New Haven County short term and transitional housing.

Housing programs help low income families and the homeless have a place to live in New Haven County. There are many different types of community centers, each with their own focus. Some centers are widely available to everyone, while others focus on assisting veterans, single parents, seniors, or the disabled. If a New Haven non-profit can’t help you with your housing needs, they can at least give you referrals or information about other resources in the area.

In addition to using the transitional housing site, residents can usually enroll in other assistance programs. This can include things like free food, help with finding a job, and budgeting assistance. The goal is to help the family by giving them a place to stay while they get back on their feet. At that time, they can get help finding a new home in New Haven, Connecticut. Some government programs may help people pay a security deposit or first months rent.

They offer a safe place to stay, as well as resources and support to help them get back on their feet. There are other programs offered besides transitional housing.

The New Opportunities (NOW) shelter is a short-term emergency shelter for homeless women, pregnant women, and single men. It is located at 43 Saint Casimir Drive in Meriden, CT 06450. For more information, please call (203) 237-4020. Other services that are offered include help with education, substance abuse recovery, and finding and training for a job.

Services include case management, housing assistance, and support in accessing community resources.

The Rushford Community Based Initiative (CBI) at Harbor Brooke Apartments provides low income, short term, and supportive housing to residents of Meriden, Connecticut. The main number for the CBI is (877) 577-3233. Residents are responsible for paying a portion of their income towards rent. These other services include things like helping people budget their money, making sure they take their medication correctly, teaching life skills, and providing more social aid. Harrison Place Apartments is another location where you can find help. The address is 250 East Main Street, Meriden, CT 06450, and the phone number is (877) 577-3233.

The Independence Northwest – Center For Independent Living Of NW Connecticut is a center that helps people with disabilities live independently. The main address is 1183 New Haven Road Suite 200 Naugatuck, CT 06770-5033. The center can be reached at (203) 729-3299. The center has a transitional housing program that helps people in the Greater Waterbury region as well as Naugatuck Valley. This housing and support is for residents of New Haven who have AIDS/HIV. Other assistance includes things like helping customers advocate for themselves, teaching the community about different resources available, and providing general support and guidance throughout the process of finding and keeping housing. Additionally, some organizations may have money available to help with things like deposits or eviction prevention.

This complex offers safe and affordable housing as well as resources and support to help residents get back on their feet. The client is offered services, meals, and follow up when they leave the site.

The Columbus House is a homeless shelter located at 586 Ella Grasso Boulevard in New Haven, Connecticut. The shelter provides several different resources to help people get back on their feet, including the New Beginnings program, the On The Move program, and Length Of Stay Beds. The shelter can be reached at (203) 401-4400. Other programs offer housing for people in the process of transition. Clients can also access food and services that help with everyday life. Leaving a shelter is an option for people.

Columbus House also provides housing for veterans. You can reach this unit at (203) 823-3116. The VA will provide low income and short term housing, case management and other support to veterans and their families. The goal of the agency is to provide housing for veterans and their families.

The New Haven Home Recovery Main address is 153 East Street Suite 200 New Haven, CT 06511. The phone number to call for more information is (203) 492-4866. The Homeless Families Transition Collaborative is an organization that helps New Haven families and/or single women with children who are struggling with homelessness. A rental subsidy can help a tenant with their rental payments for a specific period.

Scicchitano Emergency Shelter is located at 123 Quinnipiac Street in Wallingford, CT. To reach the shelter, please dial (203) 294-0102. The Rubin Family Center provides housing and other services to families who are struggling financially and have children.

Both a residential and transitional living facility provide support services and housing for homeless single women and men ages 18 through 65. People who live in the housing program must be looking for a job or already have one. The resident can sign up for an educational program to earn their GED, or learn a trade at a vocational school, or attend college.

The Center For Human Development provides temporary housing and basic needs for those with a mental illness. They are located at 965 South Main Street Suite #1 in Waterbury, CT and their phone number is (203) 596-9323.

The Errera Community Care Center is a location where veterans can go to get transitional housing, support services, and assistance programs. The main number for the Center is (203) 479-8000.

The Veterans Support Foundation provides help to military members and homeless veterans who are struggling with substance abuse or mental health issues. The organization offers a variety of services to its clients, including counseling and therapy, financial assistance, and housing assistance.

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