Food Pantries

Free food pantries and groceries in Bronx.

A number of food pantries are available to help residents in the Bronx. These community centers offer assistance to low income families, seniors, and others who are struggling. This means that people in need can get things like groceries, canned goods, hot meals, and perishable food items from this organization. The food pantries in the Bronx are located at local churches, community centers, and other non-profit organizations.

The locations will be open for a limited number of hours and will generally only serve people who live in the immediate area. It is a good idea to call ahead. This means that not everyone who needs food assistance will be able to get it from a food bank. This means that they offer activities and amenities that appeal to these groups of people. Pantries will usually need some form of proof of address and identification.

There are many food pantries that can help you feed your family. This means that they offer resources like food, baby formula, and other things that people may need. They also offer free meals during holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. If the pantry can’t help you, they can often connect you with other organizations in the Bronx or help you apply for government assistance.

The Andrew Jackson Tenants Association is a group that helps people who live in the Andrew Jackson Houses, which is a public housing complex in the Bronx. The group provides assistance with things like housing issues and tenant rights. If you need help, you can contact the Andrew Jackson Tenants Association at the address and phone number listed above. The center is only open on two days of the week, Tuesday and Thursday.

The non-profit also has a soup kitchen and limited clothing.

The Missionaries of Charity is an organization that provides a shelter, soup kitchen, and other services to those in need.

The Missionaries of Charity address is 344 East 146th Street. To contact them, call (718) 665-3054.

The Salvation Army is a social services organization located at 425 East 159th Street in New York City. It provides a food pantry and various other social services to its clients. Looking through their clothing or at a thrift store. There may be snacks available for children or students, as well as Christmas meals. Emergency aid may include funds for things like housing costs, rent, or utility bills. Look for help with getting a job.

The Community Kitchen is a place where people can go to get food. They also have an on site food pantry where people can get food for free.

The Main address for Christ the King Church is 141 Marcy Place and the Main number is (718) 538-5546.

The Main address for the Highbridge Community Life Center is 979 Ogden Avenue. The phone number for the center is (718) 293-4352.

The Missionary Church of Christ is a food pantry located at 937 Teller Avenue in New York City. Call the pantry at (718) 538-2325 for more information.

The Iglesia Arca De Salvacion1983 Jermome Avenue, 2nd FloorCall (718) 294-4237 church provides free food, groceries, and perishable goods to those in need.

The Morris Senior Center offers a variety of food options for seniors in the Bronx. A donation, no matter how small, is always appreciated. The company offers other activities and workshops in addition to its main offerings.

Kimball Resurrection and life are two things that go hand in hand. Without resurrection, there is no life, and vice versa. Resurrection is the act of coming back to life, while life is the state of being alive. Together, they make up the cycle of life and death. The grant highway’s telephone number is 718-617-2399.

The Abundant Life Tabernacle, Inc. is a food pantry located at 2692 Third Avenue in New York City. The pantry provides food to those in need who have a referral from a social service agency.

Salvation Door is a place where people can come to learn more about God. They offer many services such as Bible study, worship, and prayer.

The Evangelical Garifuna Church is located at 344 Brook Avenue, and their phone number is (718) 585-6818.

The Borinquen Court Senior Center offers lunches, Meals and Wheels, and other support services. Other activities seniors can attend are those that teach about Medicare and programs that cater to their needs.

St. Ann’s Church has a soup kitchen and food pantry where people can go to get food.

St. Benedict the Moor provides bags of groceries and hot lunches to the homeless and very low income on St. Ann’s Avenue. The main phone number for St. Benedict the Moor is (718) 665-9693.

The Salvation Army Bronx Citadel offers free food and support for families in need, including shelter and applications for SNAP.

The Thessalonica Christian Church is a local church located on St. Ann’s Avenue. The church’s phone number is (718) 665-0182.

The main address for Douglas Leon Senior Citizen is 735 East 152nd Street and the telephone number is (718) 292-7129.

The Ruth Fernandez Family Residence is a building located at 760-762 Fox Street in the city of New York. It can be contacted by phone at (718) 328-8180.

The address for St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church is 940 East 156th Street. The phone number for the church is (718) 589-4430.

The Hope Line food pantry is located at 421 East 155th Street, and its hours are Monday to Thursday.

The United Bronx Parents, Inc. organization is located at 773 Prospect Avenue. If you need to speak with a representative, dial (718) 991-7100. Please have ID ready for family members, referrals, and other documentation purposes. A soup kitchen is a place where food is provided for people who are homeless or otherwise cannot afford to buy food.

The Way-Out Church Ministries, Inc. is located at 520 East 148th Street. The main phone number for the church is (718) 665-8069. The church provides a food bank for its members and the community.

The Gospel Hill Baptist Church is located on Third Avenue in New York City. It can be reached by phone at (718) 585-6730.

The Holy Tabernacle Church is a church located on Third Avenue. It has a phone number of (718) 379-1484. What are the business hours? This pantry may have canned goods, children’s meals, and other essential household items like diapers.

The food bank at San Damiano/St. Augustin provides food to low income people and those in crisis.

The Paraclete Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps victims of domestic violence. They provide a safe place for victims to stay, as well as counseling and other resources to help them get back on their feet.

Abrigo Del Altissimo Christian is a place where you can call for help with something. The number to call is 718-299-5796.

The Bread of Life Mission provides meals, fresh fruits, vegetables, and other food items to those in need. If you are able to, please donate food to the pantry. This only works in a small area.

If you need food assistance, you can call the food pantry at the Bronx S.D.A. Church at (718) 994-4626.

The school may have snacks for students and children.

The Guiding Light of Truth Church is a religious organization located at 1827 Anthony Avenue in the city of New York. The church can be contacted by telephone at (718) 583-6041.

The Salvation Army Tremont Corps has a food pantry where you can get groceries if you need them. The address is 2121 Washington Avenue, and the phone number is 718-584-6250. Christmas and Thanksgiving meals may include turkeys and gifts for children. Case managers will also help the working poor by providing them with financial aid and by exploring public assistance programs.

St. Luke’s Food Pantry is a food bank located on East 138th Street in Sharon Joslyn, New York. (718) 665-6677

The Thorpe Family Residence is located at 2160 Mapes Avenue. To contact the center, call (718) 933-7312.

The Anjuman Hefaztul Al Islam is located at 365 East 198th Street. To contact the center, please call (718) 364-0579.

Christina Home Care Food Pantry provides bags of groceries, meals, and other essentials to those in need. Make sure to bring your identification and any relevant documentation with you.

The New St. John Baptist Pantry is a food bank located at 2409 Lorillard Place in the Bronx. They can be reached at (718) 220-4148.

The Our Lady of Refuge church is located at 290 East 196th Street in the Bronx. The church can be reached at (718) 367-4690. This place is only open for a few hours.

The main address for the Solution is 2763 Webster Avenue in the 718 area code. The phone number is 220-4892.

The non-profit charity provides assistance to those in poverty. Volunteers and staff offer emergency food boxes and other aid.

If you need help from the Second Prince of Peace Outreach organization, you can call their main phone number at (718) 842-0880, or their alternate phone number at (718) 364-4554.

If you do not have a box of food, please get referrals to food stamp or WIC application sites.

The Come World Ministries food pantry is located at 1034 Prospect Avenue. The main number for the pantry is (718) 617-4293. To reach someone by telephone, dial the 718 area code, then 893, then 6953.

Hot meals and food are offered at Esperanza y Buen Samaritan. There may be an excess of federal government commodities.

The address of the Resurrection and Life Church of God in Christ food pantry is 870 East 163rd Street, and their phone number is (917) 655-8595.

Would you like me to help you find a Spanish-speaking Seventh-day Adventist church in the Intervale area of the Bronx? I can give you the contact information for the Intervale SDA Church.

The St. Jerome Community Food Pantry is a place where people who live in the area can go to get food. You need to have proof of residency, including identification, in order to use the pantry.

This organization provides food and other forms of assistance to people in need. They also offer referrals to other programs that can help people in the long term. There are a variety of resources available to assist those in poverty.

Gethsemane Baptist Church is located at 771 Fairmount Place. To contact the church, dial (718) 588-1328.

The church has a place where people can go to get food.

The St. Anthony of Padua church provides food and other necessities for the homeless. They are located at 1496 Commonwealth Avenue and their phone number is (718) 409-4590. You can also get referrals to shelters from food banks, community action agencies, and churches.

Food assistance is available for seniors over the age of 60, as well as their spouses and older Bronx residents. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

This is the address and phone number for Dios Levantando Al Caido, Inc., a organization that helps people who have fallen on hard times.

The East Bronx Hunger Program is a program that provides food, clothing, and other necessities to low-income and working-poor people. This Bronx charity offers a variety of services.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church provides food to anyone in need, regardless of their religion, age, or gender.

The Iglesia El Buen Camino is a church located at 792 East 161st Street. The church’s telephone number is (718) 617-3032.

Our Lady of Grace Social Outreach provides assistance such as meals and groceries to those in need. For more information, please call (718) 652-4817.

The City of Faith Church of God is located at 3453-3445 White Plains Road. The church’s phone number is (718) 798-3052.

The Immaculate Conception Church provides food assistance to those in need through a food pantry. The pantry offers canned fruits, rice, groceries, meats, and frozen goods, as donations allowed.

The Pentecost Care Community is a nursing home located at 621 East 216th Street in the Bronx. Their telephone number is (718) 515-5366.

Project Bravo is a project located at Monteiore. The address is 55 East 210th Street and the phone number is (718) 652-8426.

The R.A.I.N Boston Road Senior Center is a community center for seniors that offers various services and programs. It is located at 2424 Boston Road and can be reached by phone at (718) 547-8827.

If you need help in the Bronx, you can go to St. Luke’s Community Program. They are located at 661 East 219th Street and you can call them at (718) 882-3060.

The food boxes may be given out to children, parents, and others who are in need. These food items may contain items that are necessary for survival and good health.

The Bronx Youth Services Corp. is a program that provides services for seniors in the Bronx. They offer referrals and walk-in services for seniors in need. A Thanksgiving dinner is also available.

The Creston Avenue Baptist Church works with other churches in the Bronx to help students, children, and the low income. Some organizations may offer free food, holiday meals, gifts for children, and other benefits during Christmas. Other items for sale may include clothing and household products.

The food pantry at Fordham Lutheran Church is a place where people in need can go to get food. It is located at 2427 Morris Avenue, and the phone number is (718) 367-8330.

The Love Gospel Assembly is located on 2315 Grand Concourse and can be reached at (718) 295-6366.

The Tolentine-Zeiser Community Center is located at 2345 University Avenue. The phone number is (718) 220-2824.

The Church of the Holy Rosary is located at 1510 Adie Avenue. The telephone number is (718) 379-4432.

The Eastchester Gardens Tenant Association is a group that helps represent the residents of the Eastchester Gardens apartments in the Bronx. They can be contacted at (718) 655-2596.

The R.A.I.N. Eastchester Senior Center provides breakfast and lunch for seniors. If someone is unable to leave their home, extra help may be available in their area. The activities offered at the senior center include Medicare sessions, Meals on Wheels, and recreational activities.

The church will help its members with whatever they need. Free groceries, emergency food, and fresh food may be available. If you need information or help finding resources from a charity or non-profit organization, you can call them for assistance.

The Congregation Yeshiva Telshe Al is located on West 249th Street in New York City. The phone number for the synagogue is (718) 601-1681.

The Bronx Pentecostal Deliverance offers free groceries, beans, formula, and more to those in need.

If you need help finding a food pantry, you can call City Harvest at 917-351-8777 for a referral.

The address for Holy Cross Church is 600 Soundview Avenue and the phone number is (718) 893-5551.

The Soundview Presbyterian Church is located at 760 Soundview Avenue. The church’s telephone number is (718) 842-2287.

The Bright Temple Avenue Church provides a soup kitchen that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A food pantry is also available.

The Black Forum of Co-Op City is a room where people can go to discuss black issues. The phone number for the room is (718) 320-8035.

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