Assistance Program

Mountain Home and Baxter County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army center in Baxter County, Arkansas is open for five days each week. The charity can provide different types of help to low to moderate income families depending on what they need, the time of year, and how much money is available. There may be free food, some money for assisting with bills, clothes, Christmas toys, and much more available.

The charity also provides help with other issues such as drug addiction, employment, debt counseling, and much more. Some of the help that the Mountain Home Salvation Army provides comes from referrals from other organizations. Other help is offered directly by the Mountain Home Salvation Army as part of its Pathways to Hope or other social services programs.

Financial assistance

United Way may occasionally have a few dollars available from grants and their thrift store to help pay for things like bills and housing. This service is based on income and also helps with long-term self-sufficiency. This means that everything from debt advice to budgeting, job placement, and personal growth and development is included.

Mountain Home Salvation Army financial help can only be used for specific bills. Some common expenses people have are rent, utilities, water, food, and medications. Other expenses can be related to your job, like gasoline or clothing. Bring certain documentation to prove income, residency, identification for all household members, social security cards, and other things that may be relevant.

The focus is on preventing homelessness. The Salvation Army in Baxter County wants people to be able to stay in their homes or apartments. If you can’t find a place to live, look into regional shelters or transitional housing programs.

Food comes from both the emergency pantry and there may be occasional gift certificates used for specific needs. This includes both financial aid and non-financial support. The Mountain Home Salvation Army provides perishable food, canned groceries, bread, beverages, baby food, and much more to help prevent hunger.

Non-financial programs from Baxter County Salvation Army

There are many social services that are part of this. The charity provides assistance to prisoners, helps to end human trafficking in the area, and also offers assistance from a service called Pathways to Hope. They provide resources like detoxification, counseling, and case management to help people get and stay sober. They also team up with agencies that offer free credit counseling on debt and budgeting issues.

Some of the resources are located in Mountain Home. Other non-financial aid programs from the Salvation Army in Arkansas are part of a wider regional network. We will try to provide some form of local or regional service for those who need it.

A thrift store is available on site. Any shopping done at this Mountain Home site not only provides low-cost goods, but also funds the charity. It may help the Salvation Army keep its lights on, or it may help a struggling person pay for their bills or housing. This means that the money is being used in a smart way. Elderly services typically provide care and assistance to elderly individuals who cannot leave their homes or who live in senior citizen communities. Services may include transportation, meals, personal care, and recreation.

Other types of aid that are not related to finances are also available to students. Summer camps in Arkansas are for kids who are out of school for the summer, and there is also after-school care for students who need a place to go. The holiday programs have many different names. The Angel Tree Christmas gift program provides free toys and presents for children in need. This organization provides a meal service for lower income families in Baxter County Arkansas. On Thanksgiving, they serve a free turkey dinner to those in need. They also provide a food box service, which helps families in need to get access to food.

The Salvation Army in Baxter County, Arkansas is located at 121 Highway 201 North in Mountain Home, 72653. For more information, please call (870) 424-5708.

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