Middlesex County St. Vincent DePaul assistance programs.

The St. Vincent DePaul in Middlesex County Connecticut focuses on stopping evictions and homelessness. The agency can help residents locate more permanent housing as well as provide a place to live. Aid can also include things like food and help with basic needs from the community.

Volunteers and staff from the society are fighting poverty and the causes of low income. There are many programs that are offered. I get food from the Amazing Grace Food Pantry and the community Soup Kitchen. The agency also offers assistance to connect low income and unemployed people to basic support services and emergency aid. This includes help with things like food, housing, and medical care. This can be done through the Middlesex Community Assistance Program. A Supportive Housing Program helps families who are at risk of being evicted by providing them with shelter and information on how to find more permanent housing.

People come from all different backgrounds to support this. This means that if you are a man, woman, or child and you live in poverty, or do not have a job, or only have a job for a limited number of hours, you may be able to get help from the government. Many individuals in Connecticut who are seeking help work two or three jobs but still do not make enough money to pay the rent or meet the cost of housing and daily expenses.

The Meals Programs provides free hot meals to people throughout the day. This soup kitchen relies on donations from people in the community to function. Volunteers typically distribute the food or other items from the kitchen to those in need. Meals are offered for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even on Sundays.

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The Society of Saint Vincent De Paul partners with other charities and non-profit organizations, such as Homeless Outreach Team (HOT), to offer Connect-To-Care. Other agencies that are participating are River Valley Services, Community Health Center, Middlesex Adult Education, and the United Labor Agency.

Different services are available to individuals who need help finding employment, housing, and public aid. There are also services available for substance and alcohol treatment.

There is no guarantee that everyone who needs help will get it, but many organizations provide support to people who need assistance with things like food, housing, social security benefits, jobs, medical care, and education. The Connect-to-Care program is one of St. Vincent’s main resources for the Middlesex region. If you need help with things like food stamps, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), energy bills, WIC, school meals, Husky Part A, Part B, or State Administered General Assistance (SAGA), databases can give you comprehensive information. Some databases may also have information about Aid to the blind or disabled.

The Amazing Grace Food Pantry is another pantry that provides food for people in need. This program provides free canned goods and food to needy individuals. This program provides groceries or baby formula for qualified families and individuals once per month. Families can pick the items they want and need from the available options when they go shopping.

There is a mobile food pantry that operates in the county as well. This is another chance for people to get free food and groceries. The Saint Vincent mobile pantry also partners with the AME Zion Church, located in Middletown, Connecticut.

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The Housing First model gives people who are going to be evicted or who are already homeless intensive case management. The church and the community work together to make sure that people who live in rented properties have the help they need to stay there.

Saint Vincent may be able to help place people into a home with rent that is a percentage of their income. The housing team provides clients with a comprehensive overview of what is expected of them as tenants, including communication skills, expectations of the lease, housekeeping, conflict resolution, budgeting, shopping and food preparation. The case managers also try to provide transportation to medical and mental health appointments in the Middletown region when possible. They will also help the family get other services and benefits.

Emergency financial assistance may be provided by community assistance organizations. These organizations may also provide referrals to other resources that can help people in need. The organization provides information about, and referrals to, other social services and government programs in the community. The amount of money available for assistance varies from year to year, but in some years hundreds of families can receive help in the form of low interest loans, free referrals, heating bill assistance through Middletown’s Operation Fuel Bank, and application assistance for rent and housing. A goal is to prevent homelessness and help people move out of emergency shelters into long term housing with supports. The phone number for the St. Vincent DePaul program is 860.344.0097.

A process is set up for people to follow when they want to apply for something. St. Vincent De Paul provides financial assistance for people in need of help with security deposits, rent, transportation, and energy bills. St. Vincent de Paul will pay your landlord or company that you owe money to directly. Much of the aid that is given out must be paid back over time.

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Families that meet the requirements can also apply for Operation Fuel. This is private nonprofit statewide program in Connecticut that offers help with emergency heating bills. St. Vincent is an important part of the process for getting this resource.

The Saint Vincent Society is located at 617 Main Street in Middletown, CT. Please call 860.344.0097 in order to begin the intake process.

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