Rent Assistance

Help paying rent in Clinton and Essex County NY.

There are organizations that can help with rent assistance, eviction prevention, and rehousing in the Clinton, Essex, and Plattsburgh NY area. There are also resources if a low income family needs long term financial assistance for rent payments. Any housing payments made by the charity, church, or government organizations will generally require the client to contribute a portion of the housing expense as well. There are a few different ways to get help with rent if you’re struggling to make payments. You can look for grant money, section 8 vouchers, or legal aid. Additionally, some charities may be willing to help with past due rent. However, it’s unlikely that any one organization will cover the entire amount.

Some of the requirements for receiving a grant include being near eviction or having an eviction notice. If you need help with your security deposit or first month’s rent in the Plattsburgh area, you must be able to show that you can pay your rent on your own in the future. Some organizations will give priority to senior citizens and disabled people when providing services.

The Joint Council For Economic Opportunity Of Clinton County is a organization that provides resources such as emergency housing and rent assistance, help in applying for benefits such as section 8, shelter, and guidance to stop a future crisis event to residents of Clinton County, New York. For more information, please call 518-561-6310.

The AIDS Council of Northwestern New York provides financial assistance to individuals with AIDS/HIV and their families. There are many different types of financial assistance available to help cover the costs of housing, such as HUD grants for rent, no interest loans, and more.

– The Salvation Army in Plattsburgh and Clinton Corps has limited funds to help people with back rent. There are other services that can help people who are in an emergency situation and facing eviction. There are also shelters that can help you with finding a job and other aid you may need.

The Clinton County Department Of Social Services (DSS) and the Essex County Department Of Social Services can both provide financial aid. The goal is to make sure that everyone in the community has a place to live and that everyone’s housing needs are taken care of. This includes making sure that senior citizens, the disabled, and very low income people have access to housing. These programs provide financial assistance to families in need.

The Adirondack Community Action Programs (ACAP) offers money for utilities, loans for rent, and other emergency support, such as food or medications.

The Plattsburgh Housing Authority provides section 8 housing, TBRA housing, and public housing to residents of Plattsburgh, New York. This program provides housing vouchers to low-income families, seniors, and disabled people.

The Legal Aid Society-NortheasternLocation offers free eviction prevention advice and assistance. Lawyers help low income tenants with support, advice, and services in housing court.

These organizations may use the money to help with expenses such as improving the environment or providing social services. All of the money is used for things related to housing, like rent, mortgages, or heating costs. Other organizations help people by giving them a place to stay while they are getting back on their feet and by connecting them with programs that can help them pay the rent they owe.

The Baldwin ADK-Mountain Meadows of Essex County is a government-subsidized and low-income apartment complex located at 38 Fowler Avenue, Schroon Lake, 12870. It offers apartments to seniors, families with children/single parents, and individuals with disabilities.

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