Lubbock County free food banks.

Food banks in the Lubbock Texas area can help those who are low income, unemployed, senior citizens, or needy. The following is a list of churches, food pantries, soup kitchens, and charitable organizations near you that can provide assistance. There are a variety of resources available to families in need, both through private charities and government-run programs. The phone number listed at the bottom of the page can be called for more referrals.

The programs will provide free or low-cost food and groceries, as well as hot or cold meals or hygiene supplies. In addition to offering food, some of the food banks can also offer clothing, baby formula, and diapers. In addition to the regular support available in Lubbock County, additional support is available around Thanksgiving and Christmas. This includes free meals and gifts for children.

The food pantries in Lubbock offer services to low-income individuals and families who are struggling. No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe in, you can always get help. Very rarely will someone be turned away from getting the assistance they need. The food pantry provides free food to those in need. The food available includes breads, fruits, vegetables, meats, baby formula, and other critical food items.

CFS provides counseling and support for families in need. This organization provides food, meals, case management, and other aid such as clothing and financial help for bills on a limited basis.

The First Baptist Church in Lubbock is located at 2109 Broadway, under the green awning. The church’s phone number is (806) 747-0281.

To find out the hours of food distribution for Green Lawn Church Of Christ, dial (806) 795-4377. Holiday meals are also served for the homeless.

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Guadalupe Economic Services provides information and assistance with applying for public aid programs, such as food stamps and low income programs for rent or bills. There is a focus on Latinos, immigrants, and Spanish speakers. We offer food, meals, and other nutritional items.

Catholic Charities of Lubbock County provides many low income programs, including programs for single mothers and Spanish speakers. There are many grocery items available in cans, free personal toiletries, fresh food, baby formula, and more. Other things that can be provided are furniture, clothing, and financial aid. If you need food assistance, you can continue to get help from Lubbock County Catholic Charities.

If you are in need of a meal, the Hope Community Of Shalom, Asbury United Methodist Church provides them Monday-Friday from 11:30am to 1:00pm. No documentation is required, and everyone is welcome.

It is open Monday-Friday 9am-11:30am and 1pm-3:30pm. The Lubbock Dream Center Church On The Rock has an emergency food bank that helps families living in poverty. It is open Monday-Friday 9am-11:30am and 1pm-3:30pm. The store may have non-perishable items such as canned meat, soup, and rice, as well as perishable goods.

The Calvary Baptist Church in Lubbock, Texas provides a free bag of food to those in need each month. The bag of food includes up to 8 cans of food.

The Saint John’s United Methodist Church is located on University Avenue in Lubbock, Texas. The church can be contacted by phone at (806) 762-0123.

The Community Action Agency in the City of Lubbock provides referrals to resources that can help people in poverty. They also work to raise awareness about poverty and its effects on the community. The USDA provides assistance in the form of grants, information about programs like school meals, and SNAP food stamps. This assistance can be used for things like housing and food. The City of Lubbock Community Action Partnership is an organization that helps low-income residents in Lubbock, Texas. The organization provides services such as housing assistance, food assistance, and utility assistance. The organization also offers programs to help residents find jobs and to improve their financial literacy.

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The Live Oak Community Church is located at 10710 Frankford Ave in Lubbock, Texas. The main phone number for the church is (806) 798-5583. The church has a free food bank and soup kitchen on site. In Lubbock County, Texas, hot meals, bread, and canned groceries are provided for immigrants (documented or not) and other people in need.

The Metropolitan Community Church Of Lubbock provides not only groceries, but also information on SNAP food stamps and other public aid. The food pantry has free food like vegetables, fruit, canned meat, and other perishables.

The Mission Lubbock is a branch that provides information on food assistance, clothing, and holiday meals. The location is 1711 Upland Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79416 and the main number is (806) 687-8452. This organization provides assistance to low-income and homeless individuals in Lubbock County, Texas.

They are located at 801 Slide Road and their phone number is (806) 799-3832. A pantry is a storage room for food, either canned or fresh. This food can include cooking oils, canned tuna or fish, as well as fruits or vegetables. Meals are provided for free during holidays.

The Roc of Lubbock is located on Highway 87 in Lubbock, Texas. The phone number for the Roc of Lubbock is (806) 745-2762.

The Salvation Army is located on 16th Street in Lubbock, TX. The phone number to reach them is (806) 765-9434. They offer a variety of programs, including a soup kitchen with daily meals, information and assistance with applying for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), a shelter, and financial aid. They also offer Christmas and Thanksgiving meals. There is a place where people can go to get a free meal, and there is also a place where people can get free food to take home with them.

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They come in for a hot meal and to receive other services. The Carpenter’s Kitchen address is 1916 13th St. Lubbock, TX 79401. The main phone number is (806) 687-2453.

Jacob’s Ladder is a homeless shelter in Lubbock, Texas.

The St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church has a food pantry that provides baby formula, paper goods, hygiene items, and other food. Volunteers may bring a meal to someone’s home who is unable to leave their house.

The Trinity Outreach Center & Storehouse is a food center that provides clothing, emergency food boxes, as well as Christmas and Thanksgiving meals or gifts.

Additional Lubbock County food assistance programs

The food pantries and programs listed are only a small portion of what is available in Lubbock County. There may be other services near you that can help if you are working poor or struggling. If you are in need of food assistance, you can dial 806.763.3003 for more information on resources available to you.

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