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Free health care clinics Santa Clara County California.

There are community clinics and health centers in San Jose and Santa Clara County that provide free or low cost medical and dental care. There may be help available for people who cannot afford health insurance, those who do not have health insurance, and people who live in this area. Sliding fee services are available at many free clinics, which are qualified by the government. There are many programs that offer free or reduced healthcare for those who may not be able to afford it otherwise. This includes things like check-ups, prescriptions, and dental care.

The clinics below offer access to internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics, and basic lab tests. Some examples of the types of family health care that are available include: preventive care, treatment for illness or injury, and counseling. Each center will have its own assistance programs. There are many clinics in Santa Clara that offer free or reduced-cost care for low-income patients. For more information on these resources, you will need to contact a nearby clinic.

The goal of every facility is to provide the best possible service while keeping costs low. This includes providing prescription drugs and financial assistance programs like PAP. The poorest patients and those without insurance may be able to get free medication, health or dental care. There are programs available to help patients with the cost of their medications. These programs are typically run by the pharmaceutical company that makes the medication.

Gardner Family Health Network, Inc. is a healthcare organization that provides services to families in the Gardner, Massachusetts area. This organization has many locations across Santa Clara California, including clinics, hospitals, health and dental centers. Their locations offer free health care to people with low incomes. This means that people who have low incomes may have to pay less money for their medical bills. The clinic offers a variety of services, such as prescribing medication, conducting check-ups, providing family care, doing laboratory work, and cleaning teeth. The network consists of four centers located in Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

The Gardner Family Health Network is a health care provider in Alviso, California. They are available to provide medical care and assistance to patients by appointment only. The number to dial for intake is (408) 935-3900.

The Gardner Family Health Network South County Health Center is a medical facility located at 7526 Monterey Street in Gilroy, California. The center provides a variety of health services to the community, and its phone number is (408) 848-9400.

5500 The Gardner Family Health Network is a healthcare center located in San Jose, California. The center provides medical care to patients of all ages, and offers a variety of services such as primary care, mental health services, and more. The act of taking in food or liquid.

The Gardner Family Health Network Comprecare Health Center is a medical facility located at 3030 Alum Rock Avenue in San Jose, California. The center provides a variety of medical services to patients, and offers appointments for those who need them. The center is open during specific hours, and can be contacted by phone at (408) 272-6300. Learn more about the medical and dental care that may be provided by charity organizations.

The Gardner Family Health Network St. James Health Center is located at 55 E Julian Street in San Jose, California. To make an appointment, please call either (408) 918-2641 or (408) 918-2698.

The Gardner Family Health Network is a large medical provider in Santa Clara County that operates several different centers. Some people may be able to get help with their financial situation or be given free medical care.

The Gilroy Neighborhood Clinic is a medical facility located at 7861 Murray Avenue in Gilroy, California. The clinic can be contacted by telephone at (408) 842-1017.

The RotaCare Free Clinic at El Camino Hospital provides medical care to underserved populations who may not have access to health insurance, including immigrants and the homeless. To make an appointment, please call (650) 988-8200.

The Rotacare Clinic in Mountain View, California is located at Grant Road Park Pavilion. The phone number for the clinic is (650) 940-8000.

These services are available at the Mayview Community Health Center. This means that either all of these services will be provided, or people will be directed to programs where they can receive them. The main phone number for the services is (650) 327-8717. Some of the services are offered at no cost.

Asian Americans for Community Involvement of Santa Clara County, Inc. (AACI) is a community-based organization that strives to empower and advocate for the Asian American community in Santa Clara County. AACI provides various programs and services that aim to meet the needs of the community, and also engages in community outreach and education. The Aaci Health Clinic is located at 2400 Moorpark Avenue #319 in San Jose, CA. The clinic’s phone number is (408) 975-2730.

143 North East Medical Services is a Lundy Clinic located at 1715 Lundy Avenue in San Jose, California. To make an appointment, dial (408) 573-9686 ext. 143. 5m This is equal to 8150.5 meters. This will connect you with a customer service representative from the San Jose California clinic.

The San Jose Foothill Family Community Clinic is a clinic in Santa Clara, California. The clinic provides primary and preventive medicine.

The Franklin-Mckinley Neighborhood Health Clinic is a health center that offers low-cost or free medical treatment, immunizations, checkups, prenatal care, and cancer screening. We also accept Medi-Cal and private insurance.

The Overfelt Neighborhood Clinic is a school health clinic that is part of the Santa Clara County. It is located at 1835 Cunningham Avenue in San Jose, CA 95122. The phone number for the clinic is (408) 347-5988. Services that may be offered at the clinic include physicals, immunizations, flu shots, and basic care for students and children.

This clinic can help those in the community who are low income, unemployed, and working poor. Call them for medical appointments relating to checkups, immunizations, diagnosis, and referrals. Grand Ave, Ste 407, Corona CA 92879 Some dental services may be available at this location. 100, Storrs Campus The Julian Street Building is located on the Storrs Campus of the University of Connecticut. It houses the School of Business. The address for the San Jose campus is: One Washington Square, San Jose, CA 95192 (408) 924-1000

This clinic is located on 100 Oak Street in San Jose, California and their telephone number is (408) 295-0980. People who are homeless or do not have insurance may be able to get help for free.

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