Get help from Catholic Charities in western Washington and Clark County.

There are many programs offered by Catholic Charities and their partner organizations. There are resources available in Clark County and western Washington to help with housing, food, and immigration services. Many of these programs are designed for families with children, the disabled, seniors and others who need long-term stability.

Get emergency help from the Catholic Charities in Western Washington

Making sure that people have access to shelter is an important service. Catholic Charities provides temporary accommodation for women, men and children in need. They operate facilities and homeless shelters which offer a safe and welcoming environment for those who are struggling. This organisation strives to help those who are most vulnerable in our society and offer them practical and emotional support. The centers provide a place for individuals to go to receive medical attention, bathe, launder clothes, and receive alcohol and drug treatment. The charity is committed to helping people manage their lives and providing resources that can help them lead normal, stable lives. People who qualify for this program will be given help finding a job and keeping it.

Crisis Stabilization Services provides a safe and supportive environment for people experiencing a mental health crisis. It is an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization. This means that clients will be moved to mental health care and services that will last for a longer period of time.

This means that people who are poor and do not have a lot of money may be given food to eat. Individuals and families who have a low income can get meals from local churches and Catholic Charity centers six days a week in Vancouver Washington and other cities. The needy are allowed to receive a meal in a safe and welcoming environment.

Catholic Charities can help low income families in the Clark County region apply for benefits, or public aid. This can include things like money to help you pay for bills, food stamps, Medicaid, and other programs from the government. There are a number of resources and grants available for those who are struggling financially. As of 2018, over 15% of people in Washington state were receiving food stamps (or SNAP benefits). This is higher than the national average of around 12%.

There is extra help available for people in Skamania and Clark County if they have unexpected expenses, like food, rent, clothing, transportation, school supplies, youth activities, beds, household supplies, and heating bills. These charity programs have limited availability and applicants need to meet certain qualifications to be eligible for this aid.

There are services available for chronically homeless people in western Washington, including single moms. The agency may have access to public and private housing units in the region, including Cowlitz and Clark County. A focus is on those with disabilities and on families with children, including mothers. The organization will help people find stability and permanent housing. In addition, people will be able to receive case management, maybe funds for security deposits, and self-sufficiency. The tenant should have experienced homelessness in the past. There is more information available on housing options for single mothers.

Catholic Charity legal aid, case management, and ongoing support in Clark County WA region

Some locations in Washington State have legal clinics where people can go for help with their legal problems. This would be for issues related to citizens and society, rather than for military or criminal matters. People facing issues such as eviction, landlord/tenant issues, or illegal utility disconnections may also receive free advice. In order to get approval for these programs, you will need to speak with staff.

Intensive Services are offered to families with low incomes and children. Many of the clients will need to be referred to Catholic Charities. The agency can help children in Clark County, Washington and other areas. A focus is on topics relating to mental health, child welfare, developmental disabilities, education, and more.

The Kinship Navigator program helps caregivers by providing guidance and support. The agency can provide help with a lot of different things. The caretakers can get help with money, a place to live, the law, medicine, dental work, talking to someone about their problems, being a part of a group, and learning more about what they can do.

The immigration programs administered by Catholic Charities are always a focus. The organization can help low-income residents and newcomers of Washington state with affordable or high quality legal immigration assistance. Some of the services that are offered are things such as help with citizenship and naturalization, adjustments to status (for things like green cards), and also things like DACA and DREAMers. The agency wants to help all newcomers to Washington gain a sense of stability and belonging in their new community.

How to apply and contact Catholic Charities in western Washington

Catholic Charity Family Centers offer many different types of assistance programs and social services in one place. Every person involved will be treated with kindness, respect, and compassion regardless of their age or religion. The agency will join forces with other organizations in Clark County and Skamania. There are also many dedicated volunteers and social workers who help provide services for elders and adults with disabilities.

There are several locations that operate in the region. The Clark and Skamania County centers are located at 9300 N.E. Oak View Drive, Suite A, in Vancouver, Washington. To reach someone by phone, dial (360) 567-2211. Longview, (360) 423-0657, and at Kelso, (360) 423-2220. Other Catholic Charity centers are located in Cowlitz and Wahkiakum Counties at 676 26th Ave. Longview, (360) 423-0657, and in Kelso, (360) 423-2220. This is an address in Longview, Washington. Call (360) 577-2200.

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