Livingston First United Methodist Church programs.

The Livingston First United Methodist Church can help low income families and the poor with meeting their needs in a crisis by providing resources. Any help is restricted and will require a formal application process. Some primary programs that help people in need are Local Family Assistance, Feed My Sheep, and Helping Hands. These programs provide food, money, and other resources to help people who are struggling.

The main Missions Committee Fund is responsible for providing financial assistance to families in need. One-time financial aid may be available to cover emergency expenses. This may be for needs such as energy costs and prescriptions. Some seniors in Polk County Texas could even be provided with heaters during the winter or a free air conditioner during the hot Texas summer months..

The Helping Hands team is responsible for providing many of the services mentioned here. They also provide recommendations. The group will help manage the emergency program from Livingston First United Methodist Church and its partners. There may be assistance available for paying past electric bills or for catching up on back lighting costs. This resource may help pay for gasoline for a job interview. The term “wide-ranging” can be used to describe something that has a lot of different aspects or elements to it. Donations are what keep this running, so please donate if you can. Please call the following number for assistance: 936-327-7100.

The Empty Stocking program provides Christmas assistance to people in need. This is a program that is run by a group of charities that are based in Livingston. If they have the resources, they provide free Christmas gifts, clothing, or toys for children from low-income families in Polk County, Texas. People may also get free food or meals during Christmas or Thanksgiving.

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The Livingston First United Methodist Church (UMC) provides food assistance to those in need through the Feed My Sheep program, also known as 1st UMC Against Hunger. This will help provide food and financial assistance to those in need in Polk County. A pantry is a room where food and other supplies are kept.

The mobile pantry is another piece of that equation. This organization helps people in need by visiting different events and providing packaging assistance.

The Corrigan Christian Resource Center runs a regional program that includes a food pantry. This provides free food and other items. One-time emergency grants might be available to help pay expenses such as utility bills. The center may also have items such as clothing and bedding.

The BackPack Program offers school supplies, mostly snacks or boxes of food. The Livingston First United Methodist Church works with volunteers from the community to supply free food to students at the High School. This is for people who come from families where they may not have a meal on the weekends or during breaks. The church does not have a focus on school supplies, however, they may be able to offer referrals to programs that can help with obtaining school supplies in Polk and nearby counties.

Noah’s Helpers can help with small repairs or maintenance around the house, including for seniors or people with disabilities. There are also repair services offered for those who can’t do the work themselves for whatever reason. Some examples of maintenance tasks are repairing homes, cleaning up yards, building wheelchair ramps, and occasionally assembling a new home when there is a need for one.

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The Polk County Emergency Health Board is also a partner of the UMC church. There may be money available to help low-income people pay for gas to get to medical appointments. Other forms of assistance that may be available include prescriptions and free medical care. The Health Board may coordinate doctor visits for children, but these would be limited.

The church is located at 2801 US Hwy 190 W, Livingston, Texas, 77351. To reach a customer service representative, please call 936-327-7100. The center is open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

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