Honolulu County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army in Honolulu County provides help to families with low incomes. This agency not only provides financial aid, but also partners with community leaders, churches, businesses, government offices and dedicated volunteers. The programs will provide food and financial help to those who are homeless and hungry to help them find a place to live. Other services are available as well.

There are homeless people living in every county in Hawaii. People may be sleeping in parks, on the islands’ beaches, and in other places where they are able to find a safe place to stay. Being unable to afford housing is a difficult situation for anyone. The Salvation Army provides many services for the homeless including referring them to shelters, providing hot meals through soup kitchens, delivering food and hygiene items, and supplying clothing. They collaborate with other organizations to provide free health care and counseling services.

A care van can help homeless people by giving them a place to stay and providing them with basic needs like food and water. The organisation provides essential supplies and medical aid to homeless people living in difficult conditions, such as on beaches or in fields. It also works to find and support families and individuals who are homeless.

The Salvation Army Lahaina Outpost provides basic services to low income and homeless individuals and families on the island. The programs are operated at the Hale Palekana Homeless Drop-In Center. Some of the services available at the Drop-In Center are showers, laundry facilities, free hot meals, substance abuse counseling, telephone usage for job seekers, and referrals to other local non-profit organizations.

There is another housing resource that is offered. The Salvation Army in Honolulu operates this one. The William Booth Safe Haven is a place where homeless people can go to get shelter and other services. The Safe Haven provides food and other necessities to people in need. There are also programs to help with hygiene, such as providing hot showers, laundry facilities, and cleaning supplies. This means that they can get help from a case manager who will work with them to come up with a plan to improve their situation.

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The Kokua Soup Kitchen is a place where anyone can go to get a hot meal. Families that are struggling to make ends meet can come by for a free hot meal. Volunteers in Honolulu cook meals for people who are not as fortunate.

The Honolulu Salvation Army Family Services Office provides many different programs to help people in financial need. There are resources available for the people of Oahu, including basic material assistance. They may provide financial assistance for a short period of time to help pay rent or utility bills as well as deposits. The organization offers budgeting and nutrition classes to help people improve their lives. Other forms of family assistance provided by this organization include help with medical bills, food, and housing.

The Salvation Army has free clothing available. The Honolulu center hands out vouchers that can be used to buy stuff at any Thrift Store. There are a variety of items available including clothes for work, school supplies, small appliances, or to have on hand for a change of clothes for homeless individuals and families who have no other resources.

Some stores offer to provide groceries and food. The items will last for around three days. The items are free and given to families and individuals who live in Honolulu or the surrounding communities. The Family Services office encourages homeless people to visit soup kitchens or the Institute of Human Services, as most of the food it distributes requires preparation. The River of Life Mission also provides prepared meals as an option.

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The pantry needs donations from people in Honolulu. They are asking for donations of non-perishable food items such as canned goods, fruits, vegetables, packaged foods, and bottled drinks. You can bring donations to the Salvation Army Family Services Office.

The financial assistance in Honolulu County is only for emergency health and housing needs, like back rent. The applicant must provide documentation that the emergency exists and that they will be able to financially handle the situation in the future. They must also provide proof that they have done everything possible to resolve the problem.

A service that helps people become self-sufficient. This seminar is for anyone who needs help with cooking, nutrition and budgeting. This course is very useful and it covers topics such as setting goals, menu planning and budgeting strategies. The Salvation Army holds sessions at least twice each week.

Honolulu Salvation Army programs for seniors

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Silvercrest Senior Housing is an apartment complex that offers low-cost housing options for seniors. The Senior Living Community is funded partially by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. It provides housing for seniors aged 62 and older.

The complex is located in Central O’ahu and it is designed to provide an affordable, supportive living environment that is sensitive to the needs of each resident. The accommodations provided for senior citizens are of good quality and are safe and comfortable. The Salvation Army provides residents with access to social activities, such as meals, Bible study, arts and crafts, and worship services.

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The Salvation Army of Honolulu is responsible for Adult Day Health Services (ADHS), a daytime program for older adults who are frail or disabled that is licensed by the State Department of Health. The Arizona Department of Health Services uses federal funds to promote healthy aging and follow a multidisciplinary approach to caring for participants. The goal of the program is to help seniors stay independent by living in their own homes or within their community, instead of needing to be placed in a nursing home or other type of care facility.

Many families feel great knowing that their loved ones are being well cared for during the day while they are at work. There are financial implications. The cost of an ADHS program varies depending on the level of care required. For seniors aged 65 and over, the Salvation Army provides financial assistance in the form of grants. We are happy to serve clients who have VA benefits or Long-Term Care Insurance.

When applying for any Honolulu County Salvation Army program, please present photo ID for all adults and children in the same household. Income verification will be required. This means that if you need food, financial help or clothing assistance, you can get it once every 90 days.

Rock Island Ave. The Salvation Army Family Services Office is located at 296 N. Rock Island Ave. This is where you can go for help with things like food, clothing, and shelter. This is the address of Vineyard Boulevard in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you need information, please call the intake line at 808-841-5565.

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