Medina County rental assistance programs.

There are multiple organizations in Medina County that can help with paying rent, such as churches, charity agencies, and government organizations. The assistance is for low-income families who are close to being evicted or have already been given an eviction notice. A mix of government and private grants are given to help people with rent or security deposits.

This means that the people who get money are the ones who asked for it first and who also meet the qualifications. There is typically a need to provide documentation of income, residency and more. The applicant will need to participate in case management in order to be eligible for money towards rent. This means that the agency will give the client money for the rental costs without charging interest, and the client will need to pay the agency back at a later date.

If you are homeless in Medina County, you can ask about transitional housing or help with a security deposit. If someone is working, but still struggling to make ends meet, section 8 HUD vouchers can help by subsidizing their monthly rent and energy bill payments.

The government provides financial aid through the PRC (Prevention, Retention, and Contingency) program. There may be grants to help pay rent to stop an eviction, money to help pay employment expenses such as clothing, and help with heating bills. The media agency is trying to stop people from becoming homeless, so they prioritize rental and mortgage assistance.

Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church is a charity in Medina County, Ohio that provides shelter, case management, and counseling services to people in need.

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The Matthew 25 Coalition provides support to the southwestern portion of the county. For information, call (330) 948-3648. They provide loans for energy bills, rent, and other expenses. A free motel voucher is occasionally given to homeless people with children or to single moms who are transients.

The other is at 226 Main St., Wadsworth City, Ohio 44281 There are two Veteran Service Offices in Medina County, Ohio. One is located at 210 Northland Drive in Medina City, and the other is located at 226 Main Street in Wadsworth City. To reach the Wadsworth City site, call (330) 722-9368. The Veterans Crisis Line is a free, confidential support line for veterans and current military members. Their families can also call for support. This program provides financial assistance for rent, security deposits, medical care, and other housing needs. There is help available from the VA for those who need assistance in applying for benefits.

The Holy Martyrs Ministry of Assistance is located at 3100 Old Weymouth Rd. in Medina Twp., Ohio. The main phone number for the ministry is (330) 635-4989.

The Legal Aid Society of Medina County provides free legal advice to low-income tenants and the elderly on housing issues. This means dealing with things like evictions, landlord disputes, disagreements over security deposits, and illegal disconnections of power.

The Mary Grace Memorial Foundation is a non-profit agency dedicated to supporting cancer patients. They provide financial assistance and emotional support to cancer patients and their families. There are many types of grants available to assist with various financial needs. Some examples include help with heating costs, utilities, rent, a mortgage arrears, and more.

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St. Mark’s Episcopal Church offers short-term, emergency rental assistance. The church also provides other social services, such as giving away winter coats, providing shelter, and referring people to low cost housing in Medina County.

The Salvation Army Centers in Wadsworth and Brunswick, Ohio, provide a variety of services for those in need. The Wadsworth site is located at 527 College St., Wadsworth City, Ohio 44281, and can be reached by phone at (330) 335-2327. The Brunswick location is situated at 2888 Nationwide Pkwy., Brunswick, Ohio 44212. Services offered at both locations include assistance with food, clothing, and shelter. If you need financial assistance, you can dial 330-273-9176. This number will connect you with someone who can help you determine if you’re eligible for funds from donations or ESG grants. They offer a variety of financial assistance programs to help with things like rent, mortgages, and security deposits. There is a focus on helping seniors and disabled people who have a source of income, as well as providing cold weather shelters.

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