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I Care assistance programs.

I Care is a non-profit that helps people who are less fortunate in Lincoln and Iredell Counties. The agency will help with needs such as food or housing while the individual works on longer term issues.

The poverty fighting organization will also help clients with becoming self-sufficient and meeting their educational needs. A good job with good pay and the right skills can help a family become more self-sufficient.

Resources for seniors in Iredell and Lincoln

There is help available for senior citizens. The agency has information about senior centers that are available as well as an information service to help those who need it. Many of the clients have diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as reductions in medical benefits and other financial hardships, so this advice is necessary.

The program provides services and support to the elderly to help them manage the aging process. It is run in partnership with the Division of Aging. I Care and its partner agencies strive to create a supportive and stimulating environment for clients through therapeutic and recreational activities and other forms of aid. Other activities offered at the center include health and wellness education, free meals, seasonal and birthday celebrations, and alternative therapies.

The adult day services in North Carolina offer personalized care plans to keep track of elderly citizens’ health. A local clinic can provide many services such as administering prescription medication, checking blood pressure, helping with exercise routines, and assisting with daily living activities.

This means that the person is getting the right amount of nutrition that they need. The program provides free meals to senior citizens including breakfast, lunch, holiday meals, and afternoon snacks. The point of these services is to help out the main caregivers by giving them a break too.

The I Care home-delivered meals program delivers nutritious food to residents of Iredell County who are 60 years of age or older, and mentally or physically unable to obtain food or prepare meals. This means that the aid is for people who cannot leave their homes.

In order to be eligible for a free meal, the client must be unable to participate in the congregate nutrition program that is held at a local charity or senior center. This needs to be due to physical or mental impairments and they need to have no other resources that can help them maintain a healthy diet.

If your spouse is disabled, elderly, or homebound, you may be able to get free food or groceries delivered to your home through a government program. The volunteers from I Care and the local churches deliver meals, and the routes are limited.

Head Start and educational services

I Care’s Head Start program is a federal preschool program for low-income families and the working poor. It has a lot of different things like school, medical help, and food. Children and infants who join receive free food (snacks and lunches), medical and dental care, and will also be examined for any health issues.

All medical services, such as vision and hearing tests and immunizations, are provided by professionals or local doctors. Aftercare for any health needs is free of charge. Head Start also helps children with disabilities from Lincoln County and nearby towns.

The center offers a program to help ensure that children are healthy and prepared to learn when they enter the public school system. The teachers that work with the non-profit have a lot of experience and they make sure the environment the children are in is safe. The curriculum they use is approved by the state and there are computers in every classroom.

Head start is a time when children are cared for and given a head start on their education. The child development services in Iredell and Lincoln also provide hot meals that are specifically catered to children with special needs. This helps ensure that these children are getting the nutrients and care that they need in order to thrive. North Carolina prekindergarten classes are available for eligible applicants as well. Head Start is a free program that helps young children get ready for school. The program provides educational, health, and social services to children from birth to age five.

I Care, Inc. housing and weatherization services

This program helps low-income residents in certain counties pay for energy-efficient improvements to their homes. These improvements can help lower utility bills and make homes more comfortable. This program provides a $350 rebate to eligible homeowners who replace their high-efficiency heating appliances with newer models. The NC specific HARRP is a Heating Appliance Repair and Replacement Program that offers a $350 rebate to eligible homeowners who replace their old, inefficient heating appliances with newer models. Weatherizing your home can save you an average of $300 in annual energy costs, according to the community action agency.

Families that are able to enroll in the program will have a trained technician come to their house to perform an energy audit. The technician will then recommend appropriate and cost-effective energy-saving measures. The goal is to make dwellings in Stateville and other towns comfortable in both hot and cold weather.

To help people save energy, contractors can fix and tune up heating and cooling systems, replace furnaces, seal up leaks and ducts, and add insulation to attics, walls, floors, and other spaces. Technicians check the amount of carbon monoxide in the air and look at appliances that use Combustion.

There are many affordable places to live for low-income families in Iredell County and other counties. There are special units for seniors and the disabled. Every housing unit meets energy-saving standards to lower monthly utility bills, and provide residents with a reduced rental price. This means that if you get help from I Care with finding affordable housing, they can also help connect you to other helpful services in the area.

Advice and case management

The goal of the organization is to get people to join the self-sufficiency program. The organization provides services that are designed to help families in poverty become financially independent. This includes case management and other support services. This process helps determine what a family needs, develops goals, identifies their strengths, and connects them with the resources they need to become more independent. This is a financial literacy program that focuses on teaching people about budgeting and employment.

These sessions cover topics like financial management, Educational and Employment assistance, and Workplace Survival Skills training. The sessions will happen at different times during the year.

The organization provides a service that gives information and referrals to families who need assistance and live in poverty-ridden areas of North Carolina. This service provides families in crisis with information, referrals, and direction to appropriate community resources or public financial aid. There are programs that can help you pay for college, including financial aid from the government.

Community service workers from both Iredell and Lincoln counties work together to help families in need by providing them with information about available resources and services. The agency has one system that it uses to keep track of all the people who use its services. This system includes information on what services each person uses and how well they are doing. The staff uses this system in combination with other agencies to create a list of community resources that are available in the area that the service covers.

The Workforce Investment Act helps young people, unemployed people, and seniors who want to start working again. This company provides access to training and development in a variety of areas, with both coaches and mentors available to help guide clients through the process. Other resources that can help include GED services, ESL classes, and skills that lead to employment.

I Care is a community action group based in Statesville, North Carolina. They help people in need with things like food, clothes, and housing. Call the number provided for more details.

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