Assistance Program

Georgia free child care assistance program.

The CAPS program provides free government subsidies and financial aid to low income Georgia families with children. The government created a program to help low income families pay for child care.

The state has put in place a number of standards that must be met by anyone who wants to apply for something. The parents must either be working or attending some form of job training in order to qualify for low income guidelines. This means that if you are given any help, it will only be a partial payment or subsidy. The purpose of this is to help the family with their expenses while the parent gets back on their feet and becomes employed again. The Georgia Department of Family and Children Services processes applications for assistance, and the phone number is below.

In order to be eligible for this program, the applicant needs to be a resident of Georgia. The child must be younger than 13, or 18 if they have a disability. The government can help pay for your child care expenses if you qualify for the CAPS program. The assistance is only offered to those who are legal residents or US citizens.

If you are a parent and are attending school, working, or participating in training, you may be eligible for free or subsidized child care. There may be some minimum hourly commitments when it comes to school or job training.

The state will allow parents to choose their own child’s daycare provider. After this process is complete, the state of Georgia will give the child care provider a set amount of money back. When choosing someone to provide your CAP services, be sure to select someone who is authorized by the CAPs program.

Each family will need to contribute a portion of the cost for the care. Families will need to pay a fee based on their family size, income and the number of children receiving subsidies. If you want to keep your spot in this child care, you’re gonna have to pay your part of the fees to the provider.

All the money that CAPS/Childcare and Parent Services uses comes from either the state or federal government. The amount of funding can vary from year to year. This means that not everyone who needs help will be able to receive it right away, and that some people may have to wait for assistance. The only families that will be able to get services once funding is available are the ones that meet the qualifications for priority.

If you want to get a subsidy for child care, you need to make sure the provider you choose meets the requirements of the CAPS program. The state can provide lists of resources and case managers can help families with this process. Applicants need to make sure that they are allowed to operate by the state agency that provides licenses for child care.

There is not a lot of money available. There are not enough government funds to support all the low income families in Georgia who need help with child care and meet the eligibility requirements. This lack of resources has lead to an increase in the number of families and children who are waiting for help. This means that if a family moves or leaves the CAPS program, or if the government provides more funding, the people on the waiting list will be notified by someone from the Georgia program. There is no certain way to predict how long a family on the list may wait for help, but the state does what it can to provide assistance.

Applying for free daycare in Georgia

If you want to learn more about a free program for low income families in Georgia, you can call 1-877-255-4254. You can fill out an online application. If you call the toll free number, you will be able to speak to staff who are highly trained in customer service.

The goal of the child care referral service is to help parents find approved child care providers in their area. The service provides information and referrals to parents, and can also help connect them with providers. They will look through databases to find websites that are close to your home or work. The researchers will also find providers that the family can afford, as the participant will still need to pay part of their costs.

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