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Olmsted County and Rochester Salvation Army assistance programs.

If you are in an emergency situation, the Olmsted County Salvation Army may be able to help you. Case managers will help low income families in a crisis and direct the client to long term solutions. The non-profit helps people who can’t afford medical or dental care by partnering with the Good Samaritan Clinic. They also offer lunches and meals, and help with rent and utility bills. Other assistance is also provided by the Salvation Army in the Rochester, Minnesota region.

Emergency help including housing resources in Olmsted County

The Rochester Salvation Army can give you money or things you need to help you in an emergency. If you are struggling to pay your rent or utility bills, HeatShare may be able to help. HeatShare is a program that provides financial assistance for these costs. You may also be given vouchers for gasoline or a ride to the job interview.

Material goods are things that you need to take care of your body, like soap, toothpaste, and shampoo. They also include things that help you stay clean, like towels and washcloths. A clothing closet is a place where you can find furniture and clothing for professional or school settings. Those can be important for the client to gain self-sufficiency.

The Salvation Army provides both temporary and long-term housing options for those in need. The TLC provides transitional living and counseling services to low-income families. Services include short-term housing, financial counseling, and job resources. In order to stay at the Salvation Army, they will need to attend budgeting, parent, and educational classes and pay a monthly rent fee. When the time is right, there may be money to pay for part of a security deposit on a new apartment.

The Rochester Castleview Apartments include permanent, supportive housing. This can provide shelter for those who are disabled, elderly, or have been homeless for a long time. The location is 120 North. com is the go-to source for Broadway tickets, news, and features. is the best place to go for Broadway tickets, news, and information. All of these housing programs will give the client time to save money and go to classes to learn practical skills, as well as other programs. There will be someone watching them 24 hours a day.

The Salvation Army also provides housing for people in Olmsted County. This can be when two people share a home, and one pays most or all of the rent and the other performs tasks such as housekeeping, shopping, laundry, cooking and more. Another type of roommate arrangement is when two people share equally in the rent and expenses of the household. An intergenerational home is a household where people of different generations live together. This typically includes an older person who needs assistance and a younger individual who can provide support. The Homeshare program is a way for people to share their homes with others in need of housing. This program is a way for people to help each other out and to make sure that everyone has a place to live.

Salvation Army in Rochester hunger prevention and seasonal assistance programs

There are three primary food assistance programs in the Rochester, Minnesota area. Those who are facing hunger can turn to them. The Supplemental Food Pantry is the largest resource. The site is open a few days each week, and families who qualify can use it once per month. Some things you might find at a food bank are non-perishable items like canned goods, baby formula, and other things people might need. The help is given together with the Channel One Regional Food Bank of Olmsted.

There are other programs that help feed hungry people. People who come to the food bank can be of any age, including elderly people, children, and people who are unemployed. They can also come from any background. A lunch and Monday evening meal are served. and 12th St. Salvation Army is giving away free baked goods at NE First Ave. and 12th St. Each person will be given all the ingredients they need to make a healthy meal.

The type of seasonal assistance available in Olmsted County varies widely. The Salvation Army is an organization that helps people in need. They provide things like free winter coats or boots, tax preparation, back-to-school supplies, and meals. This means that there will be food baskets available during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Angel Tree will also give out free toys for children or give the parents a gift certificate.

The Salvation Army Caring Partners Adult Day Program in Rochester is for people who are elderly. However, anyone who is over the age of 18 can enroll. The services offered include a ride to local appointments, such as a doctor’s office, as well as lunch.

Salvation Army healthcare programs in Olmsted County

The Salvation Army has a medical clinic that they offer in partnership with Good Samaritan. The center uses volunteer doctors, nurses and medical professionals to help those who cannot afford medical assistance. They must either not have health insurance, or have very limited coverage. Different services are provided in the Olmsted region, with a focus on meeting basic needs.

For more information on this topic, please call the number 507-529-4100. There are clinics at this location for medical care, children’s health, mental health, eye care, and quitting smoking. If more care is needed it can be provided.

The dental care services provided by the Good Samaritan and Salvation Army organizations are also available for those who are under-insured. Dentists from the Olmsted County area participate in this service. In some cases, you may need to pay part of the bill for emergency dental care. The services that are provided are extractions, X-Rays, cleanings, and more. The clinic also provides service to patients with any of the following insurances: BluePlus, Medical Assistance, or U-Care. Other local Minnesota free dental clinics can be found by searching online or asking at the local library.

The Salvation Army has a Service Center at 20 NE First Ave. in Rochester, Minnesota. This is where you can get more information or apply for any Salvation Army programs. Please call 507-288-3663 to begin the intake process.

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