New Hampshire HUD approved foreclosure counseling agencies

There are organizations in New Hampshire that are approved by the HUD to offer free or low-cost counseling to people who are at risk of foreclosure. These programs can help people keep their homes. Homeowners can contact their local agency to get help.

To get more information about other financial support programs, people can contact the mortgage programs offered by these non-profit agencies. For example, they can get access to programs that help them repair their credit and manage their debt.

If you are struggling to make your mortgage payments or are worried about upcoming payments, you should reach out to a New Hampshire HUD certified housing agency.

The New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority is responsible for promoting and financing affordable housing opportunities in the state of New Hampshire. They can be reached at 603-310-9276 or at their address 32 Constitution Drive, Bedford, New Hampshire 03110-1245.

The Tri-County CAP is located in Berlin, New Hampshire and their phone number is 603-752-7001. The address is 30 Exchange Street.

The CATCH organization provides low-income housing in the Concord, New Hampshire area.

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