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Good Samaritan Ministry assistance programs.

If you need help, the Good Samaritan Ministry can provide assistance. The staff from the non-profit will offer applicants solutions for their basic needs, such as food or clothing, as well as more substantial support, including for rent or utility bills. There are organizations in St. Tammany Parish that can help with financial assistance, either through government funding or through private donations.

A key service offered by the Slidell Louisiana based agency is referrals from the staff. This is a quick and easy way for people from St. Tammany Parish to get basic information. There are many social service agencies in the region, including in Mandeville and Lacombe. The services they provide vary from food pantries to health clinics to senior centers. The community can get information on where to find clothing, food, care for senior citizens, or child care. There are local companies that can help with a variety of needs.

The Good Samaritan Ministry can help connect you with agencies such as the United Way, which can provide information on a variety of social services. There are many different groups that provide information on resources available to working poor households or the underemployed. This means that the staff and volunteers are trained to identify what the client needs and then to provide it. This means that they will direct you to the right resources, whether they are non-profit organizations or government benefits.

Specialists have information on local churches, government bodies, civic groups, legal aid and medical organizations that can help people in need. There are many benefits that the government provides to its citizens. These benefits can include financial assistance, food assistance, healthcare, and housing. There are different requirements set by each independent group, and funding is limited. However, they will try to help anyone who calls and requests information.

The Good Samaritan Ministry can help with applying for financial assistance. One resource, Emergency Food and Shelter, offers grants that can be used for housing costs such as rent, mortgages, or security deposits. The assistance will be for income qualified persons based upon their unemployment or poverty status, and all funding is approved annually by a local governing board.

EFS provides one-time assistance to households in crisis. The money will be for housing costs, which will generally be for rent or a mortgage. The United Way of St. Tammany Parish, CSBG, and Emergency Shelter Grants (ESG) fund this program. The ministry staff reviews client applications and approves them based on multiple criteria.

In most cases, program participants can only use their benefits to pay for things like food, lodging, utilities, and mortgage or rent assistance. Local boards, such as the United Way, partner with Good Samaritan Ministry to help those in need.

The program is reviewed annually to adapt to community needs and demands. The assistance given will depend on the situation, but usually it will be in the form of money or loans to people who are about to be evicted. They will need to see proof of how much money you make and where you work.

Good Samaritan Ministry will need to assess the client’s needs comprehensively in order to provide self-sufficiency or case management. This process can take several weeks or even months. The Case Manager helps the applicant find services they need to live independently. Activities may include, but are not limited to, goal setting and the development of an action plan. This program offers help with employment, credit counseling, and many other factors, with regular check-ins and evaluations. The client agrees to work with the Good Samaritan Ministry to achieve certain goals.

Income eligible households in the parish and Slidell, especially those with children, may receive vouchers that can be used to purchase clothing and/or household items. The main reason people use social media is for work or school. Also, families may be screened for several area food pantries. This will give them groceries, formula, and access to government assistance such as SNAP food stamps. The application process is very detailed and extensive. In some cases, people may be able to use a food bank even if they do not meet the usual requirements. This is usually only allowed in cases of emergency or extreme need. This means that the process can be made to happen more quickly.

There may be help available for paying utility bills. This assistance can come from many sources, including the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. The Good Samaritan Ministry will help people with their utility bills if they meet the qualifications. This assistance can be for water, electricity, cooling, or heating. Different organizations and government departments provide funding for various causes and projects. The Department of Health and Human Services is one such organization that provides funding for many different projects.

Generally, any funding will be available as a one-time benefit. The grant offered for bills is determined by household size, income, fuel type and geographic location. Proof of income and a utility bill in the name of the head of the household is required for applicants. If someone has an unpaid energy bill that is preventing them from getting utilities in your name, they may be eligible for assistance. Both renters and homeowners can apply for the program.

Some of the basic needs for health may be met through the Good Samaritan Ministry. There may be discounts available for prescription eyeglasses, dental fees, and supplies. This is for people who are poor or close to poverty, or who don’t have insurance or access to Medicaid. There is also information available on local community health centers.

Applying for help from Good Samaritan Ministry

For more information on Good Samaritan Ministry, please visit their website at 910 Cross Gates Boulevard in Slidell, or their center at 402 Girod Street in Mandeville. You can also reach them by phone at 985-641-6421 or 985-626-4594.

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