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Louisville Kentucky area Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army provides emergency assistance to families in Louisville, Kentucky who are in need of help. This assistance can include help with staying in their homes, food, utility bills or rent, and clothing. There are also free programs offered seasonally in the region and Jefferson County. These programs include Christmas toys from Adopt a Family or Angel Tree, free school supplies for students, and winter coats.

To be eligible for most types of assistance, applicants must have low incomes and be experiencing an emergency situation that is not their fault. They must also be able to become self-sufficient again within a short period of time. A list of resources, phone numbers, and addresses are below.

If you are struggling to pay for food, the Food Box Program can help. This program provides boxes of food to people in need, so they can worry less about where their next meal is coming from. Many families in Jefferson County Kentucky find themselves in a difficult position when they have to choose between paying their rent or bills to keep a roof over their heads, and buying food for their children. The Salvation Army Food Box Program is designed to help families with children who are struggling to afford groceries.

Each food box or basket can feed a local family for several days. The box can contain a wide variety of fresh, nutritious and healthy groceries and meals. In order to help those who do not have a stable source of food, recipients will be screened for food stamp benefit eligibility or other public assistance programs available in Kentucky. This is all being done to stop hunger in Jefferson County. There are also places where you can get free food in Louisville.

There is a community kitchen at some sites. The kitchen can make a lot of food for the people in the community and anyone is allowed to come in and get help or a meal. The food served is made with healthy ingredients. People from all walks of life come here for help.

The Louisville Kentucky Salvation Army program is designed to help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. The program provides temporary housing, food, and other services to help people get back on their feet. The non-profit has an emergency program to help people stay in their homes, rather than go to a shelter or live on the street.

Emergency financial assistance is a service that helps people in need of money to cover unexpected expenses. This service relies on funding and donations from the community, non-profits like the United Way, and local businesses. Some of the things that can be provided are food, help with utility bills, transportation, and clothing.

The government provides financial assistance to low-income individuals and families during times of crisis. The program is designed to help people who are at risk of becoming homeless. It provides support and resources to help them keep their homes. This means preventing people from being kicked out of their homes because they can’t afford to pay, and working to keep them in their homes. The Salvation Army in Jefferson County has also helped in other ways, such as helping to pay for air travel for sick children who need emergency medical care, and helping to pay for burial costs and/or funerals.

Applicants who have received eviction notices or who have overdue utility bills can bring these documents to the Louisville Emergency Assistance Coordinator. Each application and the corresponding request will be individually examined to ensure it meets the qualifications, including the poverty guidelines. Emergency assistance is financial help given to people who are in a difficult or dangerous situation. This can include money to pay for things like utilities, cooling, and other overdue bills, as well as expenses related to the emergency situation.

The Clothing Closet provides families, community members and clients with free or low cost clothing so that they can look presentable for work or school, stay warm and retain their dignity year round. The Salvation Army in Louisville needs donations and contributions from the public to provide this resource.

The Salvation Army in Louisville, Kentucky provides shelters and transitional housing for people in need. The main goal is to provide homeless people with a place to live other than parks or on the streets. The money can be used to pay for a place to live, like an apartment, or to pay for things like the security deposit or other housing expenses, so that someone does not become homeless. If someone needs to move or is homeless, social workers will help them develop and implement realistic goals that lead to new housing, self-sufficiency, and employment. Individuals are receiving help from professional case managers, volunteers, and staff depending on their individual circumstances.

Christmas assistance is also available. It comes in the form of giving things to others, free food, and the happiness that comes from caring for and sharing with others. The traditional Angel Tree program and the Red Kettle are important parts of providing holiday assistance and making the Christmas scene more cheerful. Thousands of dollars are donated each year to help seniors, families, and children who are in need. The Salvation Army and the Angel Tree program provides clothing, food and toys to families and children in Louisville who would otherwise go without during Christmas.

Jefferson County and Louisville Kentucky Salvation Army Centers

There are a number of Salvation Army locations in the Jefferson County Kentucky region. Louisville has the most Salvation Army locations. Each of these organizations provides emergency food options, has a low-cost family store, and offers other forms of assistance to those in need or with low incomes.

Broadway, Louisville, KY 40208, phone 502.566.2474 The above is a list of four addresses in Louisville, Kentucky, along with the corresponding phone numbers for each location. The main number for the Breckinridge Street location in Louisville, Kentucky is 502.625.1176.

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