How To Get On Shark Tank – Everything You Need To Know

Many might think appearing on Shark Tank is just for the elite, but don’t let that misconception hold you back. Sure, it’s a competitive process, but there’s a clear path to follow if you’re determined. From understanding the eligibility criteria to creating that perfect pitch and negotiating a deal, we’ve got you covered.

Plus, we’ll help you navigate the post-show journey which often gets overlooked. Intrigued about how to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a televised reality? Stay tuned, as we unpack the secrets of making it to the Shark Tank.

Key Takeaways

  • Eligibility for Shark Tank requires U.S. citizenship or legal residency and a clean criminal record.
  • The audition process involves a one-minute pitch, phone interviews, and a professional audition video highlighting your product and story.
  • Preparation involves building a compelling pitch, understanding your financials, and researching the sharks and previous episodes.
  • Post-show considerations include realistic negotiation, potential deal rejections, and preparation for increased publicity and outside investment opportunities.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you start dreaming about your Shark Tank debut, it’s crucial to understand the eligibility criteria to ensure you’re a fit for the show.

Don’t let a criminal background stop your dreams dead in their tracks; the show requires all applicants to have a clean record. That’s right, you must be as clean as a whistle to dive into the Shark Tank.

Also, pay attention to the restrictions regarding public office. You’re prohibited from running for any form of public office during and after your season airs, so if you’re eyeing a political career, you might have to rethink your Shark Tank aspirations.

Application Submission

Now that you’re clear on the eligibility requirements, let’s tackle the application process, the first real step towards getting on Shark Tank.

Start by heading to the show’s official website where you’ll find the application form. This online submission is your initial opportunity to catch the producers’ eyes, so make it count. Highlight your unique product, business model, and personal story. Consider the selection criteria while crafting your application.

The Shark Tank team conducts a preliminary review of all applications before deciding who to call in for auditions. So, ensure all the information you provide is accurate and compelling. Remember, this is your chance to shine, so don’t hold back. Put your best foot forward and you might just land that coveted spot on Shark Tank.

Audition and Interview Tips

Once you’ve successfully submitted your application and caught the eye of the producers, it’s time to prepare for the auditions and interviews – this is where you’ll really need to bring your A-game.

Start by honing your body language; maintain eye contact, show confidence with your posture, and use open gestures. Networking strategies are also crucial. Connect with other contestants; they might provide valuable insights.

Next up, storytelling techniques. Make your business journey engaging and relatable. This isn’t just a business pitch; it’s your story.

Last but not least, be prepared for answering questions. They’ll probe your knowledge about your business, so be well-informed and ready to respond articulately. Remember, every answer is an opportunity to impress.

Creating the Perfect Pitch

Crafting the perfect pitch for Shark Tank isn’t just about showcasing your product; it’s about selling yourself, your passion, and your story. Your pitch delivery should be confident and engaging. Make sure your voice projects enthusiasm and conviction. Honing your storytelling techniques is vital too.

Weave a captivating narrative about your journey, the obstacles you’ve faced, and how your product can revolutionize the market. Remember, the Sharks are investing in you as much as your product. Practice your pitch tirelessly until it’s flawless. Use a mirror, record yourself, and seek feedback.

Make every word count, every gesture meaningful, and leave an impression that keeps you in the forefront of the Sharks’ minds. That’s your perfect pitch.

Product and Business Highlighting

Highlighting your product and business effectively is crucial to capturing the Sharks’ attention and getting them to invest in your venture. You must emphasize brand differentiation; what sets your product apart from others? Show off your unique marketing strategies that target your audience effectively.

Product innovation is key; the Sharks are always on the lookout for groundbreaking concepts. Use your market analysis to demonstrate that there’s demand and room for growth in your industry.

However, don’t just focus on the positives. Be honest about the challenges your business faces. The Sharks appreciate transparency and it shows you’re realistic about your venture’s prospects. Remember, the goal is to present an investment-worthy business.

Effective Pitch Preparation

To ensure your pitch grabs the Sharks’ attention and keeps them engaged, it’s essential to meticulously prepare and rehearse your presentation. Start by understanding your product inside out and being able to articulate its benefits concisely. Next, focus on practice techniques.

Rehearse in front of mirrors, record yourself, and welcome feedback from trusted advisors or peers. The more you practice, the more natural your pitch will feel. Remember, passion and authenticity can’t be faked, so let your genuine enthusiasm shine through. Be ready to answer potential questions about your business’s financials and future plans.

Lastly, maintain a confident, positive demeanor. Your attitude can be as persuasive as the facts and figures you present.

Negotiating a Deal

Businessman handshaking businesswoman making deal finishing group negotiations, satisfied smiling business partners conclude contract agreement shake hands expressing respect thank for group meeting

So, you’ve made your pitch and caught the interest of a shark – what’s next in securing a deal?

Now, you’re into the nitty-gritty of deal terms. It’s critical you understand your investment strategy and business worth. Don’t get star-struck and give away too much equity. Remember, it’s a negotiation. Be prepared to counter-offer and stand your ground.

Understand the value the shark brings beyond the cash – their expertise and network can skyrocket your business. If multiple sharks are interested, consider their offers carefully. Don’t just jump at the highest dollar amount. It’s about the right fit for your vision.

Lastly, remember the deal isn’t final until due diligence is done post-show. Now, negotiate wisely and secure your dream deal!

Post-Show Considerations

Once the high-pressure negotiations are over and you’ve potentially secured a deal, it’s crucial to consider what comes after your appearance on Shark Tank. Remember, securing a deal on the show doesn’t guarantee its finality. Due diligence is carried out post-show by the sharks, and there’s a possibility for deals to fall through at this stage.

You should also be prepared for an immediate surge in interest in your product or service. Your website might receive a massive influx of traffic and enquiries, so make sure it’s up to the task.

Moreover, your Shark Tank exposure may attract external investments. Keep an open mind and be ready to evaluate and negotiate these potential opportunities to grow your business.

Shark Tank Filming Experience

SHARK TANK – “Episode 815” – Entrepreneurs from Somerville, Massachusetts, rent tiny houses in the woods where people can unplug, recharge and rebalance their lives; former Harvard University classmates now living in San Francisco hope the Sharks agree that snack chips made with cricket flour are the future of affordable and sustainable proteins; a concertgoer from Minneapolis, Minnesota could change the way people listen to music with earplugs designed to filter out damaging levels of sound while protecting one’s ears; and an Austin, Texas couple created a modern version of a favorite childhood toy, but a deal might be in jeopardy when the Sharks learn that a majority of their revenue comes from a single source. (ABC/Michael Desmond) MARK CUBAN, BARBARA CORCORAN, KEVIN O’LEARY, LORI GREINER, CHRIS SACCA, JACKSON MANN (VIBES), MCNASTY BRASS BAND

After sealing a deal and preparing for the post-show surge in interest, you’ll need to gear up for the actual filming experience on Shark Tank. The on set dynamics may seem intimidating, but rest assured, producer interactions are professional and supportive.

  1. Behind the scenes insights: Expect long hours, multiple takes, and a meticulously arranged set.
  2. Producer interactions: They’re there to ensure you present the best version of your business, offering guidance and advice.
  3. Contestant camaraderie: You’ll find solidarity in the shared experience, forming bonds that often extend beyond the show.

Post-Appearance Outcomes

Navigating the surge of attention and potential business growth following your Shark Tank appearance can often be as challenging as the pitch itself. Your pitch might’ve sparked investment offers, but these come with a catch. You’ll need to handle the ensuing publicity opportunities wisely.

With the brand exposure from the show, you might find a spike in investor interest. This could be a game-changer for your business, but keep your wits about you. Not all investors have your best interests at heart. Increased visibility also means more scrutiny, so keep your business practices in check.

All in all, your Shark Tank appearance is just the start of a thrilling journey. How you navigate these post-appearance outcomes can truly define your entrepreneurial success.


In the Shark Tank, you’re not just a small fish in a big pond. You’re a daring diver, plunging into a sea of opportunity.

Remember, the journey may be daunting, but with the right preparation, your business can make a splash. So strap on your entrepreneurial oxygen tank, dive deep, and chase that big, elusive shark.

Your dream is worth the deep dive!

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