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Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte assistance programs.

The Jewish Federation of Charlotte and Levine County is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to those in need in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. A small number of resources are only available to those of the Jewish faith, while most resources are available to everyone regardless of religion.

Case managers help families and individuals who are struggling with financial problems. They provide support and guidance as the family or individual works to improve their situation. This non-profit provides many services to help people in need, including advocacy, outreach, referrals, cash grants, and emergency financial assistance. The goal is to assist them in finding long term solutions to their challenges, and also to provide short term assistance for any immediate crisis needs.

A food pantry that is located in Mecklenburg County. The Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte provides families and individuals in need with essential items such as food, personal care items, and canned goods. This assistance helps those struggling to make ends meet during difficult times. Food pantry users will be able to take home more than just free or low cost groceries. This means that the people in Charlotte care about them and want to help them.

The Community Tzedakah Fund provides emergency financial assistance to people in need. This is usually for people who follow the same faith, but other help and suggestions may be given or things may change. The Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte offers a special cash fund to help low-income and working poor people. This fund provides people with a one-time loan at a low interest rate for emergency expenses. The loan can be used to pay for expenses that are necessary to maintain your home, such as rent, a mortgage payment, a security deposit, or utilities.

Camp Scholarships will help the Jewish youth develop a strong sense of identity through activities such as camping, leadership development, community building and informal educational opportunities. It can help you learn and develop new skills.

Students who are Jewish can also get help from the Loan Fund. This organization offers interest-free loans to college students from Florida, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The money will be used to help cover the cost of post-secondary education, tuition fees, and other expenses at eligible institutions.

The loans from the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte are designed to cover the final expenses needed for a student to attend school. To get one of these loans, you need to fill out an application. Some of these loans don’t have any interest. The program may not be offered every year.

If you are facing a crisis, there are people who can help you. They can give you support, referrals, and information. You should contact the non-profit immediately to get help, before things become worse. If the Charlotte JFS agency can’t help, they may be able to refer you to other North Carolina or federal government resources. It’s important to seek help early on during a crisis so that it doesn’t continue to worsen. The phone number is seven o four, three six four, six five nine four.

There is a lot of help available for seniors from JFS of Charlotte North Carolina. Programs that provide services to address the emotional, financial, physical, and mental challenges of growing older can help older adults, the elderly, and senior citizens maintain their dignity and independence. Some of what is offered is below. What is offered is below.

Outreach to seniors in Charlotte includes phone calls, friendly visits, and programming to homebound seniors as well as to residents of independent and assisted living facilities and regional nursing homes. People from the community and religious leaders come together to provide music, workshops, education and entertainment based on Jewish culture.

A consultation with a case manager can provide information, support, and direction for someone who is planning home and medical care options for a disabled or senior family member. There are many services that the government provides in order to help people with their health, housing, and other needs. These services include things like Medicare, Medicaid, and legal aid. Having a sick family member can be difficult for everyone involved.

A care management program that assists families who have a disabled or elderly family member living in another city. The program helps these families stay connected with their loved one and coordinate care.

There is a lot of help available for Mecklenburg County families from the government and local resources. Referrals and information can help families find what they need. When it is difficult to determine the best source for help, Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte refers low income clients to the appropriate, available non-profit community resources and helps clients make the best choices for their needs.

Apply for services in Charlotte area

Some resources are available to everyone and others are only for people who practice the Jewish faith. They may have other information, such as referrals. To speak to someone about resources available in Mecklenburg County, call 888-892-1162.

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