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Freestore Foodbank assistance programs.

The Freestore Foodbank helps low-income families by providing food and other necessities. They operate in Ohio and Kentucky. They provide free food, clothing, meals, and referrals to benefits such as low income housing and SNAP food stamps. The non-profit offers assistance to people living in or near Cincinnati, including those in the Ohio counties of Dearborn, Switzerland, Hamilton, Clermont, Brown, Clinton, Highland, Adams, Pike, and Scioto. The counties in Kentucky that are supported are Boone, Grant, Owen, Gallatin, Kenton, Campbell, Pendleton, Bracken, and Mason.

Information on free food boxes and nutritional support

The Giving Fields program from the Freestore Foodbank provides fresh fruits and vegetables to those in need. This community farm is located in Melbourne, Kentucky, but it can also serve other counties nearby, such as Hamilton, Boone, and Kenton. Some of the fruits and vegetables that may be available are tomatoes, blueberries, apples, broccoli, lettuce, kale, and onions.

Power Pack provides children and students with meals and food. There will be plenty of healthy food options available for people to eat over the long weekend or even during short term holidays. This will ensure the child has a meal since they will not be able to get one from school lunches or breakfast.

Freestore Foodbank not only distributes groceries, but also distributes items related to health and hygiene. The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati is an important partner in this project. Different types of aid can include things like shampoo, soap, toothpaste, or some limited and controlled over-the-counter medications. Our focus is on helping residents in the greater Cincinnati area who are unemployed, and also helping those individuals who are living on fixed incomes.

Additional support, including rent help, clothing, and homeless prevention

The Customer Connection Center can provide you with information and referrals. Not only can families get food from this location, but they can also learn about other local non-profits and charities. This is a great way to get help from the community. Some of the services that are available for people who are struggling include free bus tokens, money management classes, clothing, emergency rent and housing assistance, as well as services to help people who are homeless. These services are only available through the help of partner groups of the Freestore Foodbank.

The Benefits Outreach team can help people apply for government support, both federal or state resources. They can offer advice and guidance to help people get the benefits they need. This may include assistance with Medicaid and SNAP Food Stamps or low income heating bills. The Freestore staff also partners with other agencies that provides food assistance or affordable medical insurance to help individuals with the application process.

The organizations that work with this company to provide services to the homeless population offer various programs to help them, such as job training, financial assistance, and help finding housing. The organization provides housing and assistance to the homeless or disabled in order to help them apply for SSI benefits. In addition to job training and clinical exams, this organization also provides services to address mental health and substance abuse.

The non-profits Housing Services work to provide housing for people who are struggling to find a place to live. This includes people who are homeless, as well as those who are living in unsafe or unstable conditions. They work to provide safe, affordable housing options in counties across the state, including Brown, Gallatin, and many others. This means that if you are homeless, or are about to become homeless, you can get help from the government to find a place to live and to pay for it.

The first component is a program that provides housing for the chronically homeless. The second component is a program that provides support to ensure timely rent payments, mediation, budgeting, and legal support.

The Protective Payee Department at Freestore Foodbank can help people who are seniors or have disabilities to pay their bills and manage their income. This service provides health care for homeless people or people with developmental disabilities. There are also agencies in Kentucky that can help you find what you need. What this service offers is the ability to improve your writing skills.

Banking and budgeting assistance helps people with tasks such as depositing funds, balancing their statements, and addressing other financial challenges. The Payees also offer a service called Linkage and Referral, which helps connect clients with landlords and creditors to resolve disputes. A key resource for crisis intervention is necessary.

Emergency aid is extensive and includes many different types of assistance. There may be free bus passes that are given out to people who use the Metro transportation system. The Freestore may be able to help immigrants or low income families with obtaining birth certificates or IDs, and can provide a fan in the summer or a heater during the winter months. The organization may also provide other assistance programs and referrals.

There is clothing available. This is for people who are looking for a job or going on an interview, or for other people who need a winter coat. Back on Track is a service that provides professional work attire for those who need it.

The Freestore Foodbank can be reached at (513) 241-1064. Contact the agency for more information.

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