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Free foreclosure assistance for seniors.

The Senior Legal Hotline (SLH) is a nonprofit organization that provides free legal assistance to seniors in California who are facing foreclosure. The program provides services to homeowners in danger of foreclosure, such as resources, advice, and other tools, in order to help them avoid losing their home.

The Senior Loan Homepage provides free foreclosure counseling to seniors who may lose their homes to their lender. The applicant must be delinquent on their payments and/or have a foreclosure notice. Many senior citizens have lost their homes or have been taken advantage of by predatory lenders and banks during the nationwide housing crisis.

The current housing crisis is hitting the nation and California hard, with seniors being one of the most vulnerable groups of people. This means that they are not able to earn enough money to support themselves and are often in need of protection and help.

The Senior Legal Hotline is determined to help elderly people, who have long been prime targets of mortgage rescue scams and predatory lending. This organization provides many services for free or at a reduced rate for qualified homeowners.

Types of foreclosure assistance provided by Senior Legal Hotline

Over the past several years, SLH has been working diligently to help people. Their housing counseling agency has been approved by HUD. Over the past two years, they have helped nearly 1,000 homeowners. They have helped homeowners get loans modified, reduced interest rates, set up payment plans, and reduced the amount owed on their loans. They have also reduced the amount of money owed by homeowners by nearly $1 million just over the last two years.

As the crisis continues to grow, the federal government is putting pressure on lenders and banks to speed up and standardize their responses to the millions of homeowners who are in distress. SLH also wants to help more people across California. The staff at Senior Legal Hotline will highlight counseling, offering free advice and self-help tools.

SLH provides free foreclosure counseling and legal advice to help those who may be taken advantage of by dishonest mortgage brokers. As the population of senior citizens in California has increased, so has the demand for assistance and services. I hope that these dedicated resources can help improve the life of an elderly homeowner.

The Senior Legal Hotline is a service located in Sacramento, CA that provides free legal assistance to seniors. They can be reached at (916) 551-2145.

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