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HELP, Inc. financial assistance programs.

HELP, Inc. provides assistance to low income individuals and the homeless in Riverside County. The main resources include providing food, housing, and support for basic needs. Although the amount of money available for assistance in Riverside is not very high, the non-profit organization will do what it can to help those who are in need.

The food pantry provides free food items to those in need. The food is supplied by the USDA – United States Department of Agriculture. This service provides assistance to low income and homeless Riverside County residents.

The organization will also supplement the menu with groceries purchased from sources such as Second Harvest national food bank program to make the selection of meals and groceries more nutritionally balanced.

A client may also be referred to a regional food pantry in southern California. Help will sometimes partner with people from local churches, charities, businesses, and organizations to serve homeless guests a hot meal that meets one-third of their daily nutrition requirements. There are also applications and help for completing government benefits, such as food stamps / CalFresh.

Consumer Connection is a consumer-operated, self-help center, which is part of a national network of consumer-run mental health programs The HELP, Inc. Consumer Connection is a consumer-operated, self-help center, which is part of a national network of consumer-run mental health programs. The center provides resources, information, and support to consumers of mental health services and their families. The Feed-a-Family Homeless Prevention Program helps families in need by providing them with food. The amount of food donated varies, but it is enough to provide several meals per week. In order to qualify for this program, the applicant must provide a photo ID, a letter confirming their Food Stamp/SNAP status, proof that their income falls below a certain limit, a current rent receipt or utility bill, and Social Security cards for every member of their household, regardless of age or income.

There are many other assistance programs and services available from HELP in Riverside County.

If you need money for school, there are a few options available to you. You can take out loans, or you can look into financial assistance programs that can help you pay for school. This depends on whether or not there is money available. HELP may be able to help with rent or utility bills that are overdue. There may also be grants available to help the homeless find low income apartments in the region. The money from the grant may be used to help pay for a portion of the security deposit.

is an organization that provides resources to underprivileged children HELP, Inc. is an organization that helps children who don’t have enough resources. This short-term shelter offers up to six months of lodging and support services to homeless families or single parents. This can help them get back on their feet and find a more permanent place to live. There is also a need for case management to help people gain stability and move on to more secure living arrangements. Support services can help with things like learning financial skills, improving family relationships, providing day care and tutoring for children, and making sure everyone has enough to eat.

Many clinics and doctors offer low-cost or free medical care to those in need. A Registered Nurse provides services and refers patients to other professionals on a full-time basis. Some of the services that are offered are immunizations, wound care, physicals, treatment of injuries and illnesses, Mental Health Services, and referrals for more serious cases. There may also be help in obtaining medications that require a prescription.

Other types of aid include bus passes to get to work, bicycles for the homeless, Internet and Telephone Access, haircuts, and even help in obtaining documents that may be needed for work, such as a license or birth certificate.

The Federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program provides additional grants that HELP can use to cover financial needs in some years. There may be more money available for things like mortgages or paying back rent. This utility bill assistance program can help with electric or gas bills, as well as other expenses.

is a great place to donate your old clothes. The Thrift Store from HELP, Inc is a great place to donate clothes you no longer need. The store sells these clothes and the proceeds go to HELP, Inc, a non-profit organization that helps the homeless in the area. A wide variety of clothing and small household items for women, men, children, and infants, including table lamps, knick-knacks, books, kitchen gadgets, vases, linens, and holiday seasonal items.

The Thrift Store gives out free sleeping bags and blankets to the homeless and people in poverty during bad or cold weather. The non-profit will also offer a year-round free clothing closet, where it has free items for newborns or babies and other clients of the center can select up to six items for their personal use.

Another place to find Christmas gifts is the local Christmas Boutique, which opens each year a few weeks before Thanksgiving. For those low income families that qualify, they will receive an array of toys, winter coats, stuffed animals, gifts, games, and holiday apparel. Some people who have very little money may be able to get some things for free, but most things are sold.

provides a variety of services. HELP, Inc. offers a wide range of services. This person may be able to help you by answering your questions or giving you suggestions for other people to talk to. The main center for the city of Banning, California is located at 53 South 6th Street. The main phone number for this center is 951-922-2305.

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