Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency programs.

The Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency provides numerous assistance programs to help meet housing needs. The agency works to provide food and shelter for people who are homeless, and to ensure that people, children, and seniors have the nutrition they need. The non-profit will usually require applicants to be able to do things independently and without needing much help.

The main resources from the organization are listed below. Many people in Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren receive help from organizations every month, but some applicants are not able to get help because there are not enough resources. For more information, please contact them.

Continuum of Care is an organization that helps homeless people. This plan is designed to help low income homeless people in the community. The program provides homeless people with the opportunity to become independent and was created after a careful evaluation of the area’s needs.

HUD, or the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, recommends a strategic and comprehensive approach to support homelessness. The organization provides services that aim to help people who are struggling, as well as steps to end homelessness and prevent people from returning to it.

The Decatur Family Shelter is part of the SMCAA and provides shelter and transitional housing for families. You can call 269-445-3831 or 877-474-625 for more information. The center does not have space for single men, but vouchers for accommodation are available.

This initiative provides support to rural homeless individuals and families. This organization provides housing assistance for low income families in Cassopolis, Michigan. They may offer up to 90 days of emergency housing.

There is an emergency shelter that is only for children and women. The number you can use to contact someone is 269-925-113. The Safe Shelter is a refuge for people who have suffered severe domestic violence in Michigan. They can be contacted on 269-983-4275. The Salvation Army in Benton Harbor may also provide free motel vouchers or funds for rent to those who need it.

The Weatherization program can help homeowners save money on heating bills by making their homes more energy efficient. This service is offered for free to residents of Cass and other counties in Michigan. This program is funded by the US Department of Energy and the Michigan Department of Human Services. The website provides families with ways to save energy and reduce their heating costs by an average of 20%. The weatherization services could improve the insulation of the attic and walls, install smoke detectors and extra foundation insulation. This will help the homeowner save money on their heating bills.

The federal government may offer cash payments for emergency and basic needs. This includes expenses such as electric/gas bills that have not been paid, deposits, or rent. There will be fewer funds available to help with medical needs or transportation for migrants. There are other programs that can provide assistance such as the Migrant Services, food pantries, Supportive Housing Program, and more. These programs can help qualified individuals and families with food and housing.

There are resources available for senior citizens in Van Buren and other counties. The aim of these programs is to improve the health of senior citizens, children and infants by providing them with free supplementary food. In order to qualify, you must either be over the age of 60 and have a low income, or be under the age of 6 and not currently enrolled in the WIC program. There are three main programs in the tri-county area: the Commodity Supplement Food Program (CSFP), the Temporary Emergency Food Assistance (TEFAP), and local pantries.

Homeowners who need help with their finances and budgeting may wish to take part in financial management classes. The Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) offers loan products with special features to help borrowers. These features may include lower interest rates, down payment assistance, or both. Classes are offered in a series that provides education on topics such as being a financially responsible homeowner. This course covers a variety of topics related to financial planning, including budgeting, reducing debt, choosing and purchasing a home, long-term saving and investing, and basic financial maintenance and taxes.

The Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency (SMCAA) hosts Homebuyer Education classes. These classes are designed to help first-time homebuyers understand the process of buying a home. This course is divided into four two-hour classes, each focusing on different aspects of home ownership. The course offers help and advice to prepare for becoming a homeowner. The classes cover a range of topics including how to manage your finances, how to save money, different types of insurance, and how to plan for the future. They also cover what to do if you’re in danger of losing your home, and what to watch out for when taking out loans.

The Housing Rehab Department can help struggling homeowners in Van Buren, Cass and Berrien counties. They may have money to spend on fixing up their home.

The Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency can help homeowners to improve their property through a rehabilitation loan. These funds do not need to be paid back monthly, and there is no interest charged on them. They can be used for houses that have one family living in them.

The financing is a loan that does not accrue interest and is paid back when the property is sold or the title is transferred. This allows the beneficiary to have time and be flexible. The MSHDA County Allocation Program provides loans with zero percent interest to residents of Michigan in all three counties. The person requesting the loan will need to offer some form of collateral, such as a mortgage or lien on the property, and should expect to sign a promissory note if the loan amount is over $2,500. The loan can be used to make sure the home is up to the physical standards set for single-family homes.

This means that your taxes and insurance must be paid up to date in order to be considered for the position. In order to qualify for help, individuals must reside in the home for which they are seeking help for a minimum of six months.

The other SMCAA program is for small emergency repairs, and is funded by the County. This organization provides grants to people in need, with a priority for those who require assistance for sanitation and water emergencies, then electricity and furnace problems, and finally other needs such as the installation of handicap ramps.

Main Street, Benton Harbor, Michigan The Southwest Michigan Community Action Agency is a nonprofit based in Benton Harbor, Michigan that helps low-income residents in the area with things like food, housing, and utility assistance. Our main office is located on Main Street in Benton Harbor, MI. Our suite number is 200 and our office zip code is 49022-4432. This phone number is for a company called customer service.

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