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Friendly Center assistance programs in Lucas County Ohio.

The Friendly Center partners with local churches and charities to help those in need in Lucas County. This includes the less fortunate, working poor, and struggling families. The majority of the assistance they provide is for essential needs like food and clothing. However, they also offer referrals to government benefits and an innovative service known as Bank on Toledo, which provides financial services to residents.

An emergency food pantry is a place where income qualified families and individuals can go to get food. The center is open a few days each week. Many of the groceries and food given out come from donations or other organizations that are not run for profit. The Friendly Center Service Guild, local charities, and churches across Toledo, Ohio, all contribute to the city’s welfare.

Social services, programs, and family support was created to address the needs of the unemployed, seniors, and other low income families within the community. This refers to assistance from the government such as SNAP food stamps or HEAP heating bill assistance. Other resources in Lucas County include places where people can stay if they don’t have a home, places where people can get food if they don’t have enough money to buy it, and places where people can learn new job skills. The programs are designed to help people in North Toledo to become more stable by accessing the benefits they need.

Many of these programs are offered in partnership with organizations such as the Maumee Watershed District, United Methodist Women’s Organization, the West Ohio Conference, the United Way of Greater Toledo, local Lucas County United Methodist churches, and other generous members of the community.

The Federal Government has a range of commodities available, such as surplus food, canned goods, and groceries. There are many people and families in the county who need help from the government, at the state or federal level. The Friendly Center helps people by offering various services.

The Personal Hygiene Closet provides items such as toiletries and hygiene products to low income individuals or the homeless. The Friendly Center and local churches are working together to provide basic hygiene products to the community. This may include free items for personal hygiene, such as toilet paper, toothpaste, soap, and deodorant.

Bank on Toledo offers financial literacy and savings programs to its customers. This resource was established as a collaborative effort involving the United Way of Greater Toledo, private lenders, the City of Toledo, area financial institutions and various non-profit community partners. This county initiative is focused on assisting those who do not have a bank account or those who have a bank account but do not use it regularly. Many people, including immigrants, need help in accessing financial services.

Bank on Toledo offers classes to teach consumers about the benefits of having a bank account. Some banks will offer income-qualified residents the opportunity to open low-cost starter accounts to help them establish credit. The center will also have financial education courses to help residents save money, get low interest loans and prepare for the future.

There is help available for senior citizens in North Toledo. The Friendly Center cooperates with other non-profit organizations in the area, including agency on aging offices, to give seniors access to vital services and programs.

The coordination of resources for seniors, regardless of income, includes a free hot lunch, fellowship activities, and workshops on issues that are important to seniors, such as medical care. Health Fairs are events where people can go to get free health screenings and learn about community resources.

Many local churches and faith-based groups contribute to the Friendly Center. United Methodist Women and the Maumee Watershed offer financial support and other services to those who qualify. Staff will help those who are less fortunate to have power or control over their own lives. Market Parkway The address of the company is 1324 N. Market Parkway. Superior Street is a street located in Toledo, Ohio. Please call 419-243-1289.

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