Assistance Program

Lapeer County assistance programs.

There are many organizations that offer assistance programs to help local residents.

Financial aid and cash grants

is a non-profit organization that provides resources and support to people who are experiencing homelessness Love Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps homeless people by providing them with resources and support. This non-profit agency provides financial assistance and cash grants to persons with needs and short term hardships. It works with area churches and charities to provide resources to those in need. The number 245-2414 can be pronounced as “two four five, two one one four” or “two hundred and forty five, twenty-four fourteen”.

The Hispanic Service Center provides financial assistance to eligible individuals and their families for expenses such as heating and utility bills, housing costs, or other emergencies.

The Lapeer County Department Of Veterans Affairs & Michigan Veterans Trust Fund is a local organization that provides limited financial and emergency assistance for veterans and their families to help them pay bills. If you need assistance, you can contact them at 667-0256.

The Lapeer St. Vincent De Paul Society is an organization that provides financial assistance to people in need. This assistance may include help with housing expenses, rent, utility and heating bills, food expenses, transportation, and medical bills. The organization also has a thrift shop that sells appliances, furniture, household items, and clothing at low prices. There are too many people in need to help them all. The number 664-8594 can be pronounced as “six six four eight five nine four”.

The Salvation Army is a charity organization that provides limited financial help and cash grants that can be used in emergency situations. There are also items that are free of charge, such as food, Christmas toys, or school supplies. The funds can help with expenses like rent, utilities, food, or medical assistance and prescriptions. Try to find cheaper places to shop, or get help from someone who can manage your finances. The Salvation Army in Lapeer County offers assistance programs to help those in need. Some of the programs offered include food assistance, utility assistance, and rent assistance. The Salvation Army also offers other services such as clothing and furniture assistance, and transportation assistance.

The Human Development Commission provides emergency fuel or assistance with paying heating and electric bills to low-income, unemployed, and other eligible applicants when funds are available. The agency also offers THAW and weatherization programs to help low income and elderly people. HDC is the primary non-profit organization that helps the county by running many different programs. Some other services we offer are ____________.

This includes free meals, the federally funded Commodity Supplemental Food Program, home delivery for the elderly and others, such as federal government Food Stamp applications. Families in Lapeer County who are struggling can receive grants to pay rent or utility bills. Other resources that may be available include assistance with transitional housing costs, funds to help with a security deposit on a new home, and landlord mediation services. The medical center has over 350 physicians on its medical staff and over 1,600 employees. The Loving Hands Health Clinic is a clinic that specializes in helping people who are underinsured or uninsured. If you have one of these types of insurance, you can receive help from this clinic. The Housing Resource Center can help you with finding housing, paying rent, mortgage and foreclosure counseling, and other counseling services. If you are a qualified applicant, you may also receive some money to help prevent you from becoming homeless or being evicted. For help with your mortgage, call 232-0104.

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