Free school supply programs in Madison and Dane County Wisconsin.

The following are the leading back to school supply programs in Dane County and Madison. Each of these charities, non-profits, or government organizations provides students in grades K-12 with supplies they may need. This back to school supply program exists because of donations and volunteers. The amount of items offered will vary. The following is a list of some of the available assistance programs. There are more places where you can get free clothes in Dane County.

Any student, regardless of what grade they are in, what race or ethnicity they are, or if they are an immigrant, can apply. The school supplies that Madison students can get for free depend on how much money is donated. Some of the things that might be available are backpacks, headphones, pencils, glue, Chromebooks or laptops, lunch boxes, calculators, notebooks, sticky notes, and gift certificates. In addition to free school supplies, kids can also get free clothes for the school year, haircuts or personal toiletries, immunizations and other assistance as well.

The Goodman Community Center is a charity that runs a backpack drive. It is located at 214 Waubesa Street in Madison, Wisconsin. It has a phone number of (608) 241-1574. The non-profit organization receives donations from the Dane County community, including corporations and stores, on an annual basis. These donations can be in the form of cash or school supplies. They hand out the items to students who need them.

The Salvation Army is a faith-based charity that operates many social services. This is the annual event where people can get back to school supplies. Children of all ages from Kindergarten to High School can get help from the program. There could be backpacks, book bags, sneakers, pants, pens or pencils, books and other educational materials. In addition to providing academic assistance, they also offer food, after school programs, meals, toys and financial help to those in need. How can I get help from the Salvation Army in Dane County? The Salvation Army provides many resources to help those in need in Dane County. These resources include food, clothing, and financial assistance.

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Stuff the Bus is a program that provides school supplies to children in need. The program is located at 18 Rickel Road in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Please call the number above for further assistance.

The Mount Horeb WI 53572 branch of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” provides free clothing to those in need. For more information, call 608-437-6114. A back to school drive is held for low income families, single parents and others. It is a time for the community to come together and donate school supplies so that everyone can have what they need for a successful school year. Different school supplies like pens, calculators, notebooks, winter jackets, and uniforms may be offered to students.

Waunakee Neighborhood Connection is a non-profit organization that provides school supplies, hygiene goods and other items to those in need. They are located at 208 South Century Avenue in Waunakee, Wisconsin and their phone number is 608-849-5740.

The Lussier Community Education Center offers free school supplies to students from Pre-K to college. The center is located at 55 S Gammon Rd in Madison, WI, and the main number is (608) 833-4979. The backpacks will contain items that are appropriate for the child’s age. This means that younger students may receive crayons or highlighters as part of their school supplies, while older students may receive free calculators, protractors, notebooks, and other school supplies.

The Middleton Outreach Ministry is located at 3502 Parmenter Street in Middleton, Wisconsin. The main phone number is (608) 836-7338.

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Dane County is a group that helps children in need. The members of the group work together to help students and children. The main number for the group is 608-661-5437. The non-profit provides assistance as resources allow, whether it is mentoring, free clothes for school, or a job. There are mentions of local events where you can get free school supplies and other activities.

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The Urban League of Greater Madison is a non-profit organization that helps the poor, minorities, and low income individuals in the Madison, Wisconsin area. The main office is located at 2222 S Park St., and the telephone number is (608) 729-1200. They provide assistance with things like school supplies, work supplies, access to computer labs, and housing resources. Job seekers and students can find office supplies like staplers, hanging file folders, pens, paper, and more. There is also free clothing available for work and school.

The River Clothing Bank provides free or low cost clothes to students of all ages and genders. It is located at 2201 Darwin Road in Madison, Wisconsin. The phone number is (608) 442-8815. Discounts or coupons may be offered as well.

The Lighthouse Church is located on Schroeder Road in Madison, Wisconsin. The church’s phone number is (608) 441-9408.

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