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Help from Chase Proactive Solutions.

The Chase Proactive Solutions department offers programs to help customers gain control of their credit card debt. These programs may include financial counseling, budgeting assistance, and debt management plans. Customers can contact the department to learn more about these programs and how they can help reduce credit card debt. Over the last couple of years, Chase has been increasing the minimum payments for hundreds of thousands of customers. The minimum payment required for many balance transfers is being raised from 2 to 5 percent. Some other customers were seeing an increase in the interest rate for their regular expenses. Some customers’ minimum monthly payments have increased by 100% or more due to this change.

Chase is advising customers to call the phone number on the back of their credit card if they are concerned with paying the new monthly minimum payment. However, many people say that they have called the number and have not received any help or information on where to go. Both customer service representatives and supervisors say that customers have to pay the new minimum or they will not be able to pay their debt.

Chase has a credit card hardship division, but it is not very effective. The amount of money you save from debt relief will depend on a few factors, such as your negotiation skills, your financial situation, and whether or not you use a credit counselor. The credit card company may try to help by lowering the minimum monthly payments, but they could also raise the interest rates.

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However, consumers do have other choices. If you need help, you can call Chase Proactive Solutions at either of their two phone numbers. This means that the results can happen right away. Some people say that the company’s representatives may be able to lower minimum payments and interest rates within 20 minutes.

A spokesperson for Chase Card Services confirmed that there is a department within Chase called Proactive Solutions, even though it is not advertised. They say it’s a special unit to help people who are having money problems. This service is for customers who need a more detailed discussion to find the best solution for their debt and monthly payments.

Chase suggests that customers who need assistance should call the customer service number on the back of their credit card. The caller can then contact the Proactive Solutions group to make sure their phone call gets the appropriate response.

The customer service representative on the phone will not tell you about this program unless you ask.

Chase will not verify the phone numbers that are used as direct phone lines to the Proactive Solutions unit, but if people call these numbers and ask if Chase Proactive Solutions has been reached, the operators who answer the phone will confirm it.

The department may offer a number of solutions to the problem, including lower interest rates, settlement, an abatement / forbearance, and more. If you’re struggling to make your monthly loan payments, you may be eligible for a debt forbearance program from Chase. This program may help by temporarily reducing or suspending your payments. This means that there is more to life than just what we can see and experience with our five senses.

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How to contact Chase Proactive Solutions?

The phone numbers to dial are 1-800-404-6220 and 1-877-890-2941. Make sure you always ask for the amount of the item you are buying. Chase may not offer the same debt solutions to everyone, but it’s worth calling to see if they can help you pay your credit card debts.


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