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Public assistance and social services in Forsyth County North Carolina.

Short term assistance may be provided by public assistance programs in Forsyth County, North Carolina. These programs may help with things like food, housing, and utility bills. The government provides social services to help families in need become economically stable. These services are temporary, but they can help families get back on their feet. A variety of programs are available. The Department of Social Services in Forsyth County has a lot of resources that can help you. You can find more information about them below.

Clients will often be assigned to work with the members of the Temporary Economic Assistance and Maintenance team. This group is responsible for managing and regulating most of the government assistance and social services available in the county. TEAM’s case managers specialize in offering programs that help individuals and families become more economically and financially stable. The goal is to help them keep their jobs over the next few years. Staff from Forsyth County also help families in need by working with local agencies and using federal government resources. If you need help with any of these assistance programs, you can call (336) 703-3400 for more information.

There is a lot of demand for assistance with energy bills. The Crisis Intervention Program is a resource designed to help people in crisis. It provides information and support to help people resolve their crisis and regain control of their lives. This program provides financial assistance to families in need to help pay their utilities. It is offered as part of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The money from the grant will go straight to your gas or electric company to help pay for winter heating or summer cooling. Individuals who are at risk of being disconnected from their Forsyth County service or who have already been disconnected may be eligible for this public aid. The Social Service Department also partners with the Salvation Army of Winston-Salem to manage the energy program. For more information, please call 722-8721.

If you are enrolled in a job training program or working, you may be able to get help paying for child care. This assistance is available for children from birth to age 12. This means that there are places where you can take your children to be cared for by someone else, either in a home or in a center specifically designed for child care. There are still some costs that the family will have to pay, and the fee for the day care will be based on the applicant’s income and family size. This is a phone number.

The Forsyth County Family and Children’s Medicaid program can pay for medical bills. This is a program where the government pays for healthcare costs for low-income families and their children who meet the eligibility requirements. Your provider may be flexible with some aspects of your care, and you usually have to select a primary care provider. The program is based out of an office on North Highland Avenue in Winston-Salem, NC.

The state of North Carolina and federal government provides monthly benefits to the poor and low income through the Food Stamp program. This assistance can help low-income households buy food and groceries. Food Stamp benefits and vouchers are based on income. If you are working, you may still be able to get food stamps through the SNAP program. Many people in the United States participate in this government program, which helps families in Forsyth County.

The Work First Family Assistance program provides cash assistance to families in need. The program is also known as TANF. The short term aid can help residents of Forsyth County plan for employment, attend job training, keeping children in school, and provide housing or food. This will allow them to become self-sufficient and not rely on government assistance. The purpose of the TANF grant is to provide temporary financial assistance for families in need. TANF recipients are expected to find employment and become self-sufficient as soon as possible. This means that after a family has received cash assistance or TANF for 60 months, they are no longer eligible for these benefits.

Families in Forsyth County, North Carolina can enroll in the North Carolina Health Choice program, which offers health insurance. The state offers a low-cost medical insurance program for children under the age of 19. It can also help those who don’t have Medicaid.

Employment help is given to people who get TANF money as part of Work First Employment Services. This government program helps families that are receiving TANF. Social workers can help you find or keep a job by reducing barriers. If you want to keep getting help from the government, you need to agree to their plans and goals. The plan will detail how the family can become more self-sufficient while still utilizing the resources of the Forsyth Department of Social Services.

Some of theassisstance provided by Work First includes vocational education for a short amount of time, help with transportation, childcare that is not as expensive, intense job searching, a lot of services to keep a job after you get it, and help finding and getting a job.

Apply to the Social Services Department

The programs above, as well as others, can be accessed from the address 741 Highland Ave, Winston-Salem, NC 27101. For questions related to applications, please call (336) 703-3800.

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