Free food pantries, meals, and groceries DeKalb County Georgia.

A list of free food resources in DeKalb County and Decatur, including food pantries, soup kitchens, and food banks. The churches and charities can offer personal items such as toiletries and groceries, as well as perishable items and free food to those in need, such as the unemployed, senior citizens, children, and disabled. There are many emergency food pantry programs near you.

Other forms of help are available. There may be free baby formula or Meals on Wheels available, as well as daily giveaways of free food. There are also distribution centers to call for assistance. The bottom of the page includes a free referral number for more information.

There are usually staff members present in pantries that are either professional or volunteers. These individuals help clients apply for public aid. Examples of benefits that may be available to people in need are food stamps, WIC, and other federal government and state of Georgia food assistance programs. The DeKalb County Georgia area offers case management, counseling, and referrals to low-income and needy people.

One of the best places to go when you need help is a local food pantry or soup kitchen. There are many organizations that can offer free help, including groceries, meals, holiday items, advice, and other support. Some organizations also give out free meals or food baskets during Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There are other assistance programs for food outside of this one.

The Francis Bongay Ministry food pantry is located at 4764 Hammermill Road in Tucker, Georgia. The ministry helps people based on the resources that are available.

Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur, GA 30030 The Decatur Emergency Assistance Ministry provides social services and a free pantry for those in need. The pantry is located at 515 E. Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur, GA 30030. This is an address on Ponce de Leon Avenue in Decatur, Georgia. The telephone number is 404-373-9283. There may be other resources available in DeKalb County, such as toilet paper, laundry detergent, and applications to public aid. The Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office provides financial assistance to small and medium-sized manufacturers to support the development and deployment of innovative manufacturing technologies and processes.

Healing for the Soul Ministries, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that provides services and resources to help people heal from emotional and spiritual trauma. Their main address is 1683 South Hairston Rd, Stone Mountain, GA 30088. If you are in a crisis and need help, call 770-981-4136.

The Global Leadership Christian Center is located at 5351 Snapfinger Woods Dr., Decatur, Georgia 30035. If you are in need of food, clothing, or substance abuse services, please call (770) 686-3765. They help low income families, the poor and others in need of food or support.

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The Salem Bible Church is located at 2750 Panola Rd., Lithonia, GA 30058.

The Salvation Army in Decatur, Georgia provides services to residents of DeKalb County. Services include assistance with basic needs such as food and clothing, as well as access to other resources such as job training and housing assistance. The Atlanta Mission provides services such as a food bank, thrift store, holiday meals and gifts, and other forms of aid to those in need. There may also be free diapers, infant formula, kitchen supplies as well as other things people need.

The first St. Paul AME Church is located at 2699 Klondike Road, Lithonia, GA 30058. The church has a soup kitchen and free pantry on site to help those in need. Call (770) 484-9660

The address of God’s Faith Pavilion Deliverance Min Inc is 2230 Lithonia Industrial Blvd, Lithonia, Georgia 30058. We are giving away free food, either canned or fresh. Get your cereal, meals, Similac and other goods delivered right to your doorstep with Homes on Wheels.

The Wade Walker Family YMCA offers assistance programs at 5605 Rockbridge Rd SW, Stone Mountain, GA 30088. For free grocery assistance, please call (678) 781-9622.

The St. Peter & Paul Catholic Church is located at 2560 Tilson Road in Decatur, GA. Please call the given phone number.

The Holy Cross Church provides a free food pantry and soup kitchen to help those in need. The pantry is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00am to 1:00pm, and the soup kitchen is open on Thursdays from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. A variety of activities may also be available, such as arts and crafts. The main number for this organization is (770) 939-3501. They offer free meals year-round, as well as seasonal meals for holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. A variety of activities, such as arts and crafts, may also be available. There is a variety of food such as vegetables, fruits, bread, peanut butter, feminine goods, canned meats, and fruit juices.

The GFODS3075 is a community outreach and development organization located in Decatur, GA. The main phone number for this company is (678) 418-0076

The food bank is located at 6212 Memorial Drive in Stone Mountain, GA. To contact someone at the given phone number, dial 404-441-9103.

Tameka’s House of Hope is an emergency food bank that helps people in need. It is located at 2007 2nd Ave, Decatur, GA 30032. The main number for this company is 404-907-1944.

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The address of New Life Community Ministries is 3592 Flat Shoals Rd., Decatur, GA 30034. The charity provides assistance with financial aid, applications to food stamps, and hot meals.

The Center for Pan-Asian Community Services (CPACS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of Atlanta’s Asian American community. CPACS provides a variety of services, including cultural and educational programs, social services, and advocacy. The phone number is 770-936-0969

Omega Support Services is located at 4213 Fellowship Rd, Tucker, Georgia 30084. To dial (678) 615-2390, use the keypad to input the numbers in the correct order.

The Hope 4 Haven Foundation2962 Ember Dr, Decatur, GA 30317 is a foundation that helps people in need. For scheduling and hours of operation, please call 404-648-2479. Services offered include a food bank and soup kitchen. Food, canned goods, and other necessary items. There is free food assistance available for anyone in the county who may need it, including homeless people, single mothers, and disabled people.

NETworks Cooperative Ministry is located at 2380 4th Street in Tucker, GA. The main number for the food bank is 770-939-6454. They accept non-perishable groceries which can help low income families, the unemployed and working poor. There is a free pantry with paper products, soap, cereal, Ensure for the elderly, and personal toiletries as well as other groceries.

The Briarcliff Baptist Church is located at 3039 Briarcliff Rd. in Atlanta, Georgia. The church can be contacted by telephone at (404) 633-6103.

Druid Hills Rd., Atlanta, GA 30329 The Salvation Army’s North Druid Hills Unit in DeKalb County, Atlanta operates out of the Atlanta Temple Corps branch office. This location can be found at 2090 N. Druid Hills Rd., Atlanta, GA 30329. Druid Hills Road in Atlanta, Georgia has a pantry where people in need can go to for help. The pantry usually has food and other basic necessities that people may need. The phone number for the pantry is (404) 486-2800. Investigate options for financial assistance, Christmas gifts or meals, and other social services. The people working at the food bank or food pantry can often tell you how to apply for SNAP food stamps.

Haitian Ministry Theophile Church In Christ, Inc. is a church located at 930 Custer Ave. The Atlanta-DeKalb office can be reached by dialing (404) 624-9432.

The food outreach ministry provides help to the needy through a food bank. This non-profit charity organization provides food to the needy through a food bank. I called them for hours to get free food or groceries. Childcare may also include providing baby formula and/or diapers. There is only a limited amount of money available, so you should call as soon as possible.

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Together we provide direct assistance to those in need in our community. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a partnership of local churches and religious organizations that provides direct assistance to those in need in our community. This means that you are asking for food, items that will go bad, food for holidays, and even a little bit of money to help you out.

The Columbia Drive United Methodist Church is located at 2067 Columbia Dr. in Decatur, Georgia. The church provides hot meals, blankets, clothing and other goods to people in need, depending on donations. The church can be contacted by phone at (404) 284-4151.

8th St. The Episcopal Church of the Holy Cross is located at 2005 S. 8th St. The church’s address is Columbia Pl. Decatur, Georgia 30032 and the phone number is (404) 284-1211.

The Greenforest Social Ministry can help connect people with social service programs at the local, state, and government level. The store also offers a thrift store and food pantry. Clothes, soap, laundry detergent, free boxes of food, and other stuff can be given to people in need. We provide meals and snacks for kids and the homeless.

The Hillside Presbyterian Church is located on Columbia Drive in Decatur, Georgia. You can call the church at 404-289-3092 to make an appointment or to find out their hours.

The storehouse is located on Flat Shoals Parkway in Decatur, Georgia. The telephone number is (404) 826-9316.

The St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church provides canned goods, fruits, bags of groceries, and other food assistance for seniors and low income families. The church is located at 2560 Tilson Rd. in Decatur, Georgia, and can be reached by phone at (404) 241-5862.

This one is located in Doraville, Georgia and can be reached at the phone number provided. There are a number of programs offered to help those with low incomes or who are living in poverty, including food and financial assistance. The organization also provides case management and refers clients to government food programs like SNAP and WIC.

The Baitul Salaam is a place in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The phone number is (770) 255-8500.

Find more free food assistance in DeKalb County Georgia

There are many more food assistance options available in the area. Call 404.892.3333 for information on summer snack programs for children, home delivered meals, and additional free food pantries near you. There are many other non-profit organizations in the greater DeKalb County area.

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