Rent Assistance

Washington, Bolivar, Coahoma, and Sunflower County rental assistance.

There is help available in central and western Mississippi for those who need assistance with paying rent or accessing other housing assistance programs. Most of the financial aid in the counties of Coahoma, Washington, Bolivar, and Sunflower is available from organizations that are not operated for profit. They will refer low income applicants to things like grants to help pay rent, security deposit programs, and low income housing.

The main organizations in the area are below. Most of these organizations help people who live in the county where they are located. Some of these organizations also provide information about rental assistance resources in nearby towns. The organizations in Washington County work together to prevent evictions and homelessness. This means that there are government programs available to help families who are struggling to pay rent or who are underemployed.

Other than what is mentioned below, local churches in counties such as Coahoma and Washington Mississippi will also be partnering with the Salvation Army in order to arrange for emergency funding or shelters. People who qualify for this program may only receive small amounts of money.

The Volunteer Lawyer Project in Jackson, Mississippi provides pro-bono legal aid to tenants who are facing eviction from their landlords. If you are a tenant facing eviction, you can call the Volunteer Lawyer Project at (601) 960-9577 for assistance.

The Bolivar County Community Action Agency provides transitional housing and a homeless shelter to help those who are homeless. There is also assistance for qualified low income families and senior citizens with rent and utilities. The non-profit may use funds from the Community Services Block Grant to help with rent or housing costs in some cases.

The Bolivar County Family & Children Services provides assistance to families in need, including grants for back from ESG, LIHEAP applications, short term loans and more. For referrals, dial (662) 843-0294.

The branch office is located at 1165 South Raceway Road in Greenville, Mississippi. The phone number for the office is (662) 378-8663.

The charity provides emergency rent, mortgage, and other financial help. This organization also provides assistance to those who are less fortunate.

The organization provides services to residents of Coahoma County.

The Washington County Human Services provides public aid, section 8 vouchers, and rent subsidized apartments to those in need. The main address is 925 Main Street in Greenville, Mississippi and the phone number is (662) 335-6051.

The South Delta Regional Housing Authority runs the section 8 HUD voucher rental assistance program. The agency is located at 202 Weston Avenue Leland, Mississippi 38756. The agency’s phone number is (662) 686-2018. They can also help families find low income apartments, home buying programs, and referral to deposit or rent help.

There are Regional Salvation Army centers located in Greenville and in the Greenwood region of Bolivar. The Greenville center can be reached at (662) 378-8070 and the Bolivar center can be reached at (662) 455-9679.

There are multiple locations where people can go to get their basic needs met. They can help with housing for people with low incomes or offer financial help for deposits or rent that is overdue. If you are having problems with your landlord, you can try to mediate the situation by talking to a mediator. There are three offices in Mississippi that can help you. The first office is located at 414 Martin Luther King Drive in Indianola. The second office is located at 801 BB King Road in Gentry High School. The third office is located at 360 L. F. Packer Drive in Ruleville.

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