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Free food pantries in Cayuga County and Auburn.

The food pantries in Cayuga County serve people who are struggling financially, including the working poor, senior citizens, and families. The amount of assistance will be based on the applicant’s need. A free box of groceries can be given away today, or holiday meals can be served at Christmas or Thanksgiving. If you are in need of basic necessities such as clothing for work or a small Christmas toy, the Auburn area charities that operate free food pantries will try to provide that for you.

The goal is to help everyone who needs it. You may be eligible for free groceries, meals on wheels services, or other assistance. If you need more help, there is a phone number at the bottom of the page for additional resources. Each food bank has a limited number of hours and resources, as they often rely on donations from Feeding America, the USDA, and other groups. The pantries in Cayuga County may provide a variety of services to help prevent hunger.

They also help very low income families apply for government assistance. The main benefits of the food bank include food stamps from SNAP as well as vouchers or bag lunches from soup kitchens from WIC. There are other programs available in Cayuga County that may be more specific, such as Meals on Wheels.

The Cayuga Community Action Agency provides a variety of services to the community, including food and other programs. Their address is 89 York Street, Auburn, New York, 13021, and their phone number is 315-255-1703. The Personal Care pantry provides basic needs such as toiletries and hygiene products, while the Breastfeeding support group offers guidance and support for mothers who are breastfeeding. Housing and homeless prevention services help families in need of housing assistance and provide resources to prevent homelessness. There is also an emergency free food pantry available for SNAP recipients, as well as free bay items and car seats.

The Calvary of CNY, Inc. is a organization located at 90 Franklin Street in Auburn, NY. Their telephone number is 315-252-7772.

The King Ferry Food Pantry on State Route 34B in Aurora, New York provides food assistance to local residents in need. Contact the pantry at 315-497-2049 for more information.

The church provides food for those in need. Cayuga County provides canned groceries, fresh fruit, vegetables, baby formula, and other items.

The Fairhaven Community Food Cupboard is a food bank located at 14463 Richmond Avenue in Fair Haven, New York.

The Salvation Army in Cayuga County provides a food bank and family center for those in need. The center is located at 18 E Genesee Street in Auburn, NY. For more information, call 315-253-0319. Other resources that are available to people in need include a soup kitchen, Christmas meals and toys from Adopt a Family, clothing for work or school supplies, and financial aid.

The charity is open on Monday and Friday from 1:00pm to 2:30pm.

The First Baptist Church in Weedsport, NY provides a monthly food supply that can last up to five days.

A regional group that is based on faith. They help feed and clothe the poor and struggling, give hot meals, basic needs, and other support. The Salvation Army offers assistance programs in Cayuga County. These programs include help with rent, utilities, food, and clothing.

The First United Methodist Church in Port Byron, New York has a community food pantry that provides food for those in need. The main address for the food pantry is 8510 South Street, Port Byron, NY 13140. The primary phone number for the food pantry is 315-776-5156.

The Cato Christian Food Pantry is a food bank that provides food assistance to people in need. They are located at 2570 E Main Street in Cato, New York. They can be reached at 315-626-2734. There is a place where the poor and homeless can go to get a free meal in Cayuga County. A free box of food may be given out, as well as meals during Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The United Church of Genoa operates an emergency food pantry that provides food to those in need. It helps provide food for everyone from single parents to the disabled and elderly. Food, including Ensure for seniors, soup, pasta, and other goods, is given out.

The Brutus-Sennet Food Pantry is a food bank that provides food to people in need. To be eligible for assistance, applicants must meet certain income and other government guidelines. Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas food boxes are available.

The Community Soup Kitchen provides lunches, Meals on Wheels, and breakfast to residents of Auburn New York. They also offer other food assistance programs to help those in need.

The Throopsville Community Reach Out Pantry is a place where people in need can go to get free groceries and other essential items. The pantry is open at certain hours, and people can call the number provided to find out when it is open.

The Moravia Hope Pantry provides food assistance to families in Cayuga County. Volunteers may help families select and collect food items from the pantry.

The Western Cayuga County Pantry is a place where people can go to get free groceries, dairy products, infant formula, and cleaning supplies.

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If you are struggling to afford food for your family in Cayuga County, you can call 315.437.1899 for information about other food assistance programs that may be available to you. There are many resources available to help with food insecurity, such as applications for meals for students, referrals to food banks, and the WIC program.

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