Milwaukee credit counseling services.

There are a few non-profit agencies in Milwaukee that can help people with money problems. They can offer credit and debt counseling, education on how to prevent foreclosure, and debt repayment plans. The Milwaukee organizations are government approved, and many are also HUD certified. This means that they are able to help people with their housing needs and can also provide other services such as food and clothing.

Some organizations offer free or cheap services to help people create budgets and solve financial problems. The agencies’ clients can arrange a debt management plan that lowers interest rates or cancels fees. Many Milwaukee non-profit organizations are approved by HUD to provide housing counseling services. These services can include helping people who are behind on their mortgage payments, or who are at risk of foreclosure. Pre-bankruptcy counseling and post-bankruptcy education are available to help you through the bankruptcy process. There are many services available through credit counseling agencies in Milwaukee. To find out more information, contact the agencies closest to you.

Greenpath Debt Solutions is a nonprofit organization that provides budget and housing counseling, debt and credit help, information on government mortgage programs, financial education, and bankruptcy services. The organization is located at 4811 S 76th St. Suite 410 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and the toll-free phone number is (888) 776-6735.

You can contact the Lincoln Neighborhood Redevelopment Corporation at (414) 671-5619 to schedule an appointment.

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