Ocean County New Jersey free clothing closets, furniture banks and school supplies.

Many families in Ocean County New Jersey are struggling to provide basic needs. To help with this, they turn to clothing closets. Locations may give away free back to school supplies, clothes for adults or children, diapers, appliances, furniture and more. The following are some of the most prominent churches, charities, and non-profits in the region. Many families visit them frequently. The clothes banks give out Christmas or birthday toys, school items, and so called seasonal supplies to many people for free.

Although not everyone will be eligible for free items or a voucher, the client may still receive referrals or other forms of support. The resident can find affordable household items at a thrift store or furniture bank in Ocean County. These organizations work to improve the lives of those who are struggling in the community, including children, students, the unemployed, and elderly. They provide resources and support to help these groups overcome challenges and improve their situation. They may give away winter coats, clothes, boots, school supplies, or shoes for free. During the holidays, people may give each other gifts, like toys. Some non-profit organizations may also offer free food or even assistance with bills or rent in an emergency situation. For more information and options, see below.

The All Saints Episcopal Church in Lakewood, New Jersey provides a free food and clothing program called Under His Wing.

The program is confidential and offers free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and counseling. Items such as maternity clothes, baby items, and testing equipment may be distributed to those in need. Pregnancy tests, emotional support, and free maternity or baby clothes are offered at no cost. Some new parents may also have some basic furniture. We need volunteers and donations to keep this organization running.

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The charity offers a variety of items such as paper products, personal/hygiene items, baby items, and non-perishable food. Some schools give out free backpacks and school supplies to their students. This can include notebooks, pens, and pencils.

The Calvary Lighthouse Church is located on East County Line Road in Lakewood, New Jersey. The church’s telephone number is (732) 363-1239.

The Cancer Concern Center provides support to patients in the form of wigs, scarves, and hats. They also offer massage therapy and meditation/visualization services. Some medical equipment may be available for loan.

The services they provide include: Catholic Charities Emergency & Community Services is an organization that focuses on providing basic necessities to those in need within the community. Services offered include food, clothing, and shelter. This organization provides people in need with essential items like clothing, shelter, and food. The store has gently used clothing and household items such as beds, couches and other items. Seasonal support in Ocean County can help with things like holiday preparations and back to school supplies like shoes and backpacks.

The church provides free clothes to people in Ocean County. They also provide food, winter jackets for kids or seniors, meals, and basic household supplies.

The Challenge Programs of New Jersey provides people in need with furniture, clothing, appliances and baby items. If you can, please donate to them so they can keep helping people.

This organization provides assistance to low-income families in Ocean County. The goal of this program is to help homeless youth get back on their feet by providing them with resources like education, clothing, vocational preparation, uniforms for work, and winter coats.

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They provide them with food, clothing, and other necessary items. They also offer computer training, job readiness, and other services to help them become self-sufficient. Clothing, personal belongings, Christmas gifts, and more are available for free. The main clients of this organization are single mothers and the homeless.

The Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society is a thrift shop that sells gently used clothing and furniture, appliances, winter hats and coats, and other goods.

The New Beginning Christian Center is a place where people in need can go to get free clothing. They focus on helping the poor, low income, and children. You can find paper products, clothing, toiletries, and food items for sale.

The Ocean Christian Community Church is located at 405 Washington Street in Toms River, New Jersey. The church’s main phone number is (732) 240-5998. The church also has a clothing closet available for those in need.

The Ocean County Hunger Relief provides emergency food and clothing assistance to people in need. If you need assistance, you can dial (732) 505 – 4357 and they will help you. You need a referral from the Ocean County Board of Social Service to apply.

Open Door Pregnancy Center offers material assistance for new moms and their babies. This assistance can include items such as clothes, diapers, and formula. Assistance such as diapers, clothes, and case management is provided.

The Redeem-Her PO Box provides assistance to ex-inmates and offenders in New Jersey.

The Saint Francis Community Center offers assistance with household products, clothing, food, utility bills, and rent. Other grants may also be available. The non-profit also provides assistance during the Back-to-School season. Students may receive shoes and uniforms. Other assistance may be clothing such as sweaters, jackets, boots, shoes, and bedding such as blankets and pillows.

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The Salvation Army in Ocean County provides many social services to the community, including food, clothing, and financial assistance. The Salvation Army provides a free clothing closet, low cost thrift store, and furniture bank for those in need. The Angel Tree program provides holiday gifts and toys to children. Every year, students from elementary to high school age can get free school supplies for the new year. This means that people who are older and people who are poor can also get what they need. The assistance is provided by a group of people from different generations and there are no restrictions on age, religion, or gender. If you would like to continue receiving help from the Ocean County Salvation Army, please let us know.

The center relies on people bringing in items to sell or donate. They offer a wide variety of items at significantly lower prices than what you would normally pay, including clothing, household items, boots, books, appliances, etc. The food bank provides food to people in need, based on donations from the community.

It is located at 173A Route 37 West in Toms River, New Jersey. To inquire about intake, dial (732) 240-0441. Some of the things that can be given out are things like baby wipes, toothpaste and toothbrushes, sanitary products, plastic cups and baby bottles, and other basic necessities and personal items. The center is a place where many children and poor people go to for help.

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