Free clothes, school supplies, and furniture banks New Haven County.

There are a variety of programs that offer free clothing, back to school supplies, diapers, kitchen supplies, furniture and other household and personal items in New Haven County, Connecticut. Families of different incomes and backgrounds can go to local thrift stores to buy gently used items or get free items from furniture banks or clothing closets. The centers may provide free items, including school supplies, clothes, beds, couches, appliances, computers, and winter coats to those that meet low income levels.

Some places have special resources that are only available at certain times of year. This can include giving presents to children on their birthdays, giving them uniforms and shoes as back-to-school supplies, or giving them Christmas presents. However, programs like this are not as common. Many non-profits in New Haven will have items that people need for everyday life, such as coats, clothing, shoes, and boots. Some of these organizations may also have items that could help someone get a job, such as work clothes or interview attire. Our goal is to make sure that kids and adults are kept warm and safe all year round.

The locations are not open 24/7 and some are only open on certain days. In order to receive a free piece of clothing, income limits will also need to be met. For more information on their services, contact a thrift store or clothing closet.

Cades is a clothing closet and food pantry located on 44 Arch Street in Hamden, Connecticut. The telephone number for the pantry is (203) 785-8091.

This non-profit provides support to needy and low income individuals in Hartford and New Haven County. For the new school year, students can find backpacks or bookbags. There are winter coats for seniors, maternity clothes for pregnant mothers and other goods.

The First Baptist Church Clothes Closet is a charity that provides gently used but free clothing for women, teens, men, and children in need. The Clothes Closet is located at 24 North Street in Milford, Connecticut and can be contacted at (203) 877-6634 for hours of operation. Some people may also offer their household items for free.

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The Hospital of Saint Raphael has an on-site thrift shop where you can purchase items at a discounted price. The thrift shop is located at 1386 Chapel Street in New Haven, CT. To reach the thrift shop, please dial (203) 789-3480. This store sells clothing, household items, and toys to the general public. If you are in need of clothing or other household supplies, you may be able to get them by getting a referral from a social service agency in New Haven.

The Liberty Educational Service Center is located on Elm Street in New Haven, Connecticut. This center provides school supplies, backpacks, coats, and uniforms for students and teenagers. The phone number for this center is (203) 691-9494. There may be some free computers available for low-income students, car seats for low-income parents, and other items such as belts and boots.

They distribute free furniture to low income families and individuals who are struggling. New Reach Furniture Bank is located on 269 Peck Street in New Haven, CT and their phone number is 203.492.4866. There is free furniture for a home or apartment if the person is willing to pick it up. Families in New Haven can get desks, kitchen pots and pans, lamps, beds, mattresses, cribs, living room sets and much more by making donations. The furniture bank has furniture that is not new but is in good condition.

Saint Luke’s is a place where you can go to get help. They have a lot of services that can help you. They are located at 111 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511-3293. You can reach them at (203) 865-0141.

The Saint Paul’s And Saint James’ Episcopal Church – Loaves And Fishes Clothing Closet is a place that gives out free clothing for adults and children every Saturday. The address is 57 Olive Street, New Haven, CT 06511 and the phone number to call for intake is (203) 562-2691. The school has a kitchen where students can get food to meet their nutritional needs. Clothing, shoes, and other winter gear, as well as Christmas gifts, may be given out at this event.

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The clothing closet at the Varick A.m.e. Zion Church can be reached by calling (203) 624-6245.

Our Lady of Victory Church has a clothing closet with free adult, child, and even baby clothing for members. The main location of the clothing closet is 634 Jones Hill Road, West Haven, Connecticut 06516. The telephone number is (203) 931-9989. To join the clothing bank at the church, you may need to pay a small fee.

The Goodwill Industries Brookfield Super Store and Donation Center is a place where you can donate items that you no longer need. They are located at 165 Federal Road in Brookfield, CT, and their phone number is (203) 775-6861. This center will sell goods to the public in New Haven County based on what is available. This can include items such as furniture, antiques, bedspreads, blankets, games, toys, small appliances, winter coats, dishes, and housewares.

The Old Stone Church Thrift Shop will sell household goods and clothing. For more information, please call (203) 467-2907. The items available on the site may include small appliances, dishes and cookware, linens, and more.

The Easter Seals Goodwill Industries Rehabilitation Center is a place where people with disabilities can go to get help. They have a store where you can buy things, and a warehouse where you can get things for free.

The store also sells new items such as clothing, shoes, school supplies, and holiday items. The Marine Corps League Thrift Store sells clothing, household goods, furniture, and appliances that are gently used. The store also sells new items such as clothing, shoes, school supplies, and holiday items. They can also help families find Christmas assistance toys and goods, such as Toys for Tots. There are also birthday toys, free furniture for apartments, and other supplies available in New Haven.

If you are a parent in need of baby or children’s clothes, furniture, or a crib, you can contact Christian Community Action at the number provided. They may have what you need. A yearly Thanksgiving basket drive that gives away turkeys and other food items needed for the holiday. There is a furniture bank at the charity with free stuff. This means that people who earn very little money may be given vouchers to help pay for things. If you are a low income student in elementary, middle, or high school, you can get free assistance with things like books, shoes, belts, and other goods. There is a variety of household furniture and appliances that can be used for work, study and leisure activities. The Christian Community Action organization in New Haven provides clothing programs for people in need. These programs help to provide clothing for those who cannot afford it, or who may need special clothing for a job or other event. More information on these programs can be found on the Christian Community Action website.

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The Fellowship Place is located at 441 Elm Street in New Haven, Connecticut. The non-profit organization provides services and assistance to members of the community. For more information, please call (203) 401-4227.

The Salvation Army’s Family Thrift Stores offer emergency assistance, social services, and other resources to those in need. The store is located at 274 Crown Street in New Haven, CT. For more information, please call (203) 776-2448. A clothing closet/thrift store is a place where you can get free clothes, household items, and furniture. Other programs offered by the Salvation Army include free back to school supplies for children in need, the Angel Tree holiday assistance program which provides gifts for children whose parents are unable to afford them, and funds to help people with basic needs such as rent or heating bills.

Savers / Value Village is a store that sells a wide range of goods to the public. This can include items such as uniforms, clothing, books/magazines, coats, and more. This means that you should put away your summer clothes and replace them with winter clothes. This includes putting away your shorts, tank-tops, and flip-flops and replacing them with pants, long-sleeved shirts, and boots. This means that items such as furniture and other household items can be sold at a lower price.

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