Assistance Program

Howard County Indiana assistance programs.

Free food from Food Finders Bank

This charity food pantry will help meet the needs of low-income people and people who are hungry in the Mid-North Indiana region. They help local food banks, churches, and other aid organizations get food to the people who need it. They help achieve their goal by partnering with over 195 different charitable organizations and food distribution centers in Indiana and Howard County. Call (765) 471-0062 to learn about where you can go to get food.

Health care from Project Access

The Project Access program’s main goal is to provide healthcare services and medical care to uninsured residents of Kokomo and Howard County Indiana. The Project Access program provides Diabetes Navigation to any patient of a local healthcare provider or doctor, regardless of their county of residence or town. Call the number 765-854-0544

Help with bills and emergency aid

Contact the Howard County Salvation Army for assistance. The Salvation Army provides free help to low-income people with bills and emergency expenses, as well as disaster relief. The non-profit organization provides food, financial assistance, clothing, furniture, vouchers for prescription medications, payments for other medicines, transportation needs, limited financial help for rent and utility bills, and cleaning supplies. A day camp program for children that provides food and other services.

There are several places in the area, including Kokomo, Indiana. If you don’t live near a Salvation Army center or if you don’t qualify for aid, they can usually give you referrals and general advice for low income families. You can find Salvation Army programs in Howard County by calling (765) 456-3846.

Area Five Agency on Aging & Community Services, Inc. is a community action agency that serves Howard County. The agency provides various types of assistance, including access to grants and other forms of aid. The agency’s main office is located in Kokomo, and it can be reached by phone at (574) 722-4451.

The community action agency can help people find programs that offer assistance with things like foreclosure. This website provides information on how to improve your writing skills.

The cash benefit paid to qualified applicants will assist with electric bills, averaging up to $100, and heating bills, averaging about $200. Please note that these are average benefits paid out and the final amount paid could vary according to your individual situation.

This health care program provides free or low cost prescription medications to low to moderate income individuals. The prescription program works with the Medicare D plans that the federal government and Indiana offer. The FamilyWize discount plans help community residents fill in the gaps in their prescription plans. The Indiana Family and Social Services Administration provides several programs to help residents with the cost of prescription drugs. The Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIP) provides counseling and assistance to Medicare recipients and their caregivers about Medicare, Medicaid, and other health insurance programs. The Hoosier Rx plan provides discounts on prescription drugs for Indiana residents who do not have any other form of prescription drug coverage.

The non-profit organization provides low income apartments and transitional units for residents in Howard County. Some organizations have information on financial assistance programs that can help with rent payments to prevent evictions.

The Area Five Agency on Aging & Community Services offers the following resources. The non-profit also provides other forms of assistance. Call this number: (574) 722-4451 In your own words, rephrase the following: The teacher said that we need to be quiet in order to learn. The teacher said that it is important to be quiet in order to learn.

Look for help during Christmas. If a family is in need of a Christmas or Thanksgiving meal, or a present for their child, assistance may be arranged by charities. Volunteers collect toys that match the wishes of local children. More information on getting help with holidays in Howard County.

There are some organizations in Howard County that will give you free clothes. The centers may also have items that are gently used, personal hygiene items, school supplies, free winter coats, and other items for people who are not as fortunate. The main people who use clothing closets are children and the working poor. This phrase is asking the reader to go to a specific website to learn more about the topic.

Family Services Association

This facility offers many services to help low income families, such as child abuse prevention, family life education, chore maintenance, and debt and consumer credit counseling. They can be reached at (765) 457-9313.

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