Rent Assistance

Rent help in Rogers, Nowata and Mayes County.

There is assistance available for rent and housing needs for both tenants and the homeless in Rogers, Mayes, and Nowata County. The goal of the various programs is to prevent an eviction from happening in the first place. Emergency rental assistance is available to help achieve this goal. Rehousing means finding a new place to live, which can include putting down a security deposit or paying for transitional housing.

The way each non-profit organization does things will be different. Some organizations will give you money directly to help with rent, and others will tell you about programs offered by the government that can give you money for rent. The organization wants the tenant to get help before it is too late. It is difficult to provide transitional housing in Rogers County, and many people would not want to live there.

Since there are only a limited amount of resources, many of these agencies can also provide information on other places to go for help. If someone is not qualified for this program, they can be directed to other resources that may help them pay rent or other bills.

They also offer utility assistance and offer a clothes closet with winter weather gear. Community Action Resource and Development of Notawa County is a non-profit organization that helps with rent, utilities, and provides a clothes closet with winter weather gear. The agency can also help with finding resources and creating a plan to meet goals. Tenants can learn about government programs that can help with housing costs, or about non-profit organizations that offer loans for housing.

The CARDCARD program in Mayes County is designed to help families facing eviction with rental assistance. Assistance is limited and based on need. Other than rent, there are other costs that come with housing, such as energy bills. Luckily, LIHEAP can help with those costs and also offers case management.

If you need help with rent, you can contact Community Action of Rogers County. They will work with you to get the help you need to pay your rent. When there is funding available, only 5 low income families or seniors will be helped per week.

Safenet Services is a organization that helps people who have been victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual assault, and Stalking. They provide support and resources to these individuals to help them get through these tough times. If you are in need of shelter, you can call either (888) 372-9400 or (918) 341-1424 and they will help you out. There is an office in both Pryor and Claremore. The emergency shelter is for people who abuse their partners. If you are stable, you may be referred to an apartment that is safe and low income, as well as given tips on how to apply for help with your security deposit.

The Youth And Family Services Of Washington County provides housing, such as shelter, for residents under the age of 18. The office is on 321 E Delaware Ave in Nowata. Residents can call (918) 335-1111.

The Legal Aid Society of Tulsa provides mediation services for tenants and homeowners. To schedule an appointment, please call (918) 584-3338. Lawyers are willing to give free advice on difficult situations such as evictions or foreclosures.

The Transformation House is a women’s only shelter, including single moms. They are located in Mayes County Pryor, OK and their phone number is (918) 825-5810. The charity provides housing for people who are transitioning between homes. The school offers other services to help students, like classes to earn a GED, referrals to get rent vouchers, classes on budgeting, and vocational training for students who are disabled or unemployed. The program is called Miracle House.

The First Christian Church of Claremore provides financial assistance for rent or deposits, food, and other support to the working poor and elderly, regardless of religion.

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