare provider located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The organization offers a variety of medical services to its patients, including primary care, mental health services, and chronic disease management. is being renamed The name of Charleston Boulevard is being changed. The address for the Las Vegas Natural History Museum is 100 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101 and the phone number is 702-384-3466.

They donate their time and resources to provide free medical and dental care to low-income residents of Southern Nevada. Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada helps low-income residents of Southern Nevada by providing free medical and dental care. Doctors, nurses, dentists, and hygienists donate their time and resources to this organization. They provide free care to people who are struggling and have no other options in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas Medical Clinic is located at 1825 Civic Center Dr. 240 C in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The clinic can be reached by phone at 702-642-8313.

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